Tesla’s Cybertruck Marketing Pays BIG!

Tesla’s Cybertruck Marketing Pays BIG!

100 thoughts on “Tesla’s Cybertruck Marketing Pays BIG!

  1. Lots of people paying the $100, but only time will tell how many of them are actually going to order one of these. As far as marketing goes, Elon sure does know how to get the attention he's seeking. For me personally I currently own a 1/2 ton truck and there just simply isn't enough details about the Cybertruck to get my $100.

  2. You know they might have broke the windows on purpose to get more viewsplay it off so people look into the glass and realize that it's substantially betterlike they did with their truck revealing a doctor out the window and the transparent metal which is probably transparent it's been around since the 80s it's 3 chemical processthat you could shape into whatever and then buff to look like glass but it's got metal and some other chemicals in it it's bulletproof glassbut breaking Windows caused even more hype and more people to see I wouldn't doubt if that was planned

  3. to be honest for someone like me I couldn't wait for that unveiling like last 3 months:) So those who really like tesla and wanted to see what will new futuristic pickup looks like it was like an event. And ye Elon is genius with the shattered glass free adverts in news everywhere around the world:)For example it was in main news here in United Kingdom and totally for free:)) Same probably like when Elon hit the bollard now:)) haha just genius in attracting attention:)

  4. Essentially a well-formulated analysis of how Tesla leverages media – or the USE of media – to broadcast its brand message. But it's not a "marketing strategy" in the traditional sense. Tesla does not have a team of publicists who sit for hours round a table, plotting out how they will garner public interest and attention, and who then roll out a detailed plan of how to enact a "strategy", measure it and consider elements such as ROI, etc.
    In a word, Tesla leverages one thing… passion. No other car company's executive team (from the CEO down) has any genuine passion for what they do and create. They are just "doing a job to earn a living". Musk has been ready – numerous times – to sink his entire cash pile into his companies (mainly Tesla and Spacex) because he is totally passionate about what he's doing. And – for the most part – the people who work with him are equally passionate, who desire and strive to make the best product they can.
    This results in a product that is desirable, different, and unique, that has personality and character. Practically ALL social media channels that cover Tesla are by people who enthuse over their products, their culture and their ethos – and who tend to own at least one Tesla product.
    And… in general, the products live up to their promise – and perhaps even go beyond it. Word-of-mouth, particularly from intelligent and informed referrers (such as Ben Sullins, Gali Russel, LikeTesla's Kim, Sean Mitchell , Sandy Munro, Jack Rickard, Rob Llewellen – to name a few) is estimated to be worth 50X more in value compared to paid-for advertising and endorsements. When the proof of the pudding is in the eating, Tesla's products live up to expectations, and the consolidation of the brand's value is sustained.
    Followers will see positive references appear across media channels that have genuine intent (as opposed to many mass media whose editorial ethic is usually compromised by their subservience to advertisers). Followers will seek out more and more valid information, developing a brand understanding that becomes more comprehensive over time. When "negatives" occur (such as criticism of Tesla's Customer Service shortfalls, and the glass-breaking incident), most informed observers will acknowledge the come-down, but stll appreciate the sincerity inherent in the brand. Because they tend to be well-informed, they are more ready to forgive the occasional negative (though not forget it), because overall they too have a passion for the brand.
    Jobs did this for Apple, Sam Walton did it for Walmart, Bezos is doing it for Amazon, James Dyson does it for Dyson, and (though contentious) Branson does it for Virgin. There are many other examples.
    When genuine passion results in a brand that embodies such passion, the need for the "crutch" of conventional advertising abates.

  5. If new tech comes out for these trucks the people who pre order won’t have it available for their truck. I’ll wait until it’s officially ready to buy.

  6. I mean I'm all for Tesla but to say they actually did sell 250k Cybertrucks thus resulting in 14B$ revenue is kinda wrong. It's a 100$ pre-order which gained a lot of traction because of all the memes. I would consider it more realistic if actual sales are at around 75-100k trucks which is still a lot but significantly less than the number of pre-orders.

