Thanks, Fossil Fuels

Thanks, Fossil Fuels

Here’s an unexpected twist
on Thanksgiving. While we’re expressing our gratitude for
family, friends, food, jobs and other good stuff, let’s
include something extremely important that we mostly take
for granted. This Thanksgiving, let’s acknowledge oil, natural gas
and coal, for without them life would be much shorter,
way harder and a lot less fun.
Let’s get real here. By historical standards most
of us are living in amazing, exciting future-land. We could
spend hours, days really, talking about all the ways
that fossil fuels make our lives healthy, productive,
comfortable, safe and generally pretty great. But, for the
sake of brevity, let’s just take a quick look at look at how
we enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. For starters, very few of us
actually have to work on Thanksgiving or the day after, or
Saturday and Sunday for that matter. It’s a four-day holiday! For about
99.9% of human existence four days of doing nothing but eating,
shopping and goofing off would have been unthinkable. The only
reason we can take such a long break is that we invented all
kinds of machines to do our work for us and all of those
machines were manufactured and are powered by fossil fuels.
Just imagine all the cars, trucks, trains, planes and ships that
were used to bring all that good food to your home, as well as
all those important people in your life. Most of the meat, vegetables, breads,
beverages and sweet confections came from hundreds or even
thousands of miles away. And don’t forget about the big
machines that produced all that food in the first place. Fossil fuels aided by some strong
hands did that work. And by the way, natural gas and oil
oil were used as feedstocks for all the plastics, rubber,
lubricants and a multitude of petrochemicals used to package
your Thanksgiving feast. Don’t forget about the natural gas
range and the electric oven that are used to cook the
food and keep it warm. Fossil fuel electricity also powers
the lights, the air conditioning or furnace, the TV, phones and tablets. The water heater is there for everything
from meal prep through the clean up as is the refrigerator, and the
dishwasher is pretty handy, too. Ok. I know. You get it. I don’t need to
mention that oil, natural gas and coal were used to bring you the
seemingly countless football, basketball and hockey games, or that
lots of fossil fuel will be used when buying up everything under
the sun on Black Friday. Although… I guess I just did that. Yes, let’s recognize it’s not just fossil
fuels that are deserving of our gratitude. Nuclear, hydropower and other
renewables deserve some credit as well. But, since fossil fuels pull 80
percent of our energy load, which includes manufacturing all other
energy technologies, that’s why fossil fuels should get
the bulk of our praise. Of course, be thankful for your family
and friends, your faith, your country, your job and even your favorite beer.
But while you’re feeling grateful, give thanks to those hardworking people
that produce the fossil fuels that work so hard for you on Thanksgiving,
and every other day of the year. Happy Thanksgiving! For the Clear Energy Alliance,
I’m Mark Mathis. Power On

14 thoughts on “Thanks, Fossil Fuels

  1. It's ridiculous to thank "oil gas and coal" for making our lives better. If anything should be thanked it's the mechanical inventions and innovations – inventions and innovations that did not originate because of petroleum oil fuels, and were not originally fueled by these petrol-fuels – that are responsible for improvement of life. The inventions and innovations could just as easily and more cleanly be powered by bio-fuels.

    I have had this same argument with Alex Epstein and Kathleen White who have insisted that there is a morality to so-called fossil fuels (they are abiotic fuels, not fossil fuels). My reply to them can be found at:

  2. I agree with everything you stated in this video Clear Energy unlike the other one LOL as we speak I’m writing this from a lease road north of Big Springs Texas delivering frac sand to a well. I work out of Midland Texas here in the Permian Basin and live in Lubbock Texas. Oh and your welcome to all the ungrateful commenters on here trying spewing your talking points you stole from VOX, BuzzFeed and your liberal professors where you received your Liberal Arts degrees! 😂 and a minor in Feminist dance you bunch of liberal CUCKS. I love there claims that renewable energies including wind are environmentally safe tell that to the dozens of birds killed by one wind turbine per day. It’s kind of like listening to Ole Bernie Sanders say when he becomes President they will eliminate all trucks and switch over to rail Please Pray-Tell how the products will get from the farms and manufactures to the rails and how they will make it from the rails to warehouses, grocery stores and your home you [email protected] People can usually stand behind something and blindly attack it when they have no idea how it works and how multifaceted it truly is.

  3. I’m an environmentalist and I kinda agree with you guys kinda. Yes, Thank you fossil fuels, our life styles wouldn’t be the same without them, but seriously guys we need to always be in search of more energy efficient and sustainable source. Fossil fuel doesn’t seem to be the answer to that problem, and yes as shown in that little neat pie chart you had, we aren’t using enough renewable source to be able to keep our life styles, but you yet to show the amount of funding that goes in for fossil fuels and renewables. You use more fossil fuels because you fund it more. Look I’m not saying we should complete remove fossil fuels but we need to seriously change our dependency on fossil fuels, because the positives do not out way the negatives. We need to still use fossil fuels because we can’t yet be able to run fully 100% renewable energy and still keep our lifestyles, but we need to implement policies such as the 50 state plan to be able to use energy is a more sustainable way with more renewable energy sources and with a the help of fossil fuels.

  4. We in the "first world" are indeed comfortable and we put a lot of hard work and time into doing so. However, in our quest for convienence and comfort, did we really take into consideration how this would impact those living in the "third world?" No, we didn't. Did we take into consideration how this would impact the biosphere as a whole? No, we didn't. Is our way of living negatively impacting the world around us as a whole?

    Yes, it is.

  5. It really is sad how countries like Iceland, Sweden, and Nicaragua manage to be almost entirely sufficient with renewable energy, but the “great” US still can’t see how that can be done

  6. Uhhh…."clean" energy alliance…."thank fossil fuels…."
    And now they are attacking AOC over energy proposals.
    It's a company bought by lawyers (Gabriel J. Christian & Associates LLC), and I'm wondering who are some of their big clients?? Can anyone say, "Big Oil/Gas"

  7. Cute little cartoons
    Animation aint free, whos funding this, and why act like there are zero alternatives when we used to use hemp oil? It was good enough for our tanks when fighting nazis, not to mention you can make diesel out of it.

  8. Well said, we should all thank fossil fuels for the modern world they make possible. All those who think otherwise,  should first walk to Plymouth Plantation, in Massachusetts to get an idea of what the world was like before fossil fuels. They must take a sailing ship made out of wood to get there if they live on another continent.

  9. Let's just ignore THE ENVIRONMENT. Those machines might be/ have been, but that isn't required. My family owned slaves, yes it did help my family, but owning another person isn't worth the benefits.

  10. The morality of the spokesman and Clear Energy Alliance are sadly lacking. There are so many things wrong with this video.

  11. I was AFK when I heard this ad start in the background while watching a runescape video.
    Yes, fossil fuels were great when we didn't know any better, as with anything.
    We can reinvest in electric, geothermal, solar and plenty of renewables that will have less of an impact on the world compared to fossil fuels.
    I actually let this ad play for awhile, waiting for the other pin to drop, expecting it to be a sarcastic video or have a dark twist at the end.
    I don't why YOutube decided I should see this as I'm very against it.
    And here I am commenting on Youtube, on this video, and its probably going to say "Oh, you should get more ads like this now."
    I don't want this nonsense.

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