The Entire Universe 13 Arc (Beyond Dragon Ball Super Kai) Merno Arc COMPLETE STORY

The Entire Universe 13 Arc (Beyond Dragon Ball Super Kai) Merno Arc COMPLETE STORY

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Dragon Ball Z make sure and smash subscribe to unreal end gaming the story of universe 13 takes place
following the events of the tournament of power with the former angel who
governed the 13th universe Murnau if now entering universe 7 and with this
vengeful deity seeking retribution for what the Omni King had done to his
universe the story of mur no now brings us along for the ride in diving in depth
in seeing the tragedy of what once was of the 13th universe along with murrow’s
motives and agenda in seeking out revenge in destroying the one entity
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Dragon Ball super Kai universe 13 manga chapters special deep within outer space
the narration opens up by letting us know a few days after the tournament of
power and as we observe a planet be completely obliterated by an individual
up in space we only then observe how its Frieza who is destroying planets out of
pure rage as he went along to comment curse them curse them all I will never
stop until each and every one of them die first it was the destroyer beerus
then it was the sands and now it’s others like cheerin I am Lord Frieza yet
I’ve been reduced to taking a backseat to mortals unworthy of my power I’ll
show them all Who I am as Frieza has memories of the events that followed
during the tournament of power with rivals like Vegeta and Goku along with
individuals like jiren who had now surpassed freezes so far along in power
that he seemingly enough is falling behind as Frieza goes on to comment
perhaps if I go back to training I will start by killing the gods then those
pathetic sand monkeys along with jiren and then finally the Omni Kings maybe
this time I’ll train for an entire year straights as out of nowhere a voice then
goes on to tell Frieza what wonderful weather we’re having out here aren’t we
it’s almost as if someone is having a really bad day and couldn’t wait to get
it all out of their system and as Frieza slowly then turns around he is met by an
unknown individual that’s standing before him as he went along to them tell
Frieza you know I couldn’t help but overhear your plan on destroying the
gods along with the Omni Kings I’ll be the first to tell you that despite your
best efforts you will never be able to accomplish such a goal and with Murr no
continuing he only went along to then tell Frieza with the power such as this
it would only guarantee your destruction such a task would require far more power
in order to make sure that nobody survives which you wouldn’t though I
must say I sense a great hatred within you such a power
that is raw and untapped though your blood boils with rage and hatred it will
still not be enough to finish what very few have already tried in the past it’s
best if you quit while you’re ahead and with Frieza then getting irritated he
went along to ask and you are as this individual goes on to respond up being
above you as he then continues and as such I don’t need to answer to you with
Frieza having to respond interesting tell me how are you able to survive out
here in space as the individual goes on to tell Frieza
I could do more than just simply survive in space things that you can’t outside
of us being able to roam the void we have nothing in common I am only here
because you are making too much noise so I figured I’d see what’s going on and
as Frieza asks is that so he then continues well allow me to show you the
noise I was making as Frieza wastes little time in blasting this individual
down with a death beam with the shot then having to actually make contact
Frieza had then asserted the idea that he had completely destroyed this
individual as he went along to comment so much for being someone above the
mighty Lord free until out of nowhere this individual surprises Frieza by then
asking what was that supposed to be a mighty Lord Frieza as we then observe
how this individual steps out of a portal and then telling Frieza you
seemed a little confused let me then enlighten you as to why you’re hopeless
I am an angel and as Frieza asks what an angel we only then go back to beerus is
planet we’re assuming li goku and vegeta have been training with Wiest and with
something having to catch all three of their attentions they momentarily stop
their training as goku went along to comment whoa did you guys just feel that
as Vegeta went along to comment I did too one of them feels like Frieza and
the other I can’t make of it as weas comments this
you could it be as Goku comments whoever this is I’m afraid not even I can do
much to defeat them their key is just out of this world but how did it appear
and why now as Vegeta comments ker this is crazy this could be a new enemy
Kakarot and with Goku not wasting any time he then went along to comment I’m
going out there to check it out whoever it may be is still there
I gotta go and with lys overhearing this he only then goes on to tell Goku hold
on you can’t breathe in space Kokua therefore i will be going with you to
check it out I will keep you protected while finding the cause of this
disturbance so with wheeze getting behind Goku in
agreeing to go with him he only then went along to comment I have a bad
feeling about this Wiese alright let’s go and with Vegeta asking wait a second
I’m coming along as well wheeze then went along to tell him you will not be
jito in case something happens we need you as Goku only then ends up using
Instant Transmission in going deep within outer space he only then went
along to comment I think this was the spot where I felt the power surge ah as
only then they both observed how this mysterious Angel literally has Frieza
pinned on a pile of rocks in space as he then notices that other individuals are
there he quickly turns around and telling them well well I wasn’t
expecting to find you living in the 7th it’s been far too long we as this angel
wastes little time in completely destroying whatever was left of Frieza
in space with Wiese and goku having to observe this they are absolutely stunned
as to what they have just witnessed as goku went along to ask wait a minute you
know we’s who are you and why did you kill Frieza
what’s your deal around here we’ve never felt your energy in this universe before
as myrna went along to then tell them it’s been far too long actually Wiese
you haven’t changed much since the last time we met I can also see that you’re
still as giving as you always were tell me something is the grand priest still
in command it’s very interesting to see how he simply stands around and takes
orders from a pair of delusional children as Goku went along to question
hold on you’re an angel that explains everything
as Myrtle then continues indeed I am the strongest of the Angels in fact I am
Lisa’s older brother Murr no and to answer your question yes I am indeed not
from your universe I in fact and from a long-forgotten era a time far beyond
your own once home to some of the strongest mortals and gods in the
multiverse I was from the long destroyed universe 13 as he only then opens up a
portal he follows up by commenting and now that we’ve addressed that little
issue do give the family my hello Wiese it’s been far too long since I’ve seen
them not that they even cared to begin with just know brother that I do intend
to see you again very soon however this is not the right time or the right place
for us to play family and catch up just know that I am still alive and I am just
as powerful as before as weas then goes on to shout waits brother come back
where are you going as Goku asked Suisse Myrtle then goes on to tell them I have
other plans to get to it’s as I said this is not the right time or place for
catching up don’t be a fool Wiese stop acting as if you truly care
you never did there is so much that I look forward to coming up as he then
steps through the portal he then goes on to tell them see you soon and as Murr
know ends up leaving Goku Annelise behind we then observe how moments later
Wiese and Goku end up going back to beerus is planted as vegeta went along
to ask there’s another angel in our universe as we spent along to comment
yes and he was my older sibling miRNA was thought to have been missing
for a very long time but somehow remained in hiding until now he even
killed Frieza as Goku then remembers his brother raddatz and then commenting I
remember when my brother and I first met it was a very bad situation hey don’t
you have a brother too as Vegeta went along to comment what are you even
talking about Kakarot this isn’t about me or you having siblings as Goku then I
went along to respond well to be fair Vegeta you really don’t sound like a
great brother to me if you won’t even reach
out to your own brother to begin with as Vegeta comments shut your mouth clown
stop making this situation about our families when it has nothing to do with
any of that as Goku then responds yeah but isn’t your still alive
terrible was it how come you haven’t connected with him since then as Vegeta
responds I have no idea what he’s been doing nor do I care it’s his life he
could do what he wants as least went along to then comment Myrna wasn’t just
my brother he was also an attendee to one of the strongest gods of destruction
within universe 13 outside of the grand priest he was one of the most powerful
angels amongst us all he was highly skilled and incredibly dangerous for him
to be here means that he is up to something
I surely assume that Myrna was erased along with everything that once was by
the Omni Kings but somehow he managed to escape this fate and hide himself from
all of us it was forbidden for an angel to misuse their gifts the law of the
angels forbids any one of us to fully use our powers in battle I’m afraid if
Myrna has other plans then he may be the first to break this code he seems to be
planning something within the shadows as goku went along to a squaw so he’s
really that strong I’m surprised someone was actually able to somehow avoid and
survive the Omni Kings attack that must mean he’s figured out a way how to avoid
being totally erased as Vegeta then asks how could there exist an angel that
powerful it seems rare for someone to avoid being
detected for so long only to show up out of the blue with an agenda
surely the Omni Kings and the grand priests would have picked up by this by
now so tell me is he really as powerful as you make him out to be is he really
the strongest among your family of brothers and sisters to be stopped as
weas went along to reply I’m afraid so yes
escaping xennos wrath is unheard of destroying Frieza is one thing but to
survive being erased and to mask your powers for so long from all of us is
another nobody is above Z no not my father not my brothers or sisters not
the gods of destruction or creation nobody Myrna must have found
an escape that had led to his survival it’s the only way
once the Omni King decides to do something it is then written in blood
and cannot be changed and for Zeno to choose to erase my brother only shows
that Zeno had no interest in keeping him or anyone else around Myrna could not
have possibly survived without knowing prior Myrna grew to learn things that
were far beyond standard practices which is what made him so strong Myrna devoted
himself in learning everything he could learn even things outside of our
teachings has only then out of nowhere Merle ends up using one of the portals
to show up on beerus is planted as he went along to comment well well so this
is where you’ve been hiding and with everyone’s attention then we directed
Myrtle then goes on to states it’s not as I expected it to be but I had a
feeling you’d be living with your destroyer as we spent along to come and
were no how did you find this place as Myrna went along to respond and who
might these ants be they don’t seem to be universal destroyers mortals on a
divine world interesting ah yes you were with my brother earlier I admire your
skill on getting back here so quickly I can sense a lot of power coming from
you as he then turns towards vegeta he then goes on to tell him you on the
other hand what a shame I’m assuming you’re only here to clean up after the
god of destruction yes as Vegeta asks what Myrtle then continues I can sense
that you do not possess the same power as your friend over there you are a
complete and utter waste and this gets Vegeta angry because he then went along
to come and how dare you why does that matter you don’t even know who I am or
what I could do I’m just as powerful as Kakarot is as Myrna went along to reply
you need to relax mortal as a matter of fact this is exactly why I am now here
with you all as Goku then asks what exactly do you want from us as Myrtle
then continues the reason why I am here is very simple I just want to find out
who the strongest of this vii universe is it intrigues me asko who
asks ya well I don’t think you want to find out as Myrtle then responds huh I
don’t then suppose that the purple cat you call of a God then is I don’t hold a
grudge towards any of you I just want to see who I also heard that the seventh
has amazingly good foods as well another reason I’m here as Goku flat-out goes on
to tell him I don’t buy it what exactly is your end goal here you’re hiding
something as Vernell then went along to respond all but a game Mortal I want to
learn more about this universe and why it’s still here given its low mortal
ranking it must house many secrets because for whatever reason myrna wants
to find out which fighter is the strongest of the seventh universe as he
only then goes on to ask so which one of you ants would like to show me your true
power I understand this comes as a sudden surprise but I would really
greatly enjoy seeing what my brother has taught you as we strives to intervene he
went along to then tell me no I will not allow you to break our code nor kill
these mortals Myr know as Myrtle then responds I never thought you would have
such a soft spot for these mortals now wheeze I would advise that you step away
and here I was happy to see you again wheeze if you won’t move then you will
be moved try me I am curious about your universe mine was ripped away but that
doesn’t mean that I am NOT curious on what others have hidden within them this
is the beginning of the game this is my enlightenment
I want your mortals to show me the powers they possess if any at all I must
learn of what they can do in this realm as Goku went along to reply be that as
it may I have no issue in fighting you even if you are an angel as Myrtle goes
on to reply even though I am much more superior than you you accept interesting
but why this confidence of yours intrigues me greatly what game will you
have if you choose to fight against me surely you can’t win so why try as Goku
responds let’s get something straight I don’t want to fight you but if you came
here to cause trouble then you leave me no other choice as
Myrtle goes on to tell him mortals who aren’t fearful of gods this is rather
interesting to me yet you lack the motivation to engage against Mia unless
there is a good enough reason you wish to only fight if forced a primal mindset
but interesting nonetheless let’s see if there needs to be a reason for you
mortals to fight me then surely I could work something out in order to push you
in doing so but I ask for you to agree then I could end you both in seconds but
what if you could best me this is what makes me wonder about you the idea of
mortal strength even if it means nothing and how about you creature as he
appoints to Vegeta would you also fight surely you’d say no
correct as Vegeta went along to reply I’d smash your face into the ground
angel or not as myrna replies perfect so then you both agreed to show me the
depths of your true powers then I must say you don’t stand the chance in
winning but I admire your passion for battle now let’s start with you Goku I
wonder what it would take to get you angry enough to fight me what will it
take to push you as he then opens up a portal next to him he then goes on to
come and oh yes I know exactly what will push you into fighting me at your best
let’s see as he only then goes on ahead to pull out Goku’s granddaughter pan
from the portal Goku is absolutely shocked as myrna then continues there we
are I believe this is your granddaughter mortal isn’t she adorable
it truly would be a shame if something very bad were to suddenly happen to her
rights as Goku cries out let her go mur no pan doesn’t have a clue on what the
heck is going on she’s crying out dad as she’s being held up in the air and with
Goku concerned am Arnold ven went along to tell him relax mortal I simply wanted
to show you a very small example of my power and the things I can do I searched
your feelings and knew what would you I can do things that mortals like you
could only dream of power that cannot be rivaled or
matched I could do many things outside of this Goku including ending the life
of everyone I choose with in the blink of an eye
destroyed and sent into the afterlife without warning including this child I
hold listen to me Kokua if you don’t show me the depths of your true power
then I will erase everything everyone you love would be gone saving you for
last of course so you may watch them all suffer now the choice is yours what will
you do will you choose to engage me at your best or will you sit back and watch
your entire world burn before your eyes and as Pam begins to cry mur no gets
very irritated and having to cut Tara what’s this disgusting creature enough
of this as he places her back through the portal
he only then continues I don’t know what I’m doing with this thing here anyway
away now do you see with Goku angry he then went along to tell her no how dare
you put your hands on the ones I love you should be careful of what you wish
for as Myrna Levin went along to respond oh
please your meaningless threats mean nothing to me unless you truly plan to
back them up I’ve seen tougher before so I doubt that you will even be of any
real threat to me you can stand up there all you want and talk but I’d much
rather you take action I don’t plan to be here all day either so unless you
plan to fight then I would encourage you to do so right now time is wasting as
only then Goku agrees and telling her no now as he quickly jumps into Super
Saiyan God this is undoubtedly the first time that myrna had ever seen a mortal
access to powers of a god let alone transform into a Super Saiyan God as
Myrtle then went along to comment a mortal with God ki well well but Goku
wastes little time in quickly dashing on in in connecting a thunderous shock
tumour nose face this is assuming Lee the first time that Moreau and Angel had
