Tesla in Hawaii & Russia’s Toxic Legacy: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

Tesla in Hawaii & Russia’s Toxic Legacy: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

Tonight: Terror politics in London. Russia’s toxic legacy. And… Playing defense for Bill Cosby. — Two men have been arrested and charged
with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter in the Ghost Ship warehouse fire
in Oakland, California. — Defendants Almena and Harris knowingly created a firetrap. With inadequate means of escape, they then filled that area with human beings and are now facing the consequences of their actions. — Derick Almena leased the warehouse
and illegally-sublet space. Max Harris, also known as Max Ohr, allegedly helped plan the December party
where the fire broke out. Most of the victims died of smoke inhalation, and were trapped on the building’s
second floor when a staircase collapsed. Public records released after the fire showed
that Oakland police and fire officials knew the warehouse was illegally
occupied and had multiple violations. The Philippine government’s campaign against
ISIS-linked militants in the city of Marawi has left 180,000 people without shelter,
after fleeing their homes. — As of last night, we have a report that there have been
20 civilians killed by local terrorist groups. — On Sunday, video released by the Islamic State showed militants destroying a church
in the mainly Muslim city, where 500 to 600 civilians are reportedly still trapped. At least six countries are cutting
diplomatic ties and all travel with Qatar, effectively isolating the gulf state
in one of the worst rifts in years. The governments of Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, and Libya accuse Qatar of supporting terror and
are critical of its relationship with Iran. Qatar said the decision is, quote, “unjustified and based on
false claims and assumptions.” All but Egypt have told their citizens to leave Qatar. Montenegro officially became
the 29th member of NATO— despite Russia’s strong opposition and
threats of economic and political retaliation. — Today, Montenegro joins NATO,
with a seat at the table as an equal. — The tiny country’s parliament
approved NATO membership in April, after the U.S. became one of the last
member countries to approve the expansion. — This morning, President Trump did his best
to get the White House back on message: he convened former Republican
transportation secretaries, the Vice President, and other top officials in the East Room. And with a flourish, he signed two documents and gave away the pens: — The event was the kickoff to what the
White House is calling “Infrastructure Week,” but as Evan McMorris-Santoro reports, it was all splash… and no substance. — Here’s what President Trump
signed in the East Room: a letter and a memo asking
members of Congress to support his plan to privatize
the air traffic control system. The basics of Trump’s plan is to
create a nonprofit corporation, not run by government, that will manage and improve the
nation’s air traffic control system. Other countries do it like this, there’s been Democratic support
for the idea in the past, and one transportation policy expert
we talked to said it wasn’t a bad idea, even— he just didn’t think it was gonna pass the Senate. The Republican chairman of
the Senate Transportation Committee said he’d consider Trump’s idea,
but didn’t exactly endorse it. And the Democratic ranking member
on the committee rejected it outright. Infrastructure was supposed to be the area where Trump was able to flex his populist muscles— break the logjam in Washington by proposing infrastructure spending plans Democrats could sign onto, and could actually pass and
be signed by the President. People actually thought
Trump could pull this off. I talked to Anthony Foxx, Transportation Secretary under President Obama, about what’s changed: — I think he genuinely wants to advance this issue. I think he’s hearing from the Hill that
a tax increase to do it is not in the cards. And that’s why his proposal looks
a little bit sort-of thrown together— what he’s trying to do is going to take
a lot longer than he thinks it is. The shame in this is that he’s
putting a lot of political capital and potentially a lot of actual money,
public and private. And I don’t know that he’s going
to get the outcomes he’s looking for. — The thing about Trump’s vaunted
trillion-dollar infrastructure plan is… it doesn’t exist. And that’s just the latest in
a long trend from this White House— like the President’s unrealistic budget,
and his one-page tax reform plan. One page, the entire tax code. This is the kind of thing
the Trump administration keeps doing, that keeps keeping the conversation
from shifting to policy. They want to talk about policy, but they don’t offer enough substance
to actually have the conversation. Without actual policy to chew over, the media loses interest and
goes back to the bigger story— in this case, Russia, which makes it, of course,
even harder for the White House to have that substantive policy discussion
it wants to have. So by this afternoon, the conversation had changed again— because the White House
announced that wasn’t gonna try to stop Jim Comey from testifying
before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Which ensured, of course, that everyone this evening
was talking again about Russia, and no one was talking about what
the President announced this morning. Whatever it was. — British authorities have identified two of the men they say carried out the attack in London Saturday night that killed seven people and injured dozens more. The attack was the third to hit the U.K. in 10 weeks… — Disappear now! — Yeah!