  7. Oh shut up. Garbage math. It’s not 14 billion and not sold. It’s booked. For 100$. That can be cancelled. At best they have a few million dollars for a few years in account to gather interest on

  8. Don’t mislead ppl they are just as stupid as you, it cost 100$ to reserve one, they hardly deliver, he also said they would be tons of robot type taxis by 2020, well it’s pretty close and nothing yet

  9. 10:25 . I don't think you're loosing the 50% of your torque into your breaking. If that were true, the wheel you were not breaking would not accelerate when you put the break on the other wheel. It would continue to go the same speed. Instead, breaking is transfering the power to the other wheel. So, you may be loosing some of the power into friction in the differential but this is small. You may want to simultaneously reduce the engine's torque to 50% or what ever the breaking you're putting in to the alternate wheel so that you don't suddenly double the power going to the other wheel or you'll likely loose traction on both wheels…. But you don't loose the torque…otherwise breaking would not work at all.

  10. Correction. Its Tesla, not Tezla. His name was Nikola Tesla from Croatia )former Yugoslavia). Some would say Serbia. They go back and forrth but the museum is in Belgrade, Serbia. So you decide.

  11. customer service is horrible. my ludicrous delivered with summer tires in December ??? drivers seat cracking after 1 year ??? replaced rear motors 6 / 24 / 20k miles ???

  12. Sales can only be cars paid in full.. The $100 doesnt count. If down payments cars ment sold then tesla would still be delivering the original model 3s that were "sold" before the first one was delivered… yet you can get one right now. Alot of people wanted to say they put money down… but taking delivery is something different.

  13. Thanks again for your work bro, love the data, and the work you put into finding it,. as we say in Jamaica. "Big up and Bless"

  14. "We (YouTubers) are real people doing this for you, versus the mainstream media who have been around forever and have all kind of different motivations for what they do"

    I'm sorry, Ben, but that's an incredibly polarizing statement – and possibly quite inaccurate. As someone who works for a daily newspaper I qualify as part of "mainstream media" and I know that at least with my colleagues, their motivation is to help inform our readers about what's going on in the world in as truthful and responsible a way as they can. For example, they have editors who are absolute sticklers to make sure every statement they make is as accurate as possible and avoid statements that could be misleading or misinterpreted. For example the editors would have insisted that you say that Tesla "claims" to have taken 250,000 orders at $100 each (so $25M) worth a potential $14 billion if all of the orders are fulfilled at the price Tesla is currently quoting.

    As far as the intentions of Social Media people being somehow more pure than Mainstream Media; there is no way to know that and present it as a fact. I wouldn't be surprised if some Social Media people, while perhaps true Tesla fans, may have also realized that starting a fan channel on YouTube would be good way to capitalize on the phenomenon, get lots of subscribers, sell some sponsorships and even make some real money in Tesla referrals yielding free cars. There's really no way to know what someone's motivations are and no way to declare that they're better or worse than anyone else's.

  15. Ben you have lost your mind!!
    Tesla has not sold one single Cyber Truck, not one, you’ve just become an Elon fan boy, so now we can’t even expect a fair review from you, your a true disappointment

  16. Hi, my science teacher said that you are his brother and she told the classroom about this channel, thought I would just come by and drop a sub.

  17. Will an indestructible truck present a safety hazard for occupants when first responders struggle to wield the jaws of life on 30x cold rolled stainless steel?

  18. 2 years ago they unveiled a "roadster" they have yet to deliver. They currently cannot make enough cars for the demand they have without the truck. They took many $100 deposits for a truck the depositor might not see for 3 years if at all. Other companies with a better infrastructure/resources will be coming with full electric vehicles within 6 months. Granted(arguably) not as cool as the Tesla. So time will tell i hope they can ramp up production soon!

  19. I trust Tesla more specifically BECAUSE they don't market. Marketing feels fake, but having the product sell itself through word of mouth is genuine.

  20. I put my order in and am going to resell it at a huge profit when I get it. I really don't want one. But I do want more money.