ever been touched by a mortal like this before considering the fact that this is
an enraged Goku hitting Moroso with Myrtle having to take the shot head-on
Goku ended up landing a thunderous shot that literally
miRNA to fly out into the distance as he only then went along to tell him don’t
ever threaten my family and with Myrna Levin hitting the landscape Goku then
went along to continue is this what you want bring it on as we strides to
intervene he only then goes on to tell Goku no Goku this must not continue as
only then when Goku looks up he went along to say to himself what the how did
he end up all the way over there when I was just looking at him in front of man
and with Moreau standing there so casually he then went along to tell Goku
I mean really what was that supposed to be it and here I was expecting so much
more from you that it didn’t even sting as Vegeta went alone to comment Kakarot
attack was nothing to him it’s almost as if were just wookies to him this is bad
even with masters super saiyan blue Kakarot sponge had no effect on him he’s
toying with us which means he’s hiding a lot of power which also means were in
trouble and with myrna looking down he only then went along to tell Goku
I’ll give you another chance to show me more of your hidden power I’m very
excited to see what the future holds for you and I don’t let your family down and
with miRNA creating a portal and thus having to extend his hand out and
grabbing Goku’s leg he only then tells him now show me what a mortal like
yourself with evolve God ki can do against an angel as he then proceeds to
grab on to Goku’s ankle he then shouts at Goku by telling him show Mia as he
then throws Goku out into the distance go who then went along to comic damnit
how was mur know again telling Goku show me right before connecting a monstrous
punch to goku face what mur know ends up doing is opening up portals that further
causes gohu to literally get hit from all angles and directions as Myrna went
along to then tell him fight for your people prove yourself to me right before
kicking Goku up in the sky what Myrna ends up doing is thus knocking Goku back
down onto the ground as he went along to tell him
show me your potential and with Goku having to hit the ground with such force
he’s still not finished because as gohu leaves back up he then went alone to
comment he’s barely even try against me and I already feel like
there’s nothing I can really do to stop him and with Goku having to then be
shown meeting Murr no eye to eye in the sky Myrtle then went along to tell him
you seem to be struggling to catch your breath don’t tell me that this is all
you have in the tank what a shame Anse will always be ants never anything
more than bugs and with Vegeta observing he went along to say to himself I can’t
believe how badly Kakarot is struggling to hold his own against him if this
continues then he will surely burn out and be killed this Murr know is barely
even showing off any of his true power and yet he’s still acting as if nothing
is even happening this is very bad I fear not even Kakarot ultra instinct
would even be enough and if that’s the case then I don’t know how we will
manage to escape or even survive this battle against him as all of a sudden
mur no then begins to clab and then having to acknowledge Vegeta by telling
him oh but of course I couldn’t agree more
ultra instinct wouldn’t stand a chance you have none and beating me zero hope
surprise I could hear and read your thoughts Vegeta it’s another skill I
have I admire you for admitting that you have no chance in this fight although I
would still love to see the fruits of your power despite you feeling bad as
Vegeta then went along to come and well aren’t you full of surprises even so we
will find the way to win we always have and we always will this is far from over
just you wait as Mertle then replies your threats mean nothing to me there is
not one single plan you can forge to stop me that I wouldn’t be aware of so
you can keep hoping and wishing you can I’ve seen dozens like you before a brash
and full of their own lies do you believe that you can surpass a being
with nearly unlimited power no you can’t you’re flawed your race is flawed your
universe is flawed your eye deels and power are all flawed I am NOT
which reminds me of someone very similar to you back in universe 13 a Saiyan just
like you as Vegeta shockingly then went along to ask someone like me in universe
13 what do you mean as myrna then went on to tell him my universe was one of
the highest ranking universes in all of creation we housed some of the strongest
warriors including one of the strongest gods of destruction who in fact was a
demon a demon very similar to the one you once fought against on earth only
much more powerful and divine among them we also housed Saiyans small in number
but extremely powerful and this Saiyan was a galactic ruler just like Frieza
was in this universe so mano has something up his sleeve as he’s really
trying to persuade and impress Vegeta as Mertle then continues he went along to
tell Vegeta our destroyer wasn’t as lazy as the one in yours he took pride in
destroying everything and anything that stood in his way
many feared him but his power was unlike anything you’ve ever seen from the
others he was as powerful as he was ruthless
and wise in everything he did making sure that everyone respected him the
Galactic ruler however was also a mighty warrior a king a proud and powerful
warrior who looked exactly like you he led an army and stopped at nothing to do
as he pleased this is why you could never be like him ever
but as powerful as he was he was destroyed by our god of destruction
along with his entire army however here things seem to be much different as your
own destroyer has taken a liking to you which is very rare so as it is in my
time you are not related to the king of my universe and with Vegeta absolutely
floored this comment he went along to ask what
was this King’s name because although there was an entity that was a spitting
image of Vegeta except only rather than being a prince he was actually a king
and galactic ruler was ultimately destroyed by this god of destruction of
the thirteenth universe but then Morel goes on – then tell Vegeta and why
should I tell you it doesn’t matter because he’s dead and this is beginning
to really bore me I didn’t come here to tell you about my world I came here to
see what you mortals have been doing and the depths of your power in training
with gods and angels as Vegeta went along to say to himself this is all just
the big joke Tim as myrna wastes little time he then opens up yet another portal
and then having to ask Goku do you need more motivation Goku here let me remind
you as he then goes on to once again pull pan from Earth back onto beerus is
planted he then holds her in front of Goku as pin has tears in her eyes as he
went along to tell Goku don’t forget what you’re fighting for
and Goku in a state of shock and anger went along to scream at Myrna when
telling him not again put her down leave my family out of this you
heartless monster if you hurt her I will never forgive you and Goku wastes little
time and charging indirectly to save his granddaughter but then Myrna does
something very unexpected that really ends up shocking Goku because rather
than engaging against him what he ends up doing he ended up tossing pan out to
the side as he went along to tell Kokua don’t drop the ball Goku and with God
Goku quickly taking notice that his granddaughter is about to fall and hit
the ground Goku went along to cry out pan know and
the second we see God Goku – right towards pan and sticking his hand out to
try and grab her merlin went along to tell Goku how much are you willing to
risk to save the ones you love Saiyan are you willing to do anything which I
love the overall sadistic nature that myrna has and trying to use Goku zone
family against them specifically his youngest granddaughter who can’t even
formulate words and he’s trying to is that just to get Goku in pushing
himself in revealing his true power because at the end of the day according
to Murr no that’s the only thing that interests him which is why he is
currently located within universe 7 and the minute we get to see Goku try to
grab on to his granddaughter what Myrna ends up doing is slowly stick his hand
out as he then went on to tell goku a– because everyone has the breaking points
you fell right into my trap and right before we get to actually see goku try
and grab on to his granddaughter what ends up happening instead is Myrna
creates this wormhole in between pan and Goku and what Goku ends up doing because
he’s dashing towards pan with such speed is he ends up completely going through
the wormhole while pan on the other hand is still free falling from the sky
basically trapping Goku in this unknown dimension in this unknown area whereas
then Myrna went along to comment and just like that blind emotions can cloud
your focus let’s see if he has the will and the mind to survive the game so this
was all a game to Murr no he really wanted to see where Goku focus was at
where his mindset was that even if his youngest granddaughter’s life was placed
on the line he still wanted to see Goku’s power while at the same time
trying to pick Goku’s brain and seeing on whether or not if Goku was solely
focused on pan or focused on the fight and with pan showing falling into
Vegeta’s arms Vegeta then went along to come and dammit as Morel then goes on to
tell Vegeta well it would appear that only one remains now your friend lacked
a spine to do what was needed to win a battle his heart was too soft
his anger wouldn’t have driven him to get the job done I can see it in your
eyes Vegeta don’t worry he’s still alive I sent him into a cold dark place an
empty void where he will remain until he figures out what is needed to escape you
on the other hand you and I share a trait as he only then continues your
ruthless Am I you are cold as am i and you also
possess the will to kill just as I Goku lacks the will to kill but rather spare
his enemies and this is why you are the perfect rival to me we’re alike you may
not be as strong as Goku but your emotions are what make you strong your
killer instinct to always survive you and I share a bond we were both very
powerful ones only to have our titles taken by someone who is unjustly
powerful you are the last one the god of destruction of the seventh is sleeping
and we snows better than to stand in my way so tell me mortal will you show me
the power that the seventh universe possesses if you refuse then you know
what will happen not only to you but to everyone you know and love I hope you
know what you’re in for as a mur no of course is giving Vegeta the ultimatum
and of course if he doesn’t continue then everyone that Vegeta knows and
holds dear to him will in fact pay the ultimate price
but myrna also confirms that go who was just simply too soft to get the job done
as of course he went along to search his feelings and understand that Goku never
had that killer instinct mentality but more or less a selfless mentality in
looking after others rather than kill them as only then out of nowhere a voice
goes on to tell mer no and I hope you know what you’re in for
as mer know then quickly turns around startled he went along to comment that
voice as only then the grand priest is shown having to finally arrive on beerus
is planted as the grand priest went along to tell mer no it’s been far too
long as myrna replies great father I’m sure you must be very pleased to see
that I have survived I am doing well no need to ask in case you were I still see
that you are yourself basically being very condescending in the fact that he’s
also being extremely sarcastic as the grand priest went along to reply your
existence is unacceptable you were thought to have been erased along with
universe 13 after violating the code of the angels along with dealing with
mortals as Myrtle replies what I choose to do it is not your problem just know
that you left me for dead you sentenced me to death over a stupid code that
limits us from using our true gifts and just so you know I don’t care who you
are I don’t answer to anyone I am free to choose as I want you and the other
gods and angels turned your backs on me when Zeno
took everything from us yet you stood there and watched I will not let you get
away so it would appear that myrna also has a very deep vendetta that goes
against the Omni King that goes against his father that goes against the other
gods of destruction and angels for not doing anything to interfere in Zeno
having to erase the other six previously destroyed universes and mur no holds
this grudge in the idea that the grand priest is also someone to hold
responsible in the idea that mur no could have thought that maybe the grant
priests were to have some leeway in further preventing Moreau and his
universe from getting destroyed as Vegeta chimes in while holding pin he
went along to tell mer no I’m not sure if you’re absolutely crazy or incredibly
stupid but either way what you were doing is not a good idea you’re only
going to get yourself killed if you continue down this path just stop now as
Moreau replies you still haven’t figured it out yet have you I don’t care what
any of you have to say as he then creates yet another wormhole behind him
he went along to tell everyone this isn’t over
it was a nice reunion father and brother but it’s best to resume the game at
another time until then as only seconds later Moreau completely vanishes as weas
approaches the grand priest he goes on to apologize by telling him Father I am
so sorry that I did not do anything to stop him I did not want to break our
code as the priest responds I understand unless I
give the order you or your siblings will not use your full power I did not see
this coming he had remained in hiding for
generations fear not wheeze he will be found as
Vegeta then went along to comment he said he came here only to find the
strongest in this universe saying that it was all a part of his game to learn
more Kakarot battled against him but he sent him into an unknown location where
he said it’s void of life cold and empty he’s still alive as the grand priest
responds of course it would be his plan indeed he is my son and an angel that
should not be here he is a very smart and powerful warrior
as for Goku I do believe I know where he may be as Vegeta went along to ask so
then how do we stop him he was able to counter everything Kakarot was doing
with ease he can read our minds and knows what to expect our powers are
nowhere near an angel so then what would be the point if we are powerless to even
touch him he seems to have a hidden plan that he wants to complete as the grand
priest responds as powerful as he may be there is still away but you will need
Goku in order to be able to stop him from further destroying your world as to
where he may be I think I have an idea as to where he may be as later on Goku
is shown inside of this void as he went along to comment whoa where am I
the air here feels heavy and I can’t feel anyone or anything around me
this isn’t over Murr no I will find you with Goku having to be left within avoid
having to roam all by himself with Goku then having to comment I’ve never felt
anything like this place before where did Murr know send me I can’t feel
or sense anything here it’s cold and lifeless and with Goku having to look
around he then continues I’ll find you Murr no this is not the last time you’ve
seen the last of me I swear on pan I won’t let you get away with using my
family as bait against me angel or not I will find the way as out of nowhere Goku
then suddenly detects something within this voided area as Goku then went along
to say to himself what was that just now I felt a strong presence coming from
within but where is there someone here it’s gone now but I know whatever it is
is still here somewhere I just have to find out what it was maybe this will
help me out I just need a lock on Twitter’s go who tries to use Instant
Transmission within this voided area it would appear that goat whose having such
a hard time and locking on to this person as only then he’s trying to use
instant transmission but alas nothing is working as Goku went along to Comic darn
I can’t sense anything here as out of nowhere Goku then bumps into an
individual that eerily enough seems to resemble and have the exact body shape
of the Omni King as Goku then went along to comment hey wait who is that was that
the energy that just appeared he looks very familiar for some odd reason as
this mysterious individual then goes on to tell Goku a– well now this is an
unexpected surprise I haven’t seen a mortal in billions of years as we go
back to beerus is planning we then get to see how the jito is further
discussing the matters of myrna with Wiese and the grand priest as vegeta
went along to comment wait what with Vegeta then having to ask the angels
you’re telling me not to involve myself with myrrh no any further why surely
you’re not afraid that I will suffer the same
Fatah’s Kakarot has so why should I back down from his challenge because it would
appear that the angels are trying to reassure and tell Vegeta to not engage
himself against the MER no any further as the grand priest then tells Vegeta we
angels will rectify this entire situation ourselves he wants to use you
as a pawn to see where his power stands as a warm-up it is not your duty nor the
duty of Goku to stop him as the grand priest continues and as such we do not
need you or anyone else to be further involved in the matters against mur no
he is as deceiving as he is powerful as we strives in he also goes on to tell
Vegeta and please leave the situation with Goku son to us as well we will find
and bring him back to this realm shortly if Myrna wanted Goku son dead he would
have done so on the spot as we stand continues this is a very dangerous
situation I will inform the other angels after I have returned to you and pan
back to earth we will go and handle this and that’s exactly what the Angels end
up doing because back on earth we get to see how Gohan and Videl
are desperately trying to find their daughter as Gohan went along to ask wait
what do you mean she’s gone you’re saying a pan shun just vanished as Vidal
tells him yes she was here for a second and the next she’s just gone because
both Gohan and Videl are completely uninformed as to what is
going on within the universe right now especially with this rogue angel having
to arrive and further use their own daughter as bait to trigger Goku and
using more of his full power so the grand priests and we are further
reassuring Vegeta that he must stay away from the situation involving myrrh no as
much as he could because number one it’s not his issue and number two Moreau