— Go! — Alright! — …and it’s the second one to force a suspension in campaigning for the pivotal general election— now just four days away. Prime Minister Theresa May
and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn are now back out on the trail— and, not surprisingly, an election that was once about economics
has now shifted to terrorism… and how to fight it. Jake Hanrahan reports. — Well-armed police like these are becoming
more of a common sight in the U.K. This is a few hundred meters from
the scene of the latest terror attack, which targeted London Bridge and
Borough Market on Saturday night. Since then, Prime Minister Theresa May
and her Labour rival Jeremy Corbyn have been trying to call each other out for being
more incompetent on security than the other. May is the former Home Secretary,
responsible for the internal security of the U.K., but is accused of presiding over
dramatic cuts to police budgets. Corbyn is being criticized by the
Conservatives and many other people, who say he’s a terrorist sympathizer
with links to the IRA and Hamas. Gone is the talk of finding consensus and solidarity. Theresa May is now promising change: — We cannot go on as we are, enough is enough. We must do more, much more, to take on and defeat the evil ideology
of islamist extremism that preaches hatred, sows division,
and promotes sectarianism. — She also wants tougher regulations
of major internet service providers to tackle how terrorists communicate online. That’s likely to include restrictions
on what people can post, share and publish. This is something those internet providers
have long resisted. May’s opponent, Jeremy Corbyn,
blames the problem on police cuts: — You cannot protect the public on the cheap. The police and security services
must get the resources they need, not 20,000 police cuts. — Police budgets are being squeezed,
with fewer officers on the streets, although more resources have been put into
specialized antiterror policing in London. Beyond police resourcing is a fear
among the intelligence chiefs that the 20,000 or so people on watchlists are simply not being reported
by those who they live amongst. Farhad Ahmad is an Imam with
the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, at London’s biggest mosque: — So there needs to be an effort from the government to look inside where these public opinions
are being portrayed— where hate preachers are finding
the opportunity to preach to people. The government has a responsibility
to look into that. If there is something like that going on, then there should be a very strong stance that
the government takes against hate preachers. — A Pennsylvania jury heard
opening statements today in the criminal case against Bill Cosby. Cosby is accused of drugging
a woman at his home in 2004, then sexually assaulting her. With dozens of other women making similar claims, the media attention has been relentless… — He laid next to me on the bed… — …and Cosby’s defense attorneys face an uphill battle. VICE News tracked down former attorney F. Lee Bailey, who spent his career defending notorious clients— from the Boston Strangler and Patty Hearst… to O.J. We asked Bailey, how would he defend Cosby? — Sweating bullets, having an afternoon double scotch, and then memorizing every single possible detail. If I were defending the case,
with the jury from Pittsburgh, I probably would want people
who voted for Donald Trump. After all, nobody got too excited when he said, “You’re a star, you can grab women
wherever you want.” Only Bill knows what, if anything, he gave this woman— how much is too much, in terms of chemical
inducement of ladies to loosen their… uh, the elastic band in their panties… and I think that’s what we’re talking about, because Cosby has admitted that
he had intercourse with these people. And, therefore, his only defense is consent. The law on that is not well-defined. You have to be fast, stay light on your feet, have a prolific memory and eye contact that won’t quit— don’t ever let the witness look away, if you can help it. — Yes, sir. I thought it looked like it… — But you’re a trained detective! Witnesses come to the witness stand
prepared to be grilled, with their stories often memorized. And if they’re going to stumble, they’ll let you know first with their eyes. If that signal comes out and you miss it, you won’t pounce. An American icon ought not
to be toppled on anything but very strong, unequivocal,
credible evidence— and indeed, that’s what the law says it demands. — Anton Kolomitsyn is what the Russians
call a stalker: he roams the hidden nooks of the countryside,
looking for lost relics of war. But earlier this year, while he was exploring old machine gun bunkers, he found something more than he’d expected. — The bunkers are relics of a Stalin-era campaign to protect Russia’s northwest from invasion. They line the forests around the Finnish border. — So the idea here with this is that… I don’t wanna get any particles to touch my skin, right? That’s why we do this? — In the 1950s, the bunkers were updated
with what was then a modern marvel: luminescent radium paint, which glowed in the dark— and was loaded with radiation. — Today, the bunkers sit
innocuously in people’s backyards. Children play in their concrete frames and
scavengers break them down for metal parts. After his discovery this February, Anton called Viktor Tereshkin,
an environmental journalist, who published his findings in a local paper. They’re returning to one of their earliest finds, to see if the government has done
anything to secure the site. — Anton and Viktor have all but
made it a personal mission to find the radioactive bunkers
and warn people who live nearby. The government, they say,
seems to pay little attention. — This is no isolated incident. Decades after the Cold War, residue of Russia’s unbridled
experimentation with nuclear materials remains scattered across the country,
still posing a threat to citizens. Nils Bøhmer monitors radioactive waste in Russia