  21. That whole event was a marketing event. The cost of that event is a marketing spend. It’s not ad buys, but it’s still marketing. Also, you need to put the presale into context. How did that compare to other models? Even that would be misleading because they had much higher reservation costs if I remember correctly. So all in all, yes they spent money on marketing, and a lot, that event wasn’t cheap, and the preorders are most certainly not as good as you’re making them look. You may be using data, but in this case I think you’re using it wrong.

  22. The other car companies do not get it, I tried to reserve a Mustang E, they would not take my money! In fact, they do not have the ability to make a list. Very disappointing.

  23. Only the ones that actually want to sell EVs would even consider that, and maybe ICE cars would show up like that too. (Except maybe not because people on the internet are probably more interested in EVs)

  24. The most successful " failure" of the windows advertising yet! Everyone reported it and then the specifics sunk in! Great truck ,good price.

  25. I am an old Nikola Tesla fan and seeing a modern day engineer genius breaking old habits and changing the world. First thing I do morning and night when I am bored is to see what is new with Elon Musk. He has set in motion a race as battery engineers car manufacturers race to compete. Excellent channel keep up the good work. I work as a heavy equipment operator and I see a great need for the cybertruck hope to make some money to afford this truck. I should say semi truck driver as well looking forward to his semis.

  26. Cybertruck may woo some gas boy truck buyers but only a small percentage. 250,000 orders with delivery dates over a 2 year period puts them below toyota tundra in yearly sales.
    The biggest thing i see is the cost of this truck. Elon says $49,900 for a dual motor awd. Plus $7000 in self drive which 85% will rarely use with tax, title comes to around $60k. My 2019 f150 crew cab xlt 4×4 stickered at $55k so not unreasonable. Right! No it's wrong. It stickers at $55k but i only paid $39,500. So is cybertruck really marketed correctly?

  27. I don't agree Ben. I don't think they have much of a "marketing" strategy. They are doing what they say. They try to create the best product and let the product sell itself. If you call that a marketing strategy… I don't agree.

    At a higher level. In marketing, you think about what you are producing and the audience/market you are producing for. You consider your "point of difference" and how to reveal that to the segment of the market that your "point of difference" connects with. You try to make sure that this point of difference is clear to that segment of the market… In that context, Tesla is not "appealing to a segment of the market". They are attempting to make the best available thing and take out the middle of the market by virtue of the product… No marketing finesse, just value value value.

  28. It's obvious that Apple started this mass public release hype and using there fanbase to generate attention. Elon is just another follower in this regard. Design wise I believe the cybertruck has also picked up some tricks from apple. The design philosophy of les>mor

  29. Tesla "sold" is such bullshit. Anyone with half a brain knows a $100 refundable is no real commitment. It is, thus, quite a deliberate insult to people's intelligence to use this fucking word…

  30. I have been in business over 30 years and there is a super simple reason they don't need to advertise: the competitors products suck compared to theirs creating massive backlogged demand!

    They have a have a superior product – Tesla 5 Star crash rated.
    It is in ultra high demand – people want to be free from oil companies and car maintenance scams/designed obsolescence.
    Customers want the high tech uniqueness of a new brand.
    Elon Musk is one of a kind – love him or hate him, he is on everyone's talk about list, and that makes for hyperbrand awareness.
    And his vehicle designs are bold beyond the guts of the mainstream car companies.

    Yep, Tesla and Elon have forever changed the world.

  31. Would not surprise me, Tesla Satellite, Tesla Satellite Phone, Tesla Water From Air, Tesla MotorBike, Tesla Bicycle, Tesla Electric Ships, Tesla DHL, Tesla Real Estate, Tesla Island…

  32. Breaking that window resulted in millions of views and a full page on every major news outlet on Earth. Funny, but I don't know of any car window that would not break with a hit by that steel ball. So it did not degrade the vehicle at all. It was just a funny thing to talk about. Elon knew that. You can be sure and that is why he had the guy throw the ball a second time. The second time doubled the fun.

  33. No, no, no, and NO…..Tesla did NOT "Sell" 250,000 Cybertrucks. A $100.00 deposit on a pre-order is NOT a confirmed sale. All the Tesla fanboys put a deposit down because it only cost them a refundable C-Note. Most likely 80-90% will be refunded later. $100.00 is NOT a real commitment folks.

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