supposedly will be dealt with by the angels as of course this is a matter
pertaining them and not the mortals as only then we get to see how the cheetah
finally comes knocking on Gohan’s door as he went along to tell him open the
door and with Gohan hearing this he went along to state wait a second
that sounds like Vegeta and that other key that’s with him but could that be
and the second we see Gohan opened the door we see how lagina greets
Gohan and Videl by telling them I believe this belongs to you
and I’m not going to lie there’s something about Vegeta cradling and a
holding pan and giving her back to Gohan and Videl that really goes to show how
far along his character has grown ever since the events of Dragon Ball Z when
he first came with nappa destroying everything rampaging all throughout
earth rampaging all throughout Planet Namek so to see this I think is a very
cool thing because only then Gohan went along to come and pan thank goodness
she’s safe Thank You Vegeta but how did she end up with you as Gohan then
continues she was playing with her toys in the next minute she was just gone
so did you have anything to do with that it’s not like her to just vanish like
that out of nowhere so thank you but Vegeta’s reaction is very silent there’s
no emotion there’s no expression of gratitude nor concern Vegeta is just
quiet as Gohan then went along to ask Vegeta dinnah what exactly happened
as Vegeta then turns his back as if he were about to leave go hundun went along
to tell him hey wait a second Vegeta what happened to my dad I don’t sense
his power anymore as Vegeta goes along to tell Gohan listen to me very
carefully go on get ready to fight at any moment’s notice do what you must but
when we call for you then just to know that we need you get back into fighting
shape as soon as possible I will explain the rest to you after and with Vegeta
taking off Gohan went along to comment wait don’t tell me it’s in other
tournaments because Gohan doesn’t know he thinks that it’s going to be another
tournament of destroyers or perhaps maybe another tournament of power but
it’s not and as vegeta finally gets back home to capsule Corp bola then went
along to greet Vegeta by telling him oh hey vegeta welcome back you have a guest
waiting on you he says that he met you a few hours ago and is really
excited to see you again he seems very nice and kind of looks like Lise and
with Vegeta floored he went along to comment a few hours ago and looks like
we swayed boma where did you see this person did he leave or is he here as out
of the blue in Vegeta’s backyard mur no is shown sitting there with a cup of tea
so casually greeting Vegeta and telling him good afternoon Vegeta I’m actually
right here surprised to see me and surprised Vegeta is because then we get
to see how Bulma Vegeta and Myrna are having a conversation outside as Myrna
went along to comments haha you have balls for a woman Bulma I have never met
a mortal who slapped a god of destruction and lived to tell the tale
how amazing as expected from the wife of the Saiyan Prince you are the only
mortal who does not fear the powers of a destroyer how interesting of you beerus
was always soft how ironic as Bona went along to tell
him I wouldn’t call him soft but he’s grown a soft spot for us here on earth
we help feed him food after all say you’re very easy to talk to I’d say a
lot easier to speak with in some of the other angels we’ve met Lisa’s nice and
all but he’s just always busy you know you should come visit more often and
find out how good our food is here it is some of the best in the entire universe
so while Moreau is so casually creating conversation with Bulma and Bulma with
Murr no Vegeta is sitting there insane to himself what is he up to
as Myrtle then went along to tell them of course say Bulma could I have some of
that amazing stuff you had mentioned before I want to try more sweets as Bona
then went along to tell mer no all right just give me a minute and I’ll have one
prepared for you it’ll only take a few so just feel free to enjoy yourself and
Vegeta is the only one in this situation and that knows that myrrh no is just
simply deceiving her as he then went along to tell myrrh and Omer know you
lying bastard what are you doing here on earth I know you didn’t come here for a
cookout so spill it why are you here out of all places there’s nothing here for
you so don’t try and hide the truth as mirto so casually sips his tea he then
went along to tell Vegeta oh shut your face Vegeta it’s not that serious I was
curious about what kind of lifestyle you had here on earth I wanted to know where
you and Goku come from and what you fight to protect I could see why now
families food peace this place has it all you have a very lovely wife Simeon
in fact it also reminds me of my wife back in universe 13 or what was of its
shame isn’t it now let’s get back to business then shall we there is
something I wanted to ask you Vegeta listen closely as back within this void
go who is shown talking to this mysterious individual as Goku went along
to tell him hey uh who the heck are you and what is this place
it feels like the world a void that I was in during the tournament of power
except only cold and dark I didn’t think after coming here that
there would be anyone else here but you showed up so who are you as this
mysterious individual goes on to tell Goku F before asking another person for
their name you should offer yours up for introduction first now let’s start over
as Goku then confusingly goes on to respond um hi I’m Goku and who are you
sir this individual tells him and through a
regular human to enter this place is not common mortals could not have the power
to enter this realm on their own not even the gods of destruction nor the
angels come here very often so why you I can sense a great power within you along
with a great rage you have just gone through something that led you here
didn’t you that would explain it you didn’t come here on your own you were
sent here by someone haven’t you Goku and with the conversation continuing
this individual tells Goku so now I see the truth you’re from another dimension
this seventh dimension and it looks as if you also possess the powers of a god
as well your mind is clouded with a lot of worry and fear not for yourself but
for others Vegeta and pan is it’s well fear not because they are not in harm’s
way they seem to be alive in your time Vegeta has safely returned pan to go
Hunts place in case you’re wondering he was brought back to earth by the grand
priests following your encounter with the Fallen One mer know just like pan
shun and Vegeta Moreau is also alive and remains in universe 7 and with Goku
overhearing this human along to ask Vegeta did wait does that mean that he
was also able to beat or no for him to just get Pam back or did something else
happen while I’ve been gone what’s happening as this person tells Goku it
appears Vegeta did not fight the angel were no at least not yet
even if he did he would have failed just as you have so it’s not like that this
is a part of murrow’s game you and Vegeta could never win at least not like
this you can’t this game that myrna plays involves more than you understand
this isn’t going to be a walk in the park for a mortal like you however there
is always a way relax yourself I can sense that you are very hungry so how
about we relax while having a bite to eat there I will explain the situation
that way you can better under stand why you stood no chance against
the angel in your current form in the meantime it’s been a very long time
since I had guests what would you like to eat Goku as Goku’s baffled he went
along to tell the mysterious and with Goku baffled he went along to respond so
we can’t win like this well that sucks I didn’t know he was going to be that
hard I mean I knew but I just didn’t know that much about it and wait eat but
there’s nothing around for us to snack on and eat I don’t see any food as this
mysterious individual then tells Goku haha you’re still naive you can’t only
rely on what you see just because something isn’t there and you can’t see
it does not mean it’s not real this is your first mistake Kokua because there
is nothing now does not mean nothing will be later anything is possible
just like power one can always grow stronger despite doubting themselves and
evolving further in becoming the best they could be as he then continues by
sticking his hand out he went along two states I want you to remember something
that your God failed to tell you before destruction comes creation as this
individual just manages to pop out a bunch of food out of nowhere he then
went along to ask Kokua still doubting me Goku now let’s eat and with Goku
absolutely shocked he went along to come in how did he just do that it was like
magic what’s going on as we go back to capsule court we get to see how Murr no
is waiting for boneless food as he went along to comment your wife sure is slow
Vegeta I can’t wait any longer as out of nowhere Moreau creates another
wormhole in sticking his hand through he went along to then tell Vegeta ah would
you look at that just in time wouldn’t you say it’s almost like I knew as he
then pulls this sweet delicious dish out of this portal he then went along to
comment now this is what I’m talking about
so Moreau simply having some fun while Vegeta is really trying to figure out
what this dude is up to as Merlot is then shown snacking he then a little own
to comment amazingly delicious the cold sweet
textures I love it all I haven’t had something this good since
universe 13 this really hits the spot and there I say fills me with joy
knowing how good it is with Vegeta than having to tell mer know when you’re
finished eating get lost and leave as mer no replies 30 minutes with Vegeta
asking what’s myrtle then continues I have about 30 minutes until we find out
that I’m here and comes for me I thought it would take him that long but 30
minutes should be more than enough now since I didn’t get to see it before show
me your true power did you think I forgot let’s test the prime height of
your strength until my brother gets here are you ready with Vegeta having to get
up and telling her no you bastard I’m not going to fight you here we would
destroy the entire city if we do so forget it
no as Myrtle then stands up he goes on to tell the jito have you noticed by now
no South City it seems to be a fairly large metropolis on this planet wouldn’t
you say however with so many people living here don’t you think it’s
suspicious that there isn’t any surrounding noise coming from the people
within this very large city for a city so big it appears to be a ghost town and
with Vegeta having to take notice of this we get to see how South City is in
fact very very quiet as Vegeta went along to comment impossible what
happened to all of the people what did you do as Myrtle pops up behind Vegeta
he then went along to tell him and boom do I have your attention now Vegeta now
let’s begin with mur know having sinister intentions in really wanting to
push Vegeta and with one simple push we see how Myrna was able to send Vegeta
flying through multiple buildings in the city itself as Moreau gets into fighting
position he went along to ask do I have your attention now Vegeta now where did
the people of this great city along with your lovely wife Bulma Chun vanished who
you ask do you think they’re still alive if they are do you think you can save
them and with Vegeta shown standing through
the rubble he went along to respond coming here was one thing but to snuff
the lives of innocent people who did nothing to you along with my wife is
something you will painfully regrets I don’t think you know who you’re talking
to here angel but if it’s the strongest warrior you’re after then look no
further and I love this idea that Moreau did something to Bulma he did something
to trunks he did something to bull like he did something to the people of the
city in reminding Vegeta hey if you want to fight this is the perfect place to do
so because it would appear that nobody is going to be getting in our way
because there’s simply nobody in the city left so what happened to all the
people as only then Vegeta continues even if you’re stronger than me that
doesn’t change the fact that I will smash you into pieces I will show you
the power you’ve long been searching for mur no and Vegeta wastes little time as
he then transforms into Super Saiyan blue with Amer no then further having to
acknowledge this by stating Super Saiyan blue right from the start this is a
letdown but go ahead and try so mur no is not concerned with the powers of
Super Saiyan blue if anything else he seems to be a lot more disappointed than
excited but then he went along to tell Vegeta you won’t win as he quickly
removes his robe he then continues well since you’re turning it up then I will
too I hope you know that everything is riding on your strength to best meet in
order to see your wife and kids again if you fail then you will be held
responsible for their deaths so just like Moreau did with pan and further
having to use pan as bait to get Goku to use his full power that’s exactly what
Myrna was doing now with Vegeta and further having to remind him hey if you
fail it’s on you if you fail then your family is going to be destroyed along
with everyone else from the city despite where he may have taken them until then
Vegeta charges right in as he went along to tell Moreno you leave my family out
of this you bastard and the second we see Vegeta swinging Merle immediately
steps out of the way and then having to tell Vegeta your egregiously slow
Vegeta you can’t hurt me if you can’t hit me
and that’s exactly what Vegeta is trying to do it in further proceeding to throw
kicks and punches but he seems to be missing every shot that he throws as
Morel then continues if this is the best you can do then I am NOT impressed this
is sad in further taunting Super Saiyan blue until then we then get to see Homer
no steps aside and then telling Vegeta remember what’s on the line Vegeta and
further having to poke vegeta by reminding him that his family’s life is
on the line and with Vegeta again charging right back in he went along to
tell mano I’m going to break your face mur no but then Morel uses one of his
portals to elbow vegeta in the face as he’s charging towards him in telling
Vegeta how when you’re not even paying attention mortal trash as he then
continues to use these portals against Vegeta he goes on to remind him you’re
making this way too easy for me Vegeta you don’t stand the chance of surviving
like this shame which again is the exact same technique we saw Mirjam also use in
the Dragon Ball super manga and what rememba did in the Dragon Ball Z movie
in literally just standing there and throwing a few hits in knocking Vegeta
around as Moreau then goes on to tell Vegeta I see that you’re struggling
that’s not a surprise I can still sense more fight left within you so here let’s
see how you handle these on for size remember what’s on the line mortal let’s
see how your body holds up to this as Mertle then creates more of these
wormholes he then begins to throw shot after shot punch after punch as it not
really manages to strike Vegeta from all sides and angles but only then Morel
goes on to tell Vegeta fight back saying your family is counting on you hit me
show me your raw untapped power show me and with Vegeta getting angry enough to
the point where Moreau seems to be taking this as a joke while Vegeta is
not Vegeta is fighting for something and mur no is not and this prompts Vegeta in
getting really angry to the point where we get to see the Gina cock his fist
back as he goes onto tumblr no I’ve had enough of your game
I will spill your blood for harming my family take this and what Vegeta ends up
doing it is further using myrn ozone portals against him by actually having
to connect the punch through one of them as of course this ends up sending myrrh
no flying out in the distance having to crash through a few buildings and with
Vegeta visibly shown tired as he’s trying to catch his breath he goes on to
tell Moreno how I got you and with mer know on the ground visibly bloody from
this one strike he not only smiles back at Vegeta but also goes on to tell him
using my own portal against me impressive Vegeta which bear in mind
Moreau is not even using a fraction of his power because technically he’s not
allowed to but as Morel gets up he then goes on to
wipe the blood from his mouth in telling Vegeta this is what I wanted from you
this is your strong point although I can feel you still holding back against me
Vegeta release your full power I want to see more by using that logic as you just
did if you can read your opponent’s next move in battle then you can surpass them
using your own style your movements are cold and brutal just what I wanted out
of you unlike Goku you have the will to kill rather than spare there is still a
little bit of time left before we sketch here so let’s do our best shall we I
want you to hit me with everything you have
show me the powers of a Saiyan God I’m ready I always am this is your last
chance Vegeta and with Vegeta then visibly angry he then goes on to raise
his power even higher by then telling her no you want everything so be it
angel if you want to feel the depths of my true power
then stay right where you are I’m going to blow you to pieces and I love this
overall moment here because you can immediately tell that this is bothering
Vegeta a lot in the fact that even though he hit merna merna took that
attack as if it was a mosquito bite right it really wasn’t anything to Myrna
and Myrna was the Gina look I respect you for being
cold I respect you for being brutal but you’re going to have to go all-out and
according to Vegeta now that is exactly what he plans on doing because then as
he’s channeling all of this power in the form of one attack a very familiar
attack Vegeta then proceeds in putting his hands together in charging up for
the final flash as he goes on to tell Murr no don’t move and with Murr know
getting into fighting position he goes on to tell Vegeta oh I see now well well
if it isn’t the final flash how fun this should be really interesting and here I
thought you were tired and further locking Vegeta but Vegeta then gets
angry enough to the point where he goes on to say to himself he’s going to take
it head-on don’t underestimate my power Murr know
as seconds later finally only then in there Vegeta fires a massive final flash
directly at Murr know which keep in mind if this is supposed to be following the
events of the tournament of power then obviously Vegeta had gotten way more
powerful enough to wear his final flash should be a lot more effective than how
it was before and with the final flash heading right towards Murr no burn on
