A Renewable Energy Solution to Cut Costs and Provide Security

Manufacturing faces many challenges in Atlantic Canada. Primary among these are energy costs and reliability. In many rural parts of Atlantic Canada, large production facilities face uncertainty about energy costs as commodities such as propane and natural gas fluctuate with market demands. With limited access to oil and gas pipelines in rural areas of Atlantic […]

Ten years of the Levelized Cost of Energy analysis

So we’ve been publishing the levelized cost of energy study for the past decade and its origin was in teaching ourselves how to compare on an apples-to-apples basis the energy cost of renewable technologies like utility scale wind or utility scale solar to more conventional technologies like natural fired gas generation or coal plants or […]

Bangalore’s first Lithium-ion powered home – Part 1 • Solarify x Ather Energy

Hi I am Praveen. Been living in this house for more than 25 years and being a Bangalorean thought about being self sufficient in terms of energy, we looked at Solar like it could power the house. We got in touch with Solarify and we worked out the details. We felt that it’s about 4 […]

AllSpark Solar Blankets and Flexible Panels

Beach, bush or somewhere remote, one thing you don’t want to be worried about is power. You’re supposed to be relaxing, and enjoying your time when you go camping. Let me introduce you to the AllSpark range of solar products. Whether you’re after a fixed panel, for on the roof of your caravan, 4WD or […]

Patrizia Toia, MEP | Rights for Hydropower

Good evening Madame Toia, you are the vice president of Industry Committee Research on Energy at EU Parliament that’s exactly what concern us and we are now at the Parliament. To your mind what’s of interest in the hydropower field? Yes thank you many thanks to give me the chance to discuss on this I […]

China Invests Big in Clean and Cheap Energy from Thorium – explainer video

After 60 years of development Atomic energy has become an important source of primary global energy 1971-2013 global electricity generation 2012 global primary energy: Coal 40.4% Natural gas 22.5% Hydroelectrity 16.2% Nuclear 10.9% Oil 5% Other (including renewable) 5% In the face of climate change and environmental pollution, solving the contradiction between survival and development […]

Recycling old batteries into solar cells. Recycling one single car battery can power 30 households.

Discarded car batteries are potential source of lead pollution. And, Battery technology is undergoing rapid changes. New type of Batteries such as lithium-ion batteries are replacing the lead-acid batteries. So, over 200 million lead-acid batteries will potentially be retired in the United States, and that could cause a lot of environmental issues. Researchers at MIT […]

Hey Aldo! Which village are you destroying to be “carbon neutral?”

Este es mi amigo Tom Tom vive en un hermoso lugar en Chile llamado el “Cajón del Maipo” Es ingeniero en recursos naturales, le gusta hacer rafting y caminar en las montañas, y tiene una hija Esa pequeña niña es mi hija que también ama este río El río Maipo es muy importante para Tom […]

Nuclear Power Baby No Bloody Way (原子力反対音頭)

No Way! No Way! Nuclear energy, it’s time to say ‘bye No Way! No Way! Let’s get nuclear power out of the way No Way! No Way! No Way! No Way! No Way! No Way! Shutdown! Shutdown! No Way! No Way! Shutdown! Shutdown! No Way! No Way! Shutdown! Shutdown! No Way! No Way! Decommission! Decommission! […]

Fukushima 360: walk through a ghost town in the nuclear disaster zone

No one told us about the fact that radioactive clouds were drifting above our heads. Even when we saw the explosion on TV, we thought we would be safe. Before the accident, there were lots of children here. It was a very lively area, but there is no one here after the accident. The level […]