‘I Love Fossil Fuels!’ Oil Propaganda in Kids’ Earth Day Contest

utah has is state-sponsored poster contest for grade school students and uh… what they basically do is a happy man in it in response to a birthday right so i think is greatest bosa celebrate mother nature you gotta think about what you can do to save our environment uh… save our planet uh… but […]

Christian ‘Science’ Book On Electricity

there it is gained fourth-grade christian science book that was brought to my attention today and i thought i would share with you guys if i was that a fascinating and out of this adtech spoke with actually created for homeschool curriculum ok so i’ve been some christian parents would our home school their children […]

Nuclear Power Money Buys Govt – Cenk Rant on MSNBC

well the president hasn’t backed away from nuclear energy despite the unfolding tragedy in japan, cenk uygur has some thoughts on that in our “daily rant.” hello, sir. i’m really, really worried about what’s happening in japan. we’re going to talk about it at 6:00. i think there’s of course, some chance we’re on the […]

Radioactive Leak Coming From U.S. Nuclear Power Plant

now what are complex on the show is that uh… we don’t have enough rain leaching to make sure that uh… plants and or factories a setter throughout the country are uh… so especially in the nuclear power plant industry you might wanna make doubly sure unfortunately what we’ve been doing his main things less […]

Fox News: Germany Sunnier than U.S.

on fox inference they’re gonna bring out and expert and i love this fox business so they’re talking about solar energy germany receive your ass now is a business expert so forces in those details of why germany is doing better with solar energy and is ahead of us then we are so let’s let […]