went along two states this is too easy let me show you as Merle creates a
massive portal to where there he goes on to tell Vegeta tah-dah
as the final flash literally is shown going through the portal itself as a
hacks to where it didn’t hit Murr no but it’s being sent out somewhere else as
only then Vegeta is flabbergasted as he steps back in stating enough no way what
did he just do impossible what what am I supposed to do now he disintegrated my
final flash with ease and with mur knows so casually standing there he went along
to then ask Vegeta that was good enough but do you see why now you are
completely hopeless Vegeta this isn’t over
let’s continue as only then we get to see how in fact trunks was not taken by
Moreau but instead he seems to be charging into the city where his dad is
along with Goten as Goten went alone to come and hey wait up trunks what
happened what’s the rush as both Goten and Trunks appear to be in
Super Saiyan form trunks went along to Goten something very bad is happening in
West City and I feel dad struggling with something out there it’s like the entire
city just vanished including mom hurry up and let’s go go
ten as the two boys are then shown dashing towards Vegeta’s direction in
finding out what’s going on back with mur no he then went along to put his
hands together in telling Vegeta since you’re also curious
allow me to show you something very interesting don’t blink or you may miss
it are you ready with mur no giving off such a condescending vibe in the idea
that he’s really toying with Vegeta because he wants to see what he could
really do in battle he only then goes on to tell the jito
I hope your body and mind are ready as Vegeta went along to comment damn you
what are you planning on doing him you aren’t even taking this fight serious
what are you hiding mer know as Mertle then begins to open up multiple portals
in telling Vegeta I just want to see your power now show it to me here we go
remember what you’re fighting for Vegeta as Vegeta looks around he then goes on
to comment what is he doing wait a minute don’t tell me he’s oh no damn him
as Mertle then ends up shooting blast that end up going right through his
portals in been telling Vegeta now let’s see how you react to this Vegeta show me
as all of these blasts end up coming through the portals themselves Vegeta
then went along to comment damn it’s everywhere I have no choice and with
Vegeta trying to deflect all of the blasts at once the majority of the blast
actually end up connecting with Vegeta as Vegeta is then shown flying out of
the rubble and then commenting damn him he nearly got Mia but right behind him
Merle stands with a massive energy ball hovered up in the sky as he then went
along to tell Vegeta you’re very fast Vegeta just as I expected
I knew you’d avoid my attack so here let’s add this on for size don’t drop
the ball mortal now let’s just see what you can do think fast now saying the
heat will only begin to increase as a merman ends up launching this blast
directly down on Vegeta rather than engage
the blast rather than moving out of the way Vegeta is frozen as he went along to
comment this power I I can’t stop this what now cuz Vegeta literally didn’t
know what to do as this blast was coming down onto him and as we get to see this
massive ball of energy hit the ground Goten and Trunks are staring out in the
distance as Goten went along to comment wall trunks what’s that as trunks went
along to tell him it’s huge it’s probably something to do with dad hurry
go ten we have to go check it out let’s go and as they both try their very best
to make it back onto the battlefield we get to see how Myrna is overseeing this
massive crater as he went along to comment well that was boring and here I
thought he had a trick or two up his sleeve as Moreau touches back down he is
then met by Vegeta who is literally battered and destroyed in the crater as
Murtagh goes on to tell him I’m baffled that you’re still alive
very good and with Vegeta shaking he then went along to tell Morel Hugh
bastard I’m not dead yet fight me as Mertle tells him tough as I expected you
to be I held back a lot of power just to see if you could survive and you did you
are much tougher than your friend but you still lack something Vegeta a
warrior such as yourself is missing a great master to help bring out your true
powers for a mortal such as you you exceed my doubts very good for a mortal
to endure and possess such power is unheard of unlike Goku it you have the
will to kill at any cost this is what makes you great you have a very strong
mind as well so here’s something I will only offer you once now come polish your
skills with me as my apprentice it doesn’t matter as to why I choose you
the question is do you accept and with Goten and Trunks just arriving in the
nick of time trunks went along to cry out dad with
mur no having to comment well well and with trunks getting there he went along
to then shout what did you do to my dad you monster
get up dad get up and Whismur acknowledging this he then went along to
comment well would you look at that your child has come to save you from death
how noble of him to risk his own life I hope you know that if he tries to engage
against me then I will have no other choice than to erase the boy this is a
matter between you and I not your son and his other little friend but that’s
only if he wishes to fight me surely he must just be as tough as his father
writes since they look very friendly maybe I’ll go and greet them myself just
to see what they want and as Vegeta overhears this he goes on to tell mer no
huh hold hold your horses angel stay away from them as Myrtle comments and
now you’re standing you surely are very tough you continue to amaze me Vegeta
the fire continues to burn within your soul I didn’t think you would be able to
stand up oh it looks like it’s time well Vegeta although your power is
weakened and your body is nearly broken I must let you know you might want to
brace yourself for the attack you’ve fired the final flash that is I never
extinguished it I simply held on to it to give it back to you you might want to
pay attention over there and as Vegeta goes on to ask what impossible Vegeta is
then met by his own final flash as Mertle created a portal that allowed it
to go right through and as the final flash hits Vegeta Bernal then went along
to comment odda I believe this is yours Vegeta and as the boys oversee Vegeta
zone final flash hit him trunks went along to come and dad no please don’t
die dad and with myrna then using his own portals and getting behind the boys
he then went along to tell them well hello there young warriors I see that
you’ve taken interest in our battle just now as trunks went along to tell him who
the hell are you and what did you do to my mom and dad why are you doing this
Oh even are you you look like that we sky but you’re not him
what do you want why are you here Myrtle goes on to tell trunks I sense
great fear in your heart boy relax yourself young one
I am beyond your simple understanding I am your father’s acquaintance and now
that you’re here maybe we can finally get along there’s so much I want to know
trunks as we now find ourselves on commies look out with Vegeta now having
to wake up after being knocked unconscious from his own final flash as
he is then greeted by den they go ten trunks and piccolo with trunks having to
cry out dad you’re okay you’re alive it’s okay
we’re on the lookout piccolo is here too and with Vegeta then sitting up and
further acknowledging the situation he went along to comment to trunks your
life wait where is that bastard mur no where is he as trunks went along to tell
him we don’t know it the only thing we remember was him coming up to us and
then we ended up here he just disappeared as piccolo then chimes in
and telling Vegeta I saw the fight you had with this guy it’s hard to believe
how easily he was able to overpower you Vegeta and with Goku missing I don’t
need to explain to you of how bad of a situation this has become he knocked you
out cold with your own attack but wanted to keep you alive as trunks then chimes
in he went along to ask piccolo hey piccolo can’t we just use the Earth’s
Dragon Balls to bring my mom and all of the people of West City back I don’t
think that guy knows about the Dragon Balls
so can we so the situation here is the fact that mur no could have easily
killed Vegeta but instead wanted him alive so rather than letting him die by
his own attack all that simply happened it was mur no saved Vegeta from dying
and simply having to knock him out by using his own move against him and with
piccolo acknowledging the fact that without Goku the powers that Vegeta
currently possesses are basically meaningless in comparison to what Moreau
can truly do and especially given the fact that Moreau has not even remotely
tried in using his full power yet piccolo only then continues the only
problem is that the Dragon Balls are all at bomas house and after mur no and
Vegeta’s battle the entire he was destroyed so we don’t know
exactly where they are within the rubble as only then murder shows up on the
lookout and telling everyone oh but I do know about the mortals there’s no need
to worry about that I’ll take care of it as only then Myrna was shown with all
seven dragonballs within his possession he only then continues I’ll be taking
these off your hands and take them for myself does anyone wish to object to
that by all means try and stop me these are mine now as Vegeta then angrily goes
on to comment damn humor no how did you find us as Myrtle then goes on to ask
are you surprised with Vegeta then commenting and just what exactly do you
plan on doing with those Dragon Balls I’m sure you don’t have a use for them
so what are you up to what are you hiding
you’ve already gotten what you wanted out of me and Kakarot so what’s your
deal with the Dragon Balls now what’s your next move as Vegeta is really
trying to figure Morel out Myrna Levin went along to tell everyone I’ve
actually been thinking about going and eliminating Zeno but I assume that this
goes far beyond this dragons power to kill the gods Zeno is my prime target
but since this cannot be done with these then I’ll just wish for something within
the realm of this dragons power so of course ever since the beginning we found
out that myrna wants revenge on Zeno why because Zeno was the sole reason why
universe 13 was destroyed and universe 13 was simply put the home of Myr know
as Myrtle then goes on to tell em you wanna maybe I will use these Dragon
Balls to spawned more of those delicious desserts that your wife made for me
earlier Vegeta maybe I’ll wish for hundreds more while I waits this was a
very interesting learning experience mortals my offer to you however Vegeta
still stands do as you may but my time here with you all is over now I have
other matters to attend to as only then mur no singles out den day and telling
him and asked for you don’t try and get any ideas to make a new set of Dragon
Balls either that would be pointless if I find them which I will if you
decide to create new sets of Dragon Balls then I will find you and the orbs
and take them from you myself oh and don’t think about using your
namekian Dragon Balls either I know all about those as well if
you try and do that then I will also take those away from you as well
lastly in case you try to get any other bright ideas going and trying to collect
the super Dragon Balls will also be outside of your reach to do so I am very
much aware of these wish-granting orbs and am very well prepared for the
outcome of using their powers as denday is left floored he went along to ask how
with Myrtle then telling everyone oh and one more thing in case you were
wondering what happened to the people of West City along with your wife Bulma
they are all still alive and well so there is no cause for concern just like
I did with your final flash they were transported and moved to another
location as I take my leave just know that I am not finished I will see you
all again soon very soon and what’s Murr know stepping through
the portal he then goes on to tell everyone this was very fun
I think I’d like to have even more fun next time we meet perhaps maybe next
time it would be me versus the entire earth that would be fun until next time
mortals and I love the level of condescending deceitfulness coming from
Murr no because not only did he chew out denday and letting him know listen if
you make a new set of Dragon Balls I will find you and I will find them and
take them from you if you go to Namak I will find those Dragon Balls and also
take those from you and don’t even think about trying to collect the super Dragon
Balls because I’m going to be there to stop you as well so our heroes then are
left with no other options as piccolo goes on to cry out damn him what a
wicked monster this is all clearly just a big game for him
he’s absolutely pure evil as dende then goes on to tell piccolo hey piccolo I
think you might be wrong on him about that
might be weird for me to say but I really don’t sense any evil coming from
his soul it’s strange but if he was pure evil we all would have felt it there’s
something different about him it’s hard to say as Vegeta chimes in he goes on to
agree with denday and telling him I hate to admit it but I agree if he wanted me
and Kakarot dead he would have killed us by now as Vegeta then goes on to clench
his fists in which his entire arm is literally shaking out of anger he then
continues curse him were all just tiny pieces to his game he’s using us for
something he wants revenge on Zeno but didn’t go as far as to kill anyone yet
in doing it he’s toying with us all we need a new plan to stop him before it’s
too late so Dendi and Vegeta seem to agree that
myrna doesn’t come off as a purely evil person and Vegeta even admits that if
myrna really wanted to he could have killed Goku and Vegeta within a
heartbeat but chose not to it and the question to that is why as only then we
go back to Goku who seems to be still trapped within this void eating a ton of
food was Goku laying on the floor assumingly what is a floor he went on to
comment oh wow I didn’t know that you could eat a whole lot of everything when
everything is nothing there was so much food here I don’t think I’ve ever seen
that much in my entire life before but it was worth the wait to be honest I
don’t think I’ve eaten that much before I’m actually really full and that’s so
rare I can’t believe how good it all was – that was the best I’ve ever had
it was beyond incredible as the little mysterious person then goes on to tell
Goku and I’ve never seen a mortal eat so much so quickly before I’m glad you
liked it just so you know I can create more food
whenever you want me to as Goku then goes on to reply I really wanted to
thank you for that it was really well needed but I think it’s time I head out
of here and get back to my world now as the mysterious stranger then goes on to
tell Goku oh I’m afraid you can’t leave this place escaping this realm cannot be
done not even by teleporting yourself by using your Instant Transmission
once you enter this place you cannot escape
so try as you would like but you will only find that I am telling you the
truth you are stuck here go kueh you can’t leave as panic then begins to set
in Goku goes on to ask wait are you serious okay this is not good because
this mysterious individual clearly knows this place a lot better than Goku and
knows that simply by using instant transmission it isn’t really going to
get Goku anywhere as he only then goes on to tell Goku ah I am indeed very
serious Goku it in fact if you truly wish to leave this place then there is
only one way that can be done it’s not by forcing your way out but by having
Moreau teleport you back to where you came from but I will say this much I
don’t think that mur no intended to send you to this realm there must be more to
it than this but I am very sure of it and because of this I think it was your
god ki that messed with mur knows portal that caused you to arrive here instead
and with Goku absolutely confused he then went along to ask wait so what
should I do as the mysterious individual then goes on to point out in Telugu qu l
go ask mur know yourself Goku with mer know shown inside of the same
realm as Goku and this mysterious person that myrna then greets Goku by then
telling him well well Goku I’m surprised you were able to make it here it’s so
good to see you again let’s catch up with all of the Z
fighters on commies look out having to be floored by the thought of Myr know
having to wage war against the earth and with everyone left wondering what to do
piccolo went along to comment versus the earth has myrna lost his mind with
Vegeta having to comment I’m afraid he’s dead serious about fighting the entire
earth by this he’s probably going to do what he did to the people of West City
and transport them all somewhere else if he found great entertainment in myself
in Kakarot then surely he will stop at nothing to get his fun out of anyone and
everyone he could before going after Zeno and the other angels and with Goten
and Trunks quickly chiming in trunks went along to tell his dad
hey Dad I know this guy is strong in all but mean Goten have been training on and
off and we want to help out since we aren’t strong enough like this maybe
we’ll use fusion with Goten then chiming in and commenting yeah and then we’ll
show that guy not to mess with us so the boys have absolutely no idea exactly who
Moreau is or what he’s capable of but even then after knowing the fact that he
was still able to defeat Vegeta they’re still not backing down in suggesting
fusion as vid you know went along to commenter as bad of an idea this is I’m
afraid at this point we have no other choice than to use everything we have as
a measure to stop him for this to work we just may need every single fighter we
can get to defeat him this won’t be easy damn humor no where are you Kakarot
which to be quite honest just off of this page alone I am getting serious
Dragon Ball Z majin buu ark vibes in the fact that we have Vegeta piccolo Goten
trunks everyone’s trying to figure out what to do and even with Super Saiyan
blue at grants head even if the jutsu were to push himself into using Super
Saiyan blue evolution it’s arguably still not going to be enough to battle
against such a being like mur no considering the fact that myrna was
supposed to be one of the strongest angels as Vegeta even recognizes the
threat at hand and acknowledging the fact that it’s not only going to be him
and Kakarot they need but literally everyone else especially if Myrna was
looking to battle against the entire earth as only back with Goku and the
mysterious individual within the void we then observe how Myrna appears to be
within the void with ko who and this other mysterious person as Myrna went