for the environmental nonprofit Bellona: — Problems with radioactivity
in Russia is quite widespread. You find it all over Russia, in local areas. It all started with the nuclear weapon race between the U.S. and Soviet Union,
at the end of the ‘40s. Especially in the Soviet Union,
there was a very huge industry build-up— a lot of the secrecy surrounding
development of nuclear weapons in Russia. Now, the people living in
these contaminated areas, or have been evacuated, have received very little information
about the health consequences. — In the Ural Mountains village of Muslyumovo, residents have been struggling for decades
with the consequences of a radioactive spill. In 1957, the reactor at a nearby nuclear plant exploded, triggering the largest radioactive plume in history. Today, it’s magnitude would be third
only to Chernobyl and Fukushima. You’ve never heard of it because,
until the 1970s, it was a military secret. — How many people in the town do you think
have had some symptoms from radioactivity? — Venera Guysina is a local environmental activist. She and other experts say radioactive waste
continued to be dumped into the village river for decades after the incident. In 2006, Russian officials moved
the entire village to a new site— less than a mile away. — Minifiza Batirshin grew up
in the original Muslyumovo. Her husband, Vakil, moved here 25 years ago. He’s since developed massively swollen lymph nodes. Like much of the situation in Muslyumovo, Vakil’s exact diagnosis remains steeped in mystery. Outside medical experts say it can be hard to
definitively trace any one condition to radiation. — Do you have any doubt that your
symptoms are related to radioactivity? — The uncertainty has left the family in limbo. Vakil says the government
promised him free medical care, if he can get to a major hospital. It’s also offered a little money
if the family wants to move. They say they still can’t afford it. — But do you wish that she and
her family would leave town? — It is time to exit the Paris Accord. — Less than a week after President Trump
pulled out of the Paris Agreement, at least 10 state governors and the
mayors of more than 200 American cities had recommitted to the climate
accord’s emission standards. But Hawaii was way ahead of the curve— the state passed a law enforcing even
stricter clean energy standards back in 2015. And they did it to save money. — Life in Hawaii looks pretty good. You know that, everybody knows that. But there’s a challenge to living on
an island in the middle of the Pacific— it’s expensive, and nothing
is more expensive than energy. 90% of Hawaiian energy comes from fossil fuels, and 100% of that needs to be imported. An average Hawaiian family can pay
up to $600 a month in energy bills. So Hawaii’s governor has set a goal: to power the island completely
with renewable energy by 2045. — How big of an issue is it for the average Hawaiian, the high price of energy? — The cost of living in Hawaii is a challenge. Electricity costs in Hawaii
are twice the mainland average. We have been the most
oil-dependent state in the country— it costs 5- to $6-billion a year to import that. And, really, that’s money out of our community’s pocket. — Getting off oil by 2045 will take wind turbines, volcanic energy, bio-mass recycling, and ocean energy. But Hawaii’s biggest power source will be solar. — How realistic is the 2045 goal? — I’m 100-percent confident
that we’re going to make it. We already know that we have the technology
today to generate more than we need. You know, the challenge is really about, how do you capture it and deliver it to
the customer when they want to use it? — A sunny day in Hawaii is so sunny, the electrical grid can’t handle
all the solar power that’s captured— so the state’s opening giant battery fields. — This is the Tesla solar plant with battery storage. There’s about 55,000 panels. It’s the largest dispatchable battery system in the world. What’s really great about this is
the energy goes into the batteries so, when our peak load hits,
about eight o’clock at night, this project will be providing energy
for about 20% of the island. — What do you think of the move from people
doing it individually on their own homes, to now sort-of industrial-sized? — On Kauai, about 12% of our members
have solar on their roofs, but the price of these big massive facilities is about half the cost of putting it on a roof. — Do you worry about relying so
much on a Silicon Valley startup? — Yeah, in fact we do. That’s one of the reasons why the next project
we’re doing is not going to be with Tesla. We’re trying to not be so tied
to one provider or one technology. It’s a risk management. — Yeah. — Meanwhile, Tesla is building
the world’s largest battery factory. — The amazing thing about these projects is that
they’re actually cheaper than the alternative. — Why isn’t all of California run on battery power? — There is a lot of existing investment in big utilities and, you know, that is one of the challenges
with changing things quickly is that, you know, people have made large investments that need to be recovered for many, many years. — Investments in oil and coal and fracking? — Existing generation, the existing infrastructure to support all that. — Is Hawaii kind-of a case study, or was it just that the governor is receptive? — Hawaii is a great example of
having an abundance of solar power, and also having fairly dirty
existing electricity generation, so we can come in and economically substitute out these oil burning generators with solar power. — If this governor’s plan is successful, Hawaii will become that much closer to paradise. — We do see the impacts of
global warming and sea level rise. And we understand that what
happens elsewhere around the world has a tremendous impact on us here in Hawaii. We believe that a future based on clean energy would certainly be brighter than one built on fossil fuel. — That’s VICE News Tonight
for Monday, June 5th.

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