Tesla 2019 Rewind & Future of Channel

Tesla 2019 Rewind & Future of Channel

43 thoughts on “Tesla 2019 Rewind & Future of Channel

  1. Thanks for making 2019 awesome everyone! If you're interested in helping with the channel in 2020 you can apply at the link below. Happy New Year!
    – https://teslanomics.co/apply

  2. I usually like your videos, but 20 minutes seemed to long, even playing it at 2X. Q&A could have been a separate video! My 2 cents. Lots of success in 2020.

  3. This guy has four tesla now. What do you need four cars for. That is an environmental disaster if we all did. We are losing sight of why elon started thus company

  4. Keep on the good work Ben, all the best thinks you wish in 2020 for you and family, oh yeah I love my model 3 en will learn al lot because of your good information videos. 👍👍👍✋✋✋🎉🎊🥂greetings from Belgium 🇧🇪

  5. My only wish is that I’d have found you sooner. Love the content. Thanks.
    By the way Farnborough – where Fully Charged UK are showing – is pronounced over here as *Farn-brer* so much easier. 🙂

  6. happy new DECADE everyone!
    the 2020's are going to be amazing with all the new advancements in renewable tech, self-driving cars, EV'S and even space exploration.

    we really are living in the future!

  7. Perhaps "Teslanomics" is a broader, more generic definition of what could be called the "Tesla Revolution". What is becoming abundantly clear to serious observers of this company is the extent to which it is reshaping a massive variety of technologies and their associated industries. Historians may look at this era of our techno-industrial evolution as "The Tesla Effect" – how Musk and his associates transformed not only the application of technologies, but how business was forced to adapt their traditional methodologies.
    Nikola Tesla was known to have been working on bizarre technologies in electrical power distribution, to ultimately make electrical energy free to the end user. JP Morgan – initially intrigued by this – allowed Tesla to experiment, but was quick to "pull the plug" (pun intended) and said to Tesla "If I can't put a meter on it, I don't want it".
    Tesla replied: "The present is yours… the future is mine".
    Are we now at that future? Teslanomics is a new definition of an economic model that wil be historically signficant – so don't change the name…

  8. don't overthink the name- just keep crunching numbers on all things sustainability and saving $. I think those two things make people really reach for the tech.

  9. Hi! Couldn’t hear the name of the stat app in the end of the vid? Post a link to it maybe? Thanks 🙏
    Happy New Year Ben & family and all fellow listeners 🥂😁

  10. Ok on the speed thing, I disagree and would love to study it more. The biggest drain is sharp elevation changes with speed, think the bottom of Grapevine to top near Gorman at 80mph or above. (5 south) At slightly downhill grade, speed of 80 mph or even 90 uses very little if you are creeping up to that speed. 72 mph seems sweet spot but I can not do it! 80+ is my desired speed. However if short on range I stay below 66 while going up a steep climb. The only other time range really got killed below 20 egress outside or pouring rain. Overall I am amazed how great the cars are at staying very efficient.

  11. Thanks for a great year of content. Looking forward to seeing the future of your channel and Jenny joining the YT vids. Happy new year Ben!

  12. I was scared when I saw the thumbnail, I thought it was one of those " I'm leaving Youtube" videos for such and such reasons, which seems to be routine among Youtubers in order to get more subscribers. Please keep up the great work in 2020.

  13. 2019 has been a crazy ride for Tesla! Enjoyed every moment. Love this channel, subscribed!!
    So excited for what Tesla will do in 2020 😀

  14. There's been rumors of a possible 100kw Tesla Model 3 as well as upcoming battery chemistry changes. Would you recommending waiting for the Model 3 as well? I was looking to buy in March but unsure due to these rumors. I would be pretty disappointed to get a new Tesla and then a 100kw come out.

  15. Planning my first road trip in my Tesla M3 and need to carry a 50 pound EV scooter folded up in the trunk.  Do you have any data on how it affect my battery range, will I need to use "Chill" mode (that would be a bummer) or just drive normal.  I can tell having the EV scooter in my trunk around town, it takes longer for the vehicle to stop using the 'one' pedal driving. I'm sure I'll have to stop more often between San Diego and Sacremento about 500 miles.  Thanks.

  16. Look forward to Jennie's addition and taking channel to the next level. Women around the world learning about Tesla is key to the successful transition to EV's.

  17. I think the name is great. Teslanomics. The way you help us save money and the (habitable) planet is by electrification and economics. Faradaynomics or wattonomics don't have the same the same ring to them

  18. We (you and your supporters & followers) should help get you some data on the insurance from their family & friends who own one. It’ll be good for the community to get a better sense of pricing instead of defaulting to “varies by person.” We can work to get at least an average and show bundle & insurance providers’ differences 👌

  19. The guy who was having difficulty reconciling his Model 3's displayed range with the actual range he was getting, should simply use the Tesla's navigation system for longer drives. Tesla's nav was a joint effort between Tesla and Google, and it has range predicting capability that is uncanny. It takes into account the elevation changes along the route (using Google elevation data) and can predict the percentage of charge that you'll have left when you reach your destination. The percentage gets updated while you drive (based on realtime energy consumption), but when you arrive at your destination it will often be very close to the original prediction.

  20. You and the Tesla youtubers add a lot of class to the brand. The cyber outfit was funniest thing, you went with Musk's comment.

  21. Hey Ben. I'm a big fan of your show. I'm considering a used Model S 85D (120,000km mileage; 35,000km left on bumper to bumper warranty) for lower cost than then Model 3 SR+. Thought since I don't care much for FSD and the 85D has supercharging for life, it would be nice to go electric with this before considering trading it in for all the bells and whistles later on with a new Model 3. Could you please give me some pointers and cautions about this consideration? Thanks so much! Others are welcome to post your thoughts as well 🙂

  22. There is something called:"A Better Route Planner" which tells you everything you need to know where is the next charger is, including places that are not Tesla chargers.

  23. Ok so HOW does Tesla keep all of those cars just rolling off the assembly line – charged? I don't have charging in my Condo garage, so any tips from Tesla on how they TESLA keeps the car new cars charged until they are sold. I'm pretty sure that new Tesla owners are line up at the end of assembly line to drive one home and charge it. How do they do it?? Especially since they are ramping up production???

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