along to tell Goku and here I assumed you were somewhere else mortal as Goku
went along to comment am I seeing things or is that really him he just popped out
of nowhere what’s he up to him what is he talking about az Marana sticks his
hand out he goes on to greet goku by telling him it it’s so nice to see you
again son Goku and with Goku then quickly getting into fighting position
he then went along to tell Murr no I know exactly why you’re here mur no if
you want to finish this then let’s do this I’m ready as the mysterious person
cuts in he then goes on to tell Kokua I wouldn’t be so quick to attack now
Kakarot remember what it was told you before one must first
understand before they take action this is not the real Moreau this Moreau is a
creation of my own in order for one to rid themselves of fear and anger they
must first confront the darkness this Moreau here is like a doll created by me
in order for you to gain a better understanding of this place I am more
than you see or no Kakarot so in case you guys are wondering the MER know
that’s inside of this place with Goku and this other person is in fact a clone
just like all of the food that this person had made in the previous manga
chapter out of literally nothing he did the exact same thing here by essentially
creating another mer know just for Goku to confronts as Goku went along to
comment hey wait a minute I thought you can only create endless amounts of food
how could you possibly create a living being out of nothing like that
so are you like his dad this is so weird he looks and even feels like mur no that
energy I felt on beerus this planet is the same as it is here with this clone
this is unbelievable why did you do it as the mysterious
person tells goku anything is possible in this realm
Saiyan in fact this clone has the exact battle power of Myr know as well
there is nothing I cannot create or do this goes for gods and angels as well
miRNA is a feared powerful angel stronger than most of his brothers and
sisters he will be the perfect sparring partner for you here Kakarot he won’t
hold back as the clone went along to tell goku ax I hope you’re ready as the
mysterious person that continues there are rules that all things must go by in
the 12 universes this includes gods and angels in this realm however the only
rule is me you will find this place much different than any other this myrna will
be used as a tool for you to test your powers against I want to see the extent
of your powers against this clone if you fail I will heal you so you may try
again against him more and with gohu absolutely taken back and
confused he went along to comments this is all too much to take in at once it
kind of feels like a dream but I’m awake say uh who are you exactly
you seem to know more than you let off you are able to do many things here that
I must know who you really are and as this mysterious individual slowly lifts
the hood off of his head he went along to tell Goku who I am is not important
right now I am simply a retired old man nothing
more nothing less and neat I chime men in the fact that this obviously looks
like the Omni King even though right now we don’t know who this is if in fact
this is the father of the Omni King if in fact this is an alternative version
to the Omni King a much older omni-king this gives me the original Dragonball
vibes if you guys remember when Jackie Chun first fought against kid Goku in
the original series with Master Roshi having to simply disguise himself that’s
the kind of vibe that I’m getting here is the classic Goku and Jackie Chun
situation to where obviously this looks like Z no he has the same silhouette and
build a Z no but the reason why he’s hiding himself is quite unknown as
meanwhile back on beerus his plan and we get to see how we stand begins to talk
to vegeta as he went along to comment so my suspicions of him being on earth was
correct after all and this is why you’ve all gathered to come to beerus as
planets morel threatens to wage war against the entire earth it’s a good
thing you’ve come as only then we get to see Vegeta Gohan Crillon Master Roshi
Tian Yamcha piccolo Android 17 Android 18 go ten trunks and majin buu the
entire squad – Goku is there with piccolo having to comment this is a very
serious matter wheeze with Buu having to also comment they all told boo to fight
so Buu he’ll bring everyone here to fight scary angel guy they don’t want
boo to sleep so boo wake up and help everyone and I absolutely love the level
of tension here in the fact that not only Vegeta understands that he needs
everyone on his side to win this battle but he also goes on to comment this is
no longer a problem between the angels Wiese miRNA wants to fight all of us we
are no longer going to stand by and watch as creatures like
mer No destroy everything we’ve built so these guys all tagged along because they
all want to undergo training as well by you all of us we don’t have time to
waste so I absolutely love the idea of people other than just Goku and Vegeta
receiving training from the gods in the fact that Gohan wants to be trained by
Wiese Android 17 wants to be trained by Wiese piccolo wants to be trained by we
scrilla wants to be trained by Wiese because everyone has this mentality that
enough is enough we can’t stand idly by in the fact that
what if Goku and Vegeta can’t get the job done what if they simply come across
someone and they need help they can’t do nothing because they’re weak so now
they’ve all come here to get stronger and I absolutely love this fan manga for
that as out of nowhere only then the grand priest pops in as he then goes on
to responsive Vegeta well then since this is no longer an issue involving the
Angels then we will help you during this time as weas goes on to cry out father
with the grand priests responding I sense a great battle looming Vegeta son
I choose you you will now face me one-on-one to
better prepare you I will train you myself you have great potential
now come as Vegeta smirks he went along to tell the grand priest to fight the
strongest of the angel race second-in-command sounds perfect to me
now let’s just see what you can do priest as only then we get to see how
the grand priest and Elise are talking to everyone up above them we eerily
enough get to see how Moreau is secretly spying on them by poking his head out of
the portal he had created as he went along to say to himself this is going to
be so much fun it’s just as I thought it would be you will all soon be dealt with
the game is only beginning first it will be you then my father and lastly you
Zeno sama it’s almost time with mer no having to
be shown seemingly meditating somewhere out there in space and with mer no
understanding that the gramm freeze dish training Vegeta Myrna
then came to the idea as he went along to say to himself hey wait a minute
Vegeta refused to let me train him but he agrees for my cursed father to teach
him to train vegeta to be at his best is my job I wanted to see the mortals
potential come to life not my father Vegeta took me for a fool to see him
grow has been in our plan as Morel then stands up very angrily mind you he then
continues curse those weak mortals seeing Vegeta’s growth has been in our
plans since we encountered him that pathetic father of mine is taking
everything in for himself why does he care about seeing the mortals grow now
my plan was to kill them perhaps I have been too lenient with these creatures
I should have erased them all when I had the chance no matter however they will
all be soon dealt with once I have my fill of the strongest in the universe I
will end everything including Zeno as myrna then goes to power up he then went
along to cry out damn you all I feel as if I am at my limit I cannot allow my
father or my brother ruin my plans I will break all of them you’ve abandoned
me and turned your backs to me when I needed you the most
Zeno ruined everything and yet you stand with him I will crush all of you
beginning with every mortal in the seventh universe then those foolish gods
then my siblings and then you father and once I’m done I will rip Zeno into
pieces so Murnau seems to be very upset at the idea that vegeta agreed to train
with the grand priests and not him for whatever reason Myrna wanted to train
Vegeta for he wanted to see Vegeta’s true potential because he actually
wanted to see for himself what Vegeta immortal would be fully capable of once
he did receive that training as only then we go back to beerus this planet
with Wiis having to talk to Gohan and telling him you’ve come up with an
amazing strategy Gohan if this works then you will have a great chance at
survival with Gohan having to reply somehow I think it would be best if we
have no other choice as we supplies perhaps not
Syst Vegeta in case he runs into trouble with Murr no although it is a very
tricky plan if done right with your combined power it would surely be enough
to throw Murr no off his game your support is needed Gohan as out of
nowhere there is a massive explosion seen in the background with everyone
then looking on we spun along to continue oh my it would appear that my
father and Vegeta are still battling I am shocked he’s still alive as Gohan
then went along to comment Vegeta needs all the training he could get in order
to even stand the chance against this Murr no guy your dad is incredible Wiese
I’ve never seen Vegeta this intense and as we go back to Vegeta he’s literally
on the ground with the grand priest having to stand in front of him as
Vegeta is trying to catch his breath he went along to comment don’t stop keep
pushing me damn you fight me I won’t quit because Vegeta
knows that he needs this although he is very strong in his own right one of the
absolute strongest in the 7th universe he pales in comparison to the angels and
being the fact that he’s being trained right now by one of the absolute
strongest he still doesn’t have a chance but refuses to give up as we then go
back to Vegeta shown on the floor huffing and puffing he went along to
comment you’re so strong with the grand priest having to then tell Vegeta for a
mortal being able to produce this much power within a short time is very
impressive Vegeta I am NOT fighting to kill you cuz that would have already
happened but you are actually making me break a sweat
I am shocked I wonder how far you’re willing to go as Vegeta went along to
respond to them even though your power is far beyond mine everything starts
here I will show you how strong I really am in time all this is doing is making
me stronger you’re easily the most powerful opponent I’ve ever faced before
but you still don’t scare me I will find a way to break Murr No
now let’s get and then out of nowhere we get to observe how the grand priest
suddenly goes missing with Vegeta having to comment what grand priests where did
he go he was standing right in front of me it’s like
he just vanished without a trace but how I was just looking at him what happened
as immediately the landscape is shifted as Vegeta finds himself back in a very
familiar place with Moreau having to be shown hovering over him he then went
along to tell Vegeta did I just interrupt something Vegeta it was almost
as if you were planning on finishing something well
the finisher is me mortal welcome as Vegeta comments mono but how what did
you just do where are we how did you find us as Merlot replies it looks like
your progress with my father has paid off a bit hasn’t it it’s funny how you
refuse to accept my offer but agree in allowing my father to give you pointers
in battle you’re a coward but it doesn’t matter now Vegeta from
now on I am going to be your opponent now that you’ve grown stronger I want to
see the full extent of what you can do now let’s continue Vegeta let’s continue
from where we left off in the same crater I left you before you were saved
in West City this time I don’t plan to save you I hope you know what’s on the
line mortal if you fail all will be erased oh and don’t worry I brought all
of your friends here too to watch you die here as well and if they wish to
oppose me then I welcome fighting all of you at
once since you are so desperate for my brother to train you allow me to test
you as all of the Z fighters are shown in the same crater that Vegeta was
initially left and before miRNA had reversed his final flash onto him as
only then mer no continues I’ve kicked wheeze and the grand priest away from
here and used a powerful spell to blur reality for them they are powerful so
I’m sure they will break it in moments however if they were to want and try to
come here to stop me they’d need around one hour to get here to do so which by
then I would have long killed all of you by the time they arrived the game
continues Vegeta just as I had said before now enough talk let’s get started
then shall we who’s first as Crillon then chimed in
and telling Myrna what wait do you intend to fight here on earth the people
of this planet had done nothing to you they would all be in harm’s way if we
all end up fighting here what exactly is your problem as Myrtle goes on to reply
oh shut your face mortal you don’t have to worry about the people of this world
there won’t be anyone or anything to stand in between you and our battle here
which means you don’t have to worry about what ends up getting destroyed the
people of Earth no longer exists here anymore this includes your daughter
Marin all of your children and family are gone it’s just us here which means
there is nothing to stand in our way I made sure to get rid of all of the
annoying Earthlings of this planet before we battled because I know how
much you care about them and with 18 overhearing this she went along to
comment what what did you just say you did something to my little Marin how how
dare you how dare you with gohan also commenting pan and Videl mother everyone
what exactly did you do with everyone where are they if everyone is gone then
where do they all go I can’t feel anyone’s life force what did you do with
everyone as Myrtle looks down and condescendingly telling Gohan if you
really want to know what I did with everyone including your mother wife and
child then why don’t you try and make me tell you then since you’re so very eager
to know go on and I love the absolute level of tension and deceitfulness
coming from Myrna land the fact that he knows what he did but he’s choosing not
to say anything about it as go on quickly charges in he went alone to cry
out you horrible monster I’ll kill you and right before he does so piccolo
grabs on to go on and telling him go on no wait do not engage him you will only
get yourself killed listens me calm down if Goku and Vegeta couldn’t
even scratch him then you’ll only be going into this fight to die this is not
the way from what we know he most likely didn’t harm anyone which also includes
chichi Vidal and pan you can’t just blindly go into this
fight after knowing that he could do he’s an angel Gohan we need to plan
ahead he isn’t interested in talking or being reasoned with
he wants to see your power knowing very well you aren’t strong enough to fight
him it’s a trap don’t battle him yet we still need you in this fight Gohan stand
down and with Mertle disappointed he went along to reply how pathetic of you
so you won’t take any action in my provocation knowing that I will destroy
everything if you don’t you are all cowards
as expected from a former god of earth piccolo to think that you once a former
Demon Lord reduced to a powerless worm it doesn’t matter though it’s all a part
of the plan you all seem so eager to fight me but refuse to do anything to
stop me I don’t have all day if you won’t come to me then I will
easily come to you break your bodies and erase your souls
followed by destroying all you’ve ever known and loved so what’s it going to be
mortals times ticking and with Yamcha out of all people stepping forward he
went alone to comment I say we stop the chitchat and teach this monster a lesson
that we won’t go down without a fight angel or not we’ve been through so much
together what do you say everyone and with Goten and Trunks fusing and to go
tanks go tanks also chimed in and commenting I’m all ready for some action
as Roshi also steps forward he went along to comment it’s time let’s do what
we originally plan on beerus as planets as he then turns to majin buu Roshi then
goes on to comment this is it boo we’re all counting on you it’s time to do the
thing we told you about everything is in your hands now as Buu smiles he went
along to comments ah yes Buu remember old man’s super secret plan
okay okay boo do boo going to make sure he take
care of all of you hope you’re already as bhoot grabs on to
his own stomach in yanking some booboo out of him he went along to then also
say to himself boo hopes this works angel man is very strong here goes
nothing take this everyone now you join boo and
with Majin boo then ripping pieces of himself in throwing it at literally
everybody it would seem that majin buu is doing the exact same thing he had
done in Dragon Ball Z only this time rather than just absorbing goats and
trunks and piccolo what majin buu ends up doing is literally absorbing everyone
majin buu absorbs tian yong ha piccolo Android 17 Android 18 Gohan everybody
majin buu literally absorbs everyone because it would appear that this was
all a part of the plan as 18 also comments this better work and with majin
buu than having to chime in and commenting we all become one now we
create Ultimate Warrior now come to me we finally get to see how everyone comes
to Buu as they merge together into one creating in what seemingly is about to
be an absolutely powerful warrior without doubt because then as Buu is
transforming we get to hear how he comments big power and mind you this is
everyone after the events of the tournament of powers so this is going on
post EOP Android 17 post Co P piccolo post EOP so everyone has gotten so
powerful and to have everyone merge into one we finally get to see how we have
the rebirth of Super Buu seemingly ultimate go on absorb now known as
ultimate boo finally we have a new Super Buu emerge as myrna looks down he went
alone to comment so that was your plan you sure do know how to make it fun but
I’m not impressed I’ve seen him before his power is great now that everyone is
inside of him but it doesn’t make a difference and with Vegeta smiling he
went along to comment now there’s a face that I can remember not really the best
impression but it will do his power is insanely incredible welcome back Super
Buu and with myrna looking down at both Vegeta and Boo he
along to them comment how stupid well then let’s get started then shall we I
hope you could entertain me with this new power viewers both you Vegeta and
Buu it’s like I said before don’t forget what’s on the line and with ultimate Buu
