Rise of the Kidpreneurs – Why our students will need an entrepreneurial spirit

– We often think about, when we’re teaching kids that we’re teaching them to come into careers. Right, you’re a career counsellor, you get this. And we think about a job that they’re going to do, we think “okay well do you like law, do you like medicine?” because we still have our streams of […]

Electric Eels – “Eel-ectricity” | As electric as it gets | smart

Hey guys, ready for an unplugged song? Fish, please! We´re fully electric. Say eel-ectricity Say eel-ectricity Say eel-ectricity It´s eel-ectricity Baby, take a cruise Catch yourself a high wave Make the smart move Don´t be missing the buzz Cool enough for school We ain´t never shallow Infinitely juiced Join the motion with us! Welcome to […]

Find it Fast: LSH Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd | Schneider Electric

I am Matthew Fun from LSH Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd and we are a Panel Builder. Founded in 1980, our customers from the earlier days may know us as Lee Sun Hwa Enterprises. Our core business is building electrical switchboards for our customers. As a Project Manager, I oversee the whole process, from technical design […]

All-Electric Ford Mustang Mach-E

Should have seen this coming … an icon … built for freedom … the open road … power … and rebellion. [Professional Drivers. Closed course. Do Not Attempt] And just when you think you know where they’re going … … they do something unexpected. Something that moves us all forward … and holds nothing back. […]

Energy-saving research center won 1.59 MILLION YUAN of the Government support funds

Innovation is the first driving force was accompanied in recent years with the practical implementation of these innovations The efforts were intended to promote the talents in business projects, and implementing a policy of supporting and promoting industrial change and modernization leading advanced developments. On the Corporate Recognition and Promotion Policy Implementation Meeting 2018 the […]

태양광 솔라 태양열 패널 모듈을 활용한 정원등 가로등 이용 시공하는 방법

Today’s video is solar. I didn’t know you were so interested. It’s a solar lamp. I’m going to organize some questions. It takes a long time to make a stone lantern into a log. I’m sorry that there are so many times when I’m out of stock. I’ll explain about replacing cells for a while. […]

DMC (I) Hosts Bike Rally From Mumbai to Goa

All over the world there are motorcycle clubs that travel and enjoy a lot. Similarly, even India has many motorcycle associations. However, you all know that India does not have a Deaf motorcycle club. Deaf Motorcycle Club (India), DMC(I), is the first motorcycle club for and of the deaf in India. It was started by […]

“Double 11” sing strike “Black Five” stage cross-border electricity supplier globalization

“Double 11” sing strike “Black Five” stage cross-border electricity supplier globalization also determine the logistics Every reporter Xia Ping intern reporter Wang Xingping edited by Jian-Hui Zeng. The momentum of global buying and global selling has become irreversible because it gives consumers more freedom of choice. Double 11 Just passed long ago, the global linkage […]

Oldest Material Ever Found on Earth Discovered Inside a Meteorite That Hit Australia

A meteorite that crashed into rural southeastern Australia in a fireball in 1969 contained the oldest material ever found on Earth, stardust that predated the formation of our solar system by billions of years, scientists said on Monday. The oldest of 40 tiny dust grains trapped inside the meteorite fragments retrieved around the town of […]