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Solar Self-Consumption: How to Switch Power Supply from Grid to PV Source | Schneider Electric

how do you switch the power supply from the grid to the photovoltaic source? In fact, there is no need to transfer the electricity supply from one source to the other. When solar panels produce electricity, the electrical installation is powered by both the grid, and the photovoltaic system. This is possible because photovoltaic inverters […]

Porto Seguro Call Center for 4 Million Service Stations | Schneider Electric

Porto Seguro is a Brazilian company with over 70 years in the market occupying the first position in the Auto Insurance and Home Insurance. There are approximately 14,000 employees and our Call Center is 24 hours in operation to serve our customers. My name is Sérgio Shimizu I am responsible for Porto Seguro’s Complex Structures […]

Solar Self-Consumption: How PV is Synchronized with Grid Supply | Schneider Electric

How do you synchronize the photovoltaic production with the grid supply? Grid-tie photovoltaic inverters are current sources. They do not provide voltage and frequency reference by themselves. When connected to the electrical installation, they measure the voltage and frequency at their connection point, and deliver a power output synchronized with this voltage and frequency. Thus, […]

Solar Self-Consumption: Does the PV System Consume Energy at Night? | Schneider Electric

What happens during the night? Does the photovoltaic system consume energy? At night, the photovoltaic system does not produce electricity. Even though photovoltaic inverters are on standby, they consume a little bit of electrical energy. Do they consume a lot? Usually, the night time consumption of photovoltaic inverters is lower than 1 Watt. To know […]

TEKKEN 7 S3 – Jin’s EWHF and WHF differences (Electric wind hook fist and Wind hook fist)

Electric wind hook first (EWHF) Wind hook fist (WHF) EWHF version gives you combo on normal hit and on counter hit (aka launcher) while WHF version doesnt WHF will only launch on counter hit EWHF version is around plus 5 on block but with some pushback while the WHF version is minus 10 on block […]

Miracle Musical – The Mind Electric [distorted version]

Think of these thoughts as limitless light Exposing closing circuitry of fright Think of each moment holding this breath As death minute in decimal Resident minor how do you plead We’ll need your testimony on the stand [service of the fee fi fo fum] We’ll need your testimony on the stand [service of the fee […]

Sustainable aviation fuel

Back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, Beep. That’s more like it. Our planet was full of lush, dense forests. When the prehistoric organisms died, they sedimented deep into the earth’s crust. Creating the fossil fuels which power the modern world. (well, sort of, but you get the idea). As humans evolved, so did our quest […]

Leaked report by JP Morgan & Chase says fossil fuels are not a profitable investment – Richard Wolff

My next update has to do with a private report that was leaked. It was a report commissioned and paid for by the JP Morgan Chase Bank and one of the largest banks in the world. The paper explains whether or not, it answers the question, whether or not climate change is something that threatens […]