and Vegeta in fighting position Vegeta went along to comment I’ll die before
letting you get away with what you’ve done I won’t let it go your way again
now the real fight begins let’s go mur no and with our heroes not
wasting any time the first person that ends up charging in is Super Buu as he
went along to cry out now you’re mine and as Super Buu goes on the offensive
it looks like he really can’t do anything to strike and actually hit mur
No as murder went along to comment well well as Buu continues Mertle then goes
on to tell him you’re quite the fighter I see if I wasn’t superior to you you
just might be able to destroy me as he quickly backs away he then continues but
you’re still worthless trash to me however I will admit you are a lot
better than I expected you to be your battle power is interesting however no
matter what you do you can’t beat me ever as only then Super Buu goes on to
create an attack by telomer no I’m only getting started
allow me to show you what I can really do don’t move and I promise you will
love what I have to offer you myrrh Noah let’s see you handle this one as only
then Super Buu ends up creating miniature ghosts just as the super goes
kamikaze as he went along to tell them go go go go go and as the super ghosts
are then formed he then goes on to shouts blow him to pieces
super ghosts kamikaze attack and as the ghosts come hurtling towards bernal’s
direction miRNA then goes on to comment a ghost show won’t do anything to
increase your chances of beating me these childish attacks won’t affect me
in the least let me show you as he then goes on to create portals and which
sucks in all of the ghosts he then goes on to comment on ah behold mortal I
believe this is yours as he quickly then opens up the portals as the super ghost
come charging in to boost rection what they end up doing is going
right through super boo with Merle having to be taken back
he only then comments he vanished wait a minute
that’s the afterimage technique those worms and ask super boo gets behind Murr
no he only then goes on to shout I am more than you think I am we are one
you should pay close attention the next time you decide to run your mouth during
a fight solar flare and with super boo then blinding merna merna then stumbles
back and commenting ah what just happened what did you just do you
blinded me I can’t see anything my eyes my eyes you dirty pathetic
mortal you tricked me curse you and as Super Buu then takes
the opportunity in using his horn he then turns brno in saqqaq Li by telling
him you should have finished me when you had the chance
now turn into chocolate so Super Buu wasted no time in being able to catch
Murr no when he at least expected it and turning him into candy and with Vegeta
baffled he only then went along to comment this is incredible
no no way is that it did he really just defeat Murr no that easily either booze
powers beyond ours or Murr no is up to something
which one and as Super Buu then consumes Murr no he then went alone to comment
this battle is over you won’t harm anyone anymore but I will say he went
down a lot easier than I thought he would until then out of nowhere
miRNA ends up creating another portal right next to Buu as another Murr no
steps out and telling him well that was certainly surprising
I wasn’t expecting for you to be quite the trickster I’m very shocked I truly
don’t understand what you guys were thinking do you truly believe that
allowing yourselves to be absorbed and fused into one would be enough to stop
me you Warriors certainly are impressive with your tricks but your power and
strength is laughable use your head do you truly believe that you a mortal
have what it takes to destroy an angel I come from a time and era far beyond
you’re under standing you would need more than what
you are capable of now to even make me sweat
let alone destroy me I am beyond your existence as boo goes on to comets
sombitch what are you can you even be killed how did you escape my attack
I watched you be eaten it so how are you standing in front of me when you’re
supposed to be in my stomach as Vegeta comments Todd this is insane if we don’t
figure out his abilities and tricks soon and we won’t stand a chance of beating
him he hasn’t even thrown a single punch yet
and somehow he’s still in control of the situation how as mer know then continues
but let me also be the first to tell you warrior to be eaten after being turned
into chocolate certainly boils my blood to think that you would eat me at in
order to beat man and now I’m mad as he only steps through the portal and
grabbing boo by the horns he then goes on to tell him surprise I think it’s
time we end this little game of ours boo you’re not the only one who has a bag
full of tricks the only difference is however are that mine only need to be
used once in order to get my point across
let’s end this as he then creates an energy blast in front of MU he then goes
on to tell him I would have killed you sooner or later anyway such impudence
cannot be forgiven until then we observe how golden Frieza ends up shooting a
blast in between Buu and mer know as Frieza went along to comment so this is
where you’ve been hiding that’s my line you’re stealing you know I’ve been
searching for you as I thought you’d be here I don’t assume that you thought I’d
be dead now didn’t you luckily I was able to survive even if it was barely so
I figured I’d come here first I wanted to thank you for our encounter last time
you opened my eyes about a lot of things I’m just here to return the favor only
this time you won’t be the one who dies and I will be the one who lives I see
you’ve met with those idiots from Earth it doesn’t matter nonetheless they will
all be soon dealt with however you are my primary focus allow me to further
remind you on just who the hell I am and why I am the most feared being in the
higher universe it’s time for you to get what’s coming to you an eye for an eye
angel are you ready and with the Vegeta shocked he went along to comment what
Frieza how are you still alive and how did you even find us here crap what’s
his motive is he working with mer no.2 as mer no then begins to break a sweat
he then goes on to comment ah it’s you again I see that you were able to
somehow survive that’s indeed definitely bad no matter if death is what you’re
after then I’ll give it to you as we go back inside of this mysterious void that
goku is in along with a clone mur no goku then went along to tell the clone i
need you to show me that move we just talked about i want to see you use it
with force and with myrna taken back he went along to ask you what do you
seriously intend for me to use that skill against you what would you have to
gain from seeing me be used against you surely you aren’t planning on using it
yourself you wish for me to use it now as goku went along two states I’m dead
serious about it if we don’t do that then I won’t be prepared for when the
real mano uses it against me I need to memorize it and prepare for it better
than before plus I want to beat the wheel you so in order for me to do that
I need you to come at me with everything you have especially with that move of
yours it’s the only way to win and with mer no grinning at Goku he then went
along to tell him you intend to try and reverse my own move against me do you
Goku well if that’s the case then you will regret that statement however I
will give you what you asked for then I just hope that you know that this time
around I’m going to put a little bit more effort in beating you around this
place come as we then go back to earth with golden Frieza having to return we
then get to see how golden Frieza ultimate Buu am Vegeta look on as they
are baffled at Murr no in fact has another copy of himself on the
battlefield itself as Vegeta went along to comment I can’t believe this how
could there possibly be more than one is this an illusion or something they are
exactly same what’s going on as Myrtle then
condescendingly goes on to tell Vegeta what’s the matter
are you surprised mortals was it something I said because let’s face
facts Morel knows exactly what he’s doing as only then with Vegeta having to
join everyone in the sky he then went along to tell mer no so this is what
you’ve been hiding you finally show your true colors this was very unexpected so
then one of your powers is to create clones am I wrong I sensed the same
energy coming from both of you and it doesn’t appear to be an entirely new
angel so the truth is out isn’t it Moreau as Mertle then went along to tell
Vegeta well well as expected from you Vegeta it took you long enough but I had
a feeling that you realize this since we first met haven’t you of course I knew
that you were aware of it as Vegeta goes on to respond I had a feeling that you
were up to something like this but I didn’t know if I was right about it or
not you mask your power very well but I knew something was off about you it’s an
incredible power nonetheless but now that we know this isn’t good for you as
Morel goes on to reply it doesn’t matter either way mortal this is very different
from what you think you know my power is rare and it goes far beyond anything you
think however since you really want to know then allow me to teach you what my
true power is all abouts there are things that you mortals have yet to see
or learn about allow me to show you then this ability allows me to duplicate
myself as many times as I want to I could create endless amounts of separate
entities who all wield equal powers and skills as the original without strain
along with sharing the exact same memory which is all shared and with super-boo
absolutely shocked he went along to comment so even if one is fully
destroyed he already made enough copies of himself which means it’s an endless
battle as myrn old then only acknowledges Super Buu he goes on to
tell him and this surprises you Majin this ability is very
similar to yours along with tiens multiform technique only mine can remain
permanent if I so choose along with each having the ability of interdimensional
travel and multiversal power you’re not fighting a copy you’re simply fighting
me each with a heartbeat each with the same mind and power also if I really
wanted to I could launch an army of myself on the multiverse and there’s not
a single thing anyone can do to stop me I am far beyond your understanding you
mortals have mimicked the abilities of the gods but I’ve never perfected them
because you can’t it’s beyond your power to do so I gave you all hope from the
very beginning and not one of you were wise enough to resist the bait I knew
you’d bite just as expected of you were you successful in eating me no I was
able to escape without you even knowing and it was quite simple it was as I had
said you may have a bag of tricks up your sleeve but so do I if it were
anyone else you would have claimed their life by now and carried on with yourself
but I am NOT just any one creature allow me to enlighten you as Myrtle then goes
on to show off his hand he only then continues do you see the symbol on my
hand this is my crest you may not have noticed that this symbol previously had
only four markings but now it has five now why is this so important you may ask
it’s because the marking proves that this entire time you were dealing with a
different man as he only then continues LS even though you defeated me earlier
you did not kill me so the crest of the MER no you fought
has been transferred on to the rest of us you see the symbol and its true power
behind it is not yet complete but that will all change you see the more
complete the crest becomes the stronger I become this is also a part of the plan
so it doesn’t matter what you do once the crest is hold and there is nothing
any bee living or dead that can stop me of
course the goal is NO but you will be a good enough punching bag until I get to
him and with Vegeta visibly getting angry he then went along
to komiteh so you aren’t even at full power until the crest is complete how
long as Myrtle responds even so I am more than capable of destroying all of
you at once so don’t get any ideas the game is only getting more intense for
you as we continue however in case you’re wondering there are 13 pieces
needed in order for the symbol to be complete once that happens and I am met
with Zeno the game is over as to how this will happen you’ll have to wait and
see up until now I have eight pieces and my counterparts have four the goal is
very close to being completed so yes I have been fighting all of you very
differently since the very first time I saw you and yet you were still blinded
by your arrogance to see the truth basically confirming that Vegeta boo
Frieza Goku everyone had ended up fighting a different version of Myr no
and not the original as he only then continues I saw something within you
Vegeta something raw and untapped you would have been the perfect destroyer if
you ever wanted to be but instead you allowed your pride to blind you from the
gift I would have given you you refused my offer only to train with my father
and where exactly did that get you you turned your back on me Vegeta even
knowing that I allowed you to live following our duel you still refused no
matter there is nothing that the three of you or anyone else can do to stop me
my brothers and sisters aren’t stronger than me so we couldn’t be able to
destroy what I have become nor could the others who have grown lazy
with the Destroyers that they are attending pathetic but Vegeta ends up
smiling in the face of Myr no as he then went along to comment so then if you’re
so sure of this plan then why are you even bothering to tell us then if you
are this cocky even if we know it still won’t be enough so what’s the point then
why show us all of your cards when the bat
is only beginning to get good going forward surely you’re not scared as
Morel goes on to comment there is nothing to be afraid of especially with
the three of you although I hate to admit it the only person who could
really stand up to me at this point would be my father the grand priest but
he hasn’t battled a serious battle for billions of years so outside of him you
the gods and my siblings are nothing that I cannot handle actually come to
think of it if you are actually able to somehow do so I wouldn’t mind dying by
your hands Vegeta it would only help me but only if you can of course it
wouldn’t be easy certainly for a mortal like you but I’d accept it if somehow
you were able to what do you say and with Vegeta getting into fighting
position he then went along to smile and tell mer no to be the first to kill an
angel by the hands of a Saiyan Prince I’d be more than happy to accept your
request more know you won’t complete your crest so as long as I’m here to
fight you so let’s do this with Ultima Buu Vegeta and golden Frieza standing
together they are ready they’re all ready to engage mur no because they know
they have no other choice with Super Buu glancing on he then went along to say to
himself he’s up to something he’s getting ready and that’s exactly what
Moreau ends up doing because one of the MER no clones actually removes their
cape and then having to tell majin buu well then Majin we have some unfinished
business to attend to let’s continue so while one of the MER
nose goes on to further challenge Super Buu Super Buu then gets into fighting
position eerily enough the exact same fighting position that Yamcha gets into
because he only then goes on to tell Murr no I’ll have you know that I’m only
getting started so don’t get a big head I beat one of
you and I’ll do it again only this time let’s see if you’re ready for my neo
wolf Fang fist and the second we get to see superboost step right in Moreau
sticks his hand out as he goes on to tell boo this should be fun
name sounds awesome come and that’s exactly what boo ends up doing is
unleashing the Neo wolf Fang fist as he goes toe-to-toe against Murr no however
in the background we get to see how golden Frieza is overseeing this fight
as he goes on to comment they’ve only just begun and I’m already sick of them
this game is over for all of you he instead ends up pointing his finger in
the air and creating a massive supernova like attack in the sky and with Frieza
holding this death ball supernova up above him he then went along to comment
angel or Majin I don’t care who it is I’ve grown very impatient of being
mocked so now you will all die I hope you’re ready for this and with the fight
ceasing Myrtle then goes on to tell Super Buu uh you might want to look
behind you Majin your friend over there looks very angry it would seem as if I
am NOT your only target and with Super Buu turning around absolutely floored he
went along to comment Frieza what are you doing have you lost your mind
completely don’t launch that attack but Frieza being Frieza ends up launching
the attack anyway and with this massive attack having to come down onto Super
Buu Super Buu braces himself as he goes on to comment you idiot Frieza you’re
only going to get us all killed damn you what follows is a massive
explosion that occurs that literally disintegrates Super Buu into pieces and
as Super Buu tries to pull himself back together he ultimately does as he goes
on to cry out Frieza and with Frieza just standing there and pretending as if
nothing ever happened to begin with super goo only then goes on to tell him
you bastard have you lost your mind why are you trying to attack your only Ally
on this battlefield you idiots he’s the enemy not us are you just stupid or do
you have a death wish the point is to defeat him as Frieza then so
condescendingly goes on to tell Super Buu oops my hand must have slipped
I know who my enemy is so there’s no need to remind me I know why I came here
but I mean you were only in my way so I guess you were
simply collateral damage try not to get in my way next time or you might not
survive and besides you can regenerate yourself right now I don’t see what the
problem is if you’re still standing right in front of me and arguing with me
won’t do anything to kill him it’s a waste so being the fact that he’s here
he then leaped on in as he then went along to tell super-boo a plus I don’t
recall us being friends so I don’t care what happens to you if you are just
going to become a burden for me then you better get lost and stay out of my way
I’m not going to repeat myself again and with golden Frieza taking initiative in
charging directly at Murr no Super Buu is infuriated as he goes onto comma
dammit this fool is going to ruin everything and get us all killed and
with golden Frieza attacking merna merna was defending himself so casually as he
goes on to tell Frieza this is becoming very repetitive to me wouldn’t it be
better if you guys all just help each other out and fight me together as if
