André Borschberg & Bertrand Piccard on their Excitement of Embracing the Unknown | Google Zeitgeist

>>Bertrand Piccard: Good afternoon to everyone. Let me start by a question. Who are we? You know, in the entrance of the conference hall it’s written, “Everyone is looking for new things all the time.” And actually I’m not sure it’s true. I believe that maybe here in this room, we are all looking for […]

With Nuclear Power Comes Great Possibilities | Taylor Wilson | Google Zeitgeist

>>Taylor Wilson: I’ve done a lot of work in nuclear non-proliferation counterterrorism. And one of the huge problems that we face is that with a relatively small amount of material, you can make a weapon that can cause a tremendous amount of damage. You can think of the attacks of 9/11 that killed thousands of […]

La elección es nuestra (“The Choice is Ours” en español)

[Larry King, host] Alright, let’s explore the thinking of Jacque Fresco and the society that he’d like to see. (Jacque Fresco) The reason we emphasize machines and technology is to free man to pursue the higher things. Machines ought to do the filthy, repetitious, or the boring jobs. It would take ten years to change […]

Solving Our Problems with Nuclear Energy | Google Zeitgeist

>>Taylor Wilson: So I want to talk a little bit about redeeming the atom because we have been trying to harness its power for about seven decades now, and we’re not quite there yet. And I think the future of our civilization depends on being able to harness the power and perfect our ability to […]

When to Recognize Opportunity | Google Zeitgeist

Chrystia Freeland: Thank you. Thank you very much, Nikesh. And as Nikesh was talking, I realized what the genius of these Zeitgeist conferences is, which is the genius of Google. He pointed out that people don’t come to these conferences to hear Google people talking; they invite lots of others. So it’s user-generated content. They […]

The Zeitgeist Movement – Orientation Presentation [Historical]

The following presentation is designed to give a basic overview of the tenets philosophy and goals of The Zeitgeist Movement. This orientation has been extracted from the more expansive “Activist Orientation Guide” which is available for free PDF download at All source references for material in this video presentation can be found in that […]