like you did in the tournament of power and with Frieza hearing what Murr no
just said he goes on to reply I’d rather die I alone and more than enough to
bring you down the others won’t be needed you are not even trying and I’ve
yet to even harm you I am very impressed as Murtagh further insinuates that majin
buu Frieza Vegeta they should all come together and fight Murano collectively
just as they did during the tournament of power but only then as Frieza looks
up he notices that Super Buu is actually charging up for a massive attack and
with Frieza seeing this he went along to comment hey wait what are you doing
momentarily pausing his battle because he knows that Super Buu is actually
condensing all of his energy in the form of an attack and as we go back to boo he
then went along to comment let’s see you try and survive this one here goes neo
try meme actually borrowing from Tien being the fact that Tien is also a part
of majin buu now with Super Buu only then ironically firing down this attack
only on Freeza Freeza than to come and what are you doing you idiot
that attack is headed for me how dare you
your target is him not Mia damn you Majin you will pay for this as he is
consumed by this massive neo try beam attack with mur no just standing there
he went along to come and oh my and with bruge is continuously shooting this
thing down he only then went along to come and
whoops my hands must have slipped Frieza you were simply standing in my way so I
absolutely love how originally freezes started all of this it was because of
freezes death beam slash supernova attack that caused majin buu to
retaliate by firing his neo try being now on Frieza with mer no just being
absolutely confused on what the hell is going on
after the neo tri beam initially hits Freeza Freeza then emerges from the
crater badly wounded as he went along to tell Super Buu you who curse you what
are you doing you completely missed your target how dare you mock me look at me
look at what you’ve done to me I should erase you in this entire planet right
now for your deceit foolish creature I will not take pity on you for doing this
and with Super Buu then approaching him by sticking his hand out he then went
along to tell him you should be careful with what you do Frieza it’s like I said
you were simply in my way don’t move this should do it I’ll heal you right
away but if you try one of your stunts on me again
then mirnas going to have to wait before I crush you first
and with Buu healing Freeza Freeza then went along to comment my body my powers
been fully restored cursed them and with Buu than taking initiative and charging
back at Murr No he then told Frieza as he took off like
I said make sure not to get caught in any of my attacks again I’m not going to
tell you twice in the meantime I’ve got business to attend to so either assist
me or stay out of my way Frieza and Frieza is very very angry as he went
along to comment is he serious I am NOT a child I
forgive you you lowlife creature curse you I’ll have my chance and when I do
you will not be talking to me ever again I promise as only then we go back to the
other myrna with Vegeta he also goes on to remove his cape in telling Vegeta now
then and I’ve waited long enough it’s time to jitta I expect your best because
I will no longer be holding back let’s begin with mur no now having to finally
challenge Vegeta in a one-on-one battle miRNA Levin went along to tell Vegeta
I’ll admit Vegeta I am looking forward to seeing the fruits of your training
with the old man for a mortal such as yourself to have gained his respect is
very rare but even then I want to see the full extent of your powers don’t
hold back as Vegeta went along to reply old man huh you know what I find
interesting is that an angel who sits at the highest of their positions would
have such a rebellious nature for a being that was supposed to be neutral
you sure proved otherwise as myrna responds how naive of you typical of you
mortals let me remind you that it doesn’t matter who or what you are all
beings are rebellious they all feel wronged at some point and are thus
changed by these actions let it be known that your daughter will also do the same
one day which reminds me Saiyan tell me have you ever respected your father the
King before I take it you didn’t eyes why would you it’s fascinating that he
died in this universe by someone else’s hand because in my universe universe 13
it was you that killed your parents for your own personal gain you murdered them
to prove your superiority to your people I take it you would have done the same
here too as he continues this is what makes you different Vegeta this is what
I like about you you will do just about anything to get even stronger it is a
quality that I admire most about you it was as I said book
or you are the perfect warrior but your judgment on reality is flawed not many
are willing to throw everything away to get ahead but in this case you have no
chance against Mia which is why you should remember the risk as he only then
goes on to continue aah and speaking of which there is more I
need to inform you of before we begin I’m sure it was something that’s been on
your mind since our first encounter but here it is as Myrtle then creates a
little tiny portal in his hand he goes on to tell Vegeta do you see this my
ability to create portals is just a normal portal but they don’t simply
transfer matter from point A to point B for example I could easily teleport you
to another planet or anywhere I choose and the multiverse but that wouldn’t be
any fun the portals can also transfer pure
energy and particles if I also wanted to I could bring heat to a cold planet or
create life just as I desire I could manipulate this power into anything I
want it to become and use that to create or to destroy anything I so desire it’s
both a gateway and a weapon of war such a power is not so easily taught nor
could anybody simply learn this skill without the proper mind and body
concentration you’ve been wondering how I was able to do everything that I was
with this and now that you know its power can destroy you Vegeta do you
remember what I did with your final flash I lowered its effect which was why
you were able to survive because I wanted you to otherwise you would have
been long dead by your own attack so just remember that this isn’t just
something to overlook remember what’s on the line saying as Vegeta goes on to
reply to her so what’s the point of telling me all of this then what’s your
plan as myrna responds the point is for you to know but to put it to you bluntly
the most powerful usage of these is the ability and the absolute freedom to
transfer energy from one being into another no matter the person even if
they are total strangers one could allow the other person to become strong or
come week the strong can remain strong while the weak could either die as worms
or grow stronger by the host it’s as I said these portals are a gift Vegeta and
so far I have done this with 13 universes in total 12 being the ones
that are currently here and mine which was destroyed by Zeno which explains why
the other clones are just as powerful and wise now do you see why you don’t
stand the chance Prince however as he only then goes on to continue why don’t
you allow me to take you under my wing Vegeta and grant you limitless power I
know how much you crave to be the best just as I did with my counterparts I
could allow you to become more powerful than you could ever imagine a power that
cannot possibly be reached on your own this strength would be unmatched by
mortals or gods as Vegeta so bluntly went along to tell mer no oh please
spare me I refuse as Mertle then in disappointment went along to reply as
expected I knew you let me down again it’s a shame this is why your
counterpart from universe 13 was much smarter in making the best choices you
could have became the mightiest in the cosmos how disappointing as Vegeta
responds I don’t care you could never know the feeling of being beaten
especially for a Saiyan it eats away at your soul I’d rather die
trying than commit to something that’s against my honor being overpowered in
battle and not being able to do anything about it is the absolute worst feeling
for ass and so the answer is no angel I will just beat you with my own hands
without your lies I’ve shattered my limits before on my own and I will do it
again with you make no mistake about it you’re great but I’m better as Mertle
then went along to respond how naive of you why choose to train with the grand
priest over and over again when you can gain such power tenfold instantly
without having to put yourself through so much pain
a power that no other God mortal or even angel can achieve yet you choose to want
to put yourself through so much pain for a chance to become stronger
how pathetic of you as Vegeta responds you say it’s pathetic of me to want to
push myself the natural way but you’ll soon find out exactly what I mean when I
show you my powers mer know as only then Vegeta wastes little time in literally
transforming and raising his battle power up so much so that Vegeta went
along to comment I’ll show you the full extent of my true powers beyond the gods
and with Vegeta having to transform in such a way that literally is causing
Moreau to kind of stagger back a bit he then went along to comment Wow very
impressive Vegeta such raw power and as Vegeta continues to push himself he went
along to cry out I am the strongest Saiyan to ever live as only then there
is a blinding white light that engulfs everyone around the landscape with all
of the training that Vegeta had done not only with the Grand Minister but with
Goku and beerus this planet and all the other times that Vegeta had pushed
himself to his very limit his true power has now finally been unlocked as Vegeta
stands before myrrh no wielding assumingly what is supposed to be the
highest level of super saiyan blue which assumingly is right now super saiyan
blue evolution and with myrna looking on he then went along to comment what power
amazing how incredible Vegeta this new power of yours is beyond what it was
before so with Vegeta having to stand there we get to see how there is a
single drop of sweat coming down mur no space because although he is an angel
no matter the power difference he still seems to be a tad bit concerned as only
then deep within the regions of space we get to see how the grand priest is
traveling with Wiese in trying to get to earth as quickly as possible with the
grand priests having to tell Wiese i sense a great disturbance on earth i can
also feel Vegeta’s power rising how long until we get there we least went along
to reply I feel it as well grand priest it should
only take us about ten more minutes until we arrive on earth with Vegeta
having to unleash such power it should hold off Myrna long enough before we
arrive as only then we get to see how both Wiese and the grand priest are
absolutely baffled because then the grand priest went along to comment
Vegeta’s power has risen to an incredible level I didn’t think this was
possible as least went along to reply we must hurry
I can sense Myrna will also be using his full power as well as we only then go
back to earth with Vegeta’s power having to flare before myrrh no he then went
along to tell mer no welcome to the end of your life and with mer no standing
there in absolute awe he then went along to tell Vegeta spectacular Vegeta I was
right about you now you can show me what the strongest mortal of the seventh can
do and with Vegeta really not taking any shit from ER no he then went along to
reply to him I’m sick to my stomach of hearing you talk if you’re so confident
that I can’t beat you then come prove it so unlike how we’ve seen Vegeta
originally fight Moreau in the beginning of this entire arc how Vegeta was very
timid and Vegeta didn’t really know what to do considering mer knows power now
it’s the total opposite he’s confident he’s actually taunting and further
telling Myrna to come engage against him and as he does Myrna then creates a
portal and having to punch right through it and telling Vegeta
if you insist mortal little by little I will reveal to you the true power that
lies within Mia now let’s just see what you can do and the second we get to see
how mer knows punch is just about to make contact out of nowhere
Vegeta ends up grabbing on tumor nose punch in stopping it followed by then
having to deliver a punch of his own by having to go through Merlot’s own portal
in decking Moreau directly in the face as Bernal then staggers back he only
then leans back up with blood running down his nose as he then goes on to tell
Vegeta blood yes very good this is what I want from you so this is
arguably the first time that myrna had ever received a bloody nose during the
course of battle against Goku or Vegeta but Myrna doesn’t stop there because he
quickly rushes on in and then having to tell the jito but don’t get ahead of
yourself saying I’m only warming up against you and with Myrna being
unsuccessful in fully connecting his hit with Vegeta he ends up creating multiple
portals in having to punch directly through them but as Vegeta is simply
just standing there not moving at all what Vegeta ends up doing is deflecting
all of Myr nose punches that are coming from each of the portals he’s creating
and then following up by once again punching her nose so casually in the
face again that causes Moreau to stumble on back
once more as his body is rattled in telling Vegeta this is so much fun this
was what I was looking for and with Supergirl looking on he then went along
to acknowledge Vegeta’s power in commenting Vegeta’s evolution is beyond
anything I could have possibly thought it would become he’s making it look easy
as golden Frieza chimes in he also went along to comment you disgust me you
dirty monkey you’re still a pile of saying trash and
typically just being Frieza write Frieza bean freezes nothing new and with Vegeta
standing there with this beautiful aura around him he went along to then ask her
know what happened to destroying me mur no are you finished already what a shame
if you don’t mind I’d like for us to begin now with Vegeta having to be at
his absolute strongest in charging directly at mer no the first thing that
Vegeta goes on to tell mer know is you will get exactly what’s coming to you
right before proceeding to kick mer know directly in the face he follows up by
telling him for everything you’ve said and done I will give you my all because
this is what Myrtle has been asking for in Vegeta for such a long time as only
then Morel goes on to say to himself she’s much better now than how he was
before this is great as Vegeta continues to literally eviscerate mur know all
throughout the landscape keep in mind there is nobody on planet earth right
Myrtle had grabbed everyone on earth and teleported them elsewhere so the
only living things on the planet right now are Vegeta Super Buu golden Frieza
and myrrh no and being the fact that Vegeta is in pursuit of him er no he
then went alone to tell him fight back clown as he then proceeds to go on ahead
in knocking Myrtle back down onto the ground
right as he does so she went along to ask looking for someone mano heads up
right before delivering a bone rattling shot that sends the angel down onto the
ground I know what you might be thinking where in the world is Vegeta getting
this power to compete with a former angel of a destroyed universe but the
thing is Vegeta was momentarily training with the grand priest so depending on
the length itself Vegeta had gotten considerably stronger so I want to get
your thoughts in the comments section below if you guys think that this is
logical for Vegeta to receive a small amount of training with the grand priest
that now had led him to compete against myrrh no and with myrrh no literally
being knocked into a giant crater when Vegeta ends up doing is going back down
inside of the crater that he knocked mur no in and as mer know is just laying
there badly wounded he then went along to come at my am i but the jina
literally grabs him by the face and telling him enough talking you said
enough to me as it is angel right before forcing him right through the dirt
itself as Vegeta literally drags mer no the angel right through the planet and
back into it so Vegeta is such a beast that he is dragging this angel by the
face into the ground through the planet and back into it over and over and over
and over again Vegeta isn’t playing any games
the angel won in war and now he’s getting exactly that so I love the level
of brutality and the fact that Vegeta knows that nobody’s on the planet so
he’s taking this opportunity to thrash the angel all around the earth as only
then once they come back onto the surface Super Buu goes on to come at
Vegeta is going too far just because there is nobody left on the planet
doesn’t give him the right to go and destroy the entire planet to prove a
point and with Frieza standing there in silence Super Bowl continues he’s
pushing it although he’s beating murrow’s ass
still putting the entire earth at risk of it being fully destroyed and with
Vegeta so casually throwing myrtles carcass into a hole as Myrna was falling
he then went along to comment you amaze me Vegeta this is the true gift of the
gods but Vegeta doesn’t care because the first thing Vegeta does is raise his
energy up even more in condensing all of this power into one singular attack with
Vegeta then unrelentingly with Vegeta then unmercifully just firing shots from
the sky as it hits Moreau down below the other comer know is watching from a
distance as he went along to comment that’s right Vegeta kill the other mur
no for me as on the Angels hand we get to see how now at long last the crest
that myrna had wanted to be completed for quite some time now has come full
circle it’s now complete and with the crest now complete
miRNA went along two states at last the crest is whole my full power has been
restored I didn’t think he’d be able to kill the other me so this was murrow’s
plan the entire time keep in mind as he stated in the previous manga chapters
mur no outed himself a long time ago mur no told boomer no told Frieza mur no
told Vegeta hey listen it doesn’t matter if you kill me it’s only going to
fulfill the crest that I need to be completed that way I can have my full
power restored and thus go after Zeno as meanwhile somewhere in space we get to
see how another mur no is standing on top of a planet as he goes on to comment
my plan is going exactly as I expected it to be ax with the crest completes and
my power restored I will soon go into the second phase of my plan
Vegeta has improved a lot in such a short time but it doesn’t matter he will
soon understand where he stands in this game and I love the condescending nature
behind mur no because this is all a game this has been a game ever since the
beginning so to have this angle hold such a grudge against Xena for wiping
out universe 13 that he’s willing to do anything
even manipulate mortals into thinking they’re winning just to have his crest
complete to kill the Omni King really goes as far as to show the discipline
nature of this character Merle then goes on to tell Vegeta you surely do know how
to leave a lasting impression Vegeta you did exactly what I wanted you to do
you’ve proven to me the growth of your power I was wrong about my old man
referencing of course to the grand priest it turns out that he can actually
get something right from time to time you did what I wanted as he steps
through one of the portals he only then continues remember when I told you that
I was only warming up I was and now that my full power has been restored I’ll
show you but not here I actually have a much better place in mind for us to
continue this battle of ours now that my crest is whole you will begin to
understand why I waited for this moment while fighting you mortal I don’t want
you to miss out on what I’ve been telling you this entire time so allow me
to bring us to a better place it should be very entertaining I hope all of you
are ready for what’s about to happen I told you from the very beginning that
you never really had a chance against me and I’m about to prove it to you as only
then mono creates a portal above Vegeta and what he ends up doing is taking
Vegeta he takes golden Frieza he takes Super Buu and he ends up bringing them
somewhere out in deep space because that’s where he wants to settle this he
wants to bring them out there because once again he has a point to prove and
he’s willing to prove it here as only then Murtagh goes on to tell everyone
this is more like kids here is where I spawned most of my
clones the silence of this place adds a very touching tone to this battle of
ours wouldn’t you say this is where we will continue and ultimately end our
battle a place far beyond life do you feel it’s the emptiness of space echoing
throughout your bodies this should be great although as he then gazes out into
the Stars I will admit I enjoy losing myself here among the stars
it’s something I find very settling it’s quiet it’s empty it gives me a chance to
think the perfect place to look back and reflect on what a beauty it is as
superglue goes on to comment you seem like such a happy person aren’t you
well this won’t bring you any happiness fighting us to be on one won’t be easy
even for you and you know it so Boo is insinuating now right now they’re all
about to gang up on them and although he isn’t angel even he’s going to have a
difficult time fighting them on knowing the fact that they could kill him it
just won’t be easy as only then Myrna is reminded in having to come and I see the
error of my ways I brought the other two along with you
Vegeta no matter I will correct this mistake then as he then extends his hand
towards the others he then goes on to comment now you two hold still this will
only take a second I attend to do this alone as he then levitates Frieza and
Buu above Vegeta and himself he then goes on to comment now don’t get in my
way you two will stay up there you’re annoying me so you can watch as a battle
and kill Vegeta as Buu gets agitated he goes on to reply not if I have anything
to say about that we’re done playing your stupid games this is the end of
humor no and the second Super Buu tries to swoop on in in attacking Murr no he
is then halted as he ends up getting slapped back as he’s trying to figure
out what the heck is going on as only then Buu is putting his face and arms
against something as he only then comments what what the hell is this
supposed to be a shield but I can’t see it but it’s there he’s keeping us out on
purpose I can’t do anything as Frieza comments you’ve got to be joking right
so Murr know created this wall or this barrier to purposely keep out Buu and
Frieza while he wages war against Vegeta and with Boone Frieza really trying to
figure out what to do a Frieza then immediately steps in as he goes on to
tell Buu of course you lack the power to break through stand the side margin let
me show you how it’s done as Frieza unleashes a massive ki blast
at the barrier all of a sudden with Frieza and boosts standing there they
realize that they can’t destroy Murr no shield and with boo and Frieza having to
approach it majin buu then went along to comment there’s no way is this thing
indestructible we barely even scratched it there’s gotta be a way inside of it
as Murtagh goes on to comment you idiots can’t do anything to destroy it so don’t
even bother trying I made sure for this shield to hold
itself off against you especially the pink one your dirty tricks won’t work
this time so try as you like you’ll only tire
yourselves out before you can even put a dent in it it’s like I said you stay
right there while I finish what I started with Vegeta so this shield
seemingly enough cannot be broken by neither Frieza or Super Buu as only then
Murr no goes back to Vegeta he goes on to tell him now Vegeta there is nobody
to disturb us or get in our way I’ve longed for this you truly are impressive
but your time is over now mortal I’ll admit you’ve become so powerful
since our means so strong in fact that I know you aren’t like those idiots
watching so I know you won’t use any dirty tricks to win just raw power and
ambition you are one of a kind warrior I’ll give you that much you fought me
with your own power and not with the power of others I always found that to
be very annoying about those who use dirty tricks to win but you are very
different so because of this I have a request that I would like to ask of you
going forward from here on in I would like for you to only use your fists to
fight me we will have a more aggressive and close up kind of battle as Myrtle
then gets into fighting position he tells Vegeta so what do you say let’s
finish what we started with Vegeta having to agree to Myrtle’s offer in
only having to use their fists to fight as Vegeta then goes on ahead to raise
his battle power up even more he then went along – Tomer no a death battle
using our limbs sounds like you want to be grinded into the dirt I accept
now let’s begin so with Myrna originally asking vegeta if they wanted to battle
by simply having to use their hands and legs and not use any key blasts with
Vegeta now agreeing this is only going to be an inclusive battle to where it’s
only going to be involving them having to physically hit each other as over out
in the unknown dimension we only then observe how the mysterious omni-king
individual is overseeing Goku’s training with clone mer know as the clone Myrna
went along to come and I’ve got to hand it to you goku a– you’re tougher than
you look but this battle is over as the mysterious omni-king individual only
then went along to comment Kakarot has come a very long way since
wanting to fight against this clone of Myr no but his body is now breaking as
myrna only then continues now far be it for me to tell you this mortal but his
body is now breaking as Mertle then goes on to continue now far be it for me to
tell you this mortal but I don’t want to kill you but if you let this continue
then you’ll die regardless of the outcome you want to achieve so what will
it be as Goku is seen on the ground Goku looks in very bad shape he’s bloody
he can’t seem to stand up he seems to be very exhausted with Myr no continuing if
I were you I’d throw in the towel and give up you can’t win as Goku then I
went along to laugh and replying I’m not just finished yet even if I can barely
stand up I will find another way to overcome you let’s continue so we really
haven’t gotten the chance to see what go who had gone through in this dimension
while Vegeta and Super Buu and golden Frieza were out fighting mur No
on earth so one can only assume that in this dimension though who was getting
absolutely eviscerated by this clone mer No
and the fact that this omni-king individual seems to be in the background
just watching in one in Kakarot to grow stronger this comber know keeps
insisting and telling Kokua this is meaningless every single time we engage
in battle you seem to be falling apart so either give up or you’ll die and go
who refuses to give up so he would rather die than simply
now as we only then go back to super boo and golden Frieza in space who are
desperately trying to shatter Murr no shield super boo then goes on to fire a
massive kamehameha and further telling Frieza to stand back even with super
boost tremendous power by absorbing everyone this attack of his literally
did nothing as Super Buu then went along to comment dammit there’s no point in
trying this thing isn’t even breaking there’s got to be a way inside of this
thing our attacks aren’t doing anything to put a dent into this thing as golden
Frieza only then goes on to comment you’re only making a fool of yourself if
our attacks won’t cut it then what makes you think anything else will work then
you idiots as only then we get to see how a piece of the shield ends up
breaking off with Frieza having to look on booth and went along to comment a
crack but how could this have been from our attacks from before or is this
something different we didn’t even do anything this time yet the shield just
cracked on its own I doubt it’s one of Myr nose tricks again but that’s gotta
be it the results from our attacks from before must have caused this thing to
finally give in on itself it’s the only way to explain it as Frieza goes on to
reply no you idiots that couldn’t have been from your attack because you’ve
fired your attack from a completely different location and City waiting the
fact that the shield didn’t crack under the pressure of their attacks for more
or less by something else and which mind you I love the overall interaction
between Frieza and Super Buu because although both of them are incredibly
powerful each of them have their own bone to pick with Murnau and seeing as
to how they’re having a difficult time in getting along I absolutely love their
overall dynamic with each other as golden Frieza went along to comment wait
a minutes it wasn’t our attacks that resulted in this wall breaking it’s what
we say a Super Bowl went along to respond we don’t have much time miRNA
and vegeta haven’t started their battle yet so whatever it was we did we need to
do it again in order to get this thing to finally break and with Frieza getting
up close he only then went along to shout ah break damn you and as the
stand in front of this shield with an awkward silence nothing as Frieza
quickly then turns around he went along to tell boo well don’t just stand there
like an idiot help me out over here you worthless Majin quit making us look dumb
as only then they noticed that the shield once again is beginning to crack
with Frieza responding what it cracked again but how as Super Buu comments
that’s exactly what it is now I know why it’s breaking insults are its weakness
our attacks did nothing until insults were made if our attacks can’t get it to
break then our insults will hurry Frieza we
have to start right now now let us send you stupid shield you’re worthless and
this is a huge call back to the original Dragon Ball Z fusion reborn movie when
we got to see PyCon basically insult this barrier in trying to get to King
Emma’s palace so this is such a pretty cool throwback and having Buu and Frieza
have the same thing happened here by using insults to crack the barrier as
Buu then turns around he only then went along to tell Frieza I knew this thing
had some kind of a weakness and here we are adding fuel to the fire
now come help me out over here so we can get tumour know as Frieza then so
nonchalantly falls back he goes on to tell Buu oh no that’s ok with me Majin I
insist you should continue doing what you’ve been doing it as Buu responds it
won’t be enough unless you help me break this thing down so how about you do
something useful and help me out over here as Frieza responds I’d rather not
seeing as to how much progress you’re making you’re strong enough to do this
task on your own I refuse to be a part of this ridiculous call to action of
yours you can do this by yourself as Buu gets angry he then went along to ask you
can’t be serious Frieza you useless little bald space idiots
and this really causes a huge chunk of the shield to break apart as only then
Super Buu goes on to comment ah yes that one took a big chunk out of it now let’s
just see what else I can say and this infuriates Frieza as he gets
closer and commenting how dare you insult me and use me as some kind of a
punching back for your stupid game do you know who I am you have some nerve as
super-boo goes on to respond you should really relax Frieza I wasn’t
directing my insults towards you I was directing my insult at this wall here so
what are you talking about in basically trying to play Frieza as Frasor goes
along to respond you take me for a fool I’ll show you who’s in charge here you
oversized pink bubblegum pile of trash you
ridiculous arrogant gummy worm weakling as only then they begin to throw insults
at each other indirectly at the shield as they both go on to cry out you washed
up pink freak you ridiculous looking pink coward you golden disgrace you
idiotic bottom-feeding space loser so they’re trying to do everything in their
ability to break this shield down by having to insult each other in such a
weird way in a very childish way which I find to be very entertaining but what
isn’t entertaining as we go back to this unknown dimension as mono goes on to
common once again you’ve lost Goku this is pointless you could never
destroy what I am so I encourage you to give up and let what already is beer if
you continue to push yourself like this you will be killed you’re missing
something and with Goku struggling to stand up he then went along to respond
then I’d rather die I’ll do whatever it takes to improve to beat you my body may
be broken but my will could never be destroyed I won’t quit not now and with
Moreau taking interest even went along to respond I see then I have just the
right thing you see this whole time I lived by my own order and not the order
of someone else I carry out the will of my actions how I choose but such an
action cannot be given to just anyone if you truly would like to obtain this
power then why don’t you simply use the Dragon Balls to have it such a useful
tool could help you achieve a limitless potential by using the Dragon Balls to
assist you in getting a new power one far greater than anything you can simply
achieve by yourself would be the best option that you could
make as of course any other mortal in your shoes wouldn’t bat an eye to do
such a thing it would be a great help saying as of course insinuating – Goku
and Goku simply won’t reach the peak that he wishes to be and unless of
course he wants to use the dragon balls which Murr know is telling Kokua if you
want to achieve limitless power then you should go on to use the Dragon Balls to
your benefit in doing so as Goku then went along to respond as great as that
may sound it’s only taking the easy way out and that’s not what strength or
power is defined as I’ve pushed myself beyond my limits and it’s only made me
stronger as time went on so I refused gifted power isn’t handed over with a
simple wish it’s earned through pushing yourself beyond anything you can
possibly imagine to get better and that’s not the man that I am I’d rather
break my body then take the easy way out for something that I can earn by myself
more Noah with Myrtle then crossing his arms in responding to go Quinn telling
him – what a shame however I am very fascinated by the
limit of your willingness to improve Goku you limit yourself as he only then
gets an idea he goes on to tell Goku ah maybe this will wake you up and get your
attention I want you to pay very close attention to what I’m about to do don’t
forget what you’re fighting for mortal so allow me to set the example for you
then as Goku has been completely taken by surprise
miRNA ends up creating two portals in each end he has both pan and chichi held
above him he only then continues the lives of the ones you love more than
anything else in one portal your wife chichi in the other your granddaughter
pan now how far are you willing to go and this has to be one of the most
condescending deceitful things anyone could ever do to a man is forcing them
to choose between families so this is really going to come down to a test of
the mind because with Goku having to see this
he only then went along to shout leave them out of this Murr know just what are
you planning to do don’t touch them as Myrtle goes on to reply oh shut your
mouth saying it’s only a simple game a game that you have much influence in you
see you have the option to save one or both of them but only if you can answer
a few questions of mine first I told you from the beginning that you’d need more
than what you are now to even stand a chance against me and although you seem
to be growing you are still very much limited to many things
however listen to my words if you refuse to answer my questions then either one
of them or even both will be destroyed any waste from existence the choice is
ultimately yours Kokua this game of ours has no limits and even
if you fail and both are destroyed then I will just pull two more in their place
until you start getting things right and progressing through our little game and
this will continue until there is nobody left for you to save so here is your
test to see how much you’re willing to endure and until you win then we will
continue to play until you win but that’s only if you win now then go kueh
let the game begin as go who gets really really infuriated there’s not much that
he can do other than curse mono when telling him curse you Murr No you’re a
heartless coward as Myrtle then went along to respond angry are you well let
me remind you of something Goku since your anger has blinded you from the
truth need I remind you who’s really pulling the strings here Goku ah don’t
let your anger get in the way of what’s on the line for you so don’t get ahead
of yourself I’m the one in control here but I’m not
the one pulling the strings I’m only pulling yours get it as Myrtle then only
goes on to point towards the mysterious individual he then comments and if
you’re going to show anger towards someone then show your anger to him then
Goku it was his idea but either way should we begin I could simply kill you
right now but that really wouldn’t be any fun I’d like for you to struggle for
something since you like earning things and now here is your first question
let’s start right now so Myrna is insinuating to goku that he’s really not
pulling the strings here as of course this mysterious omni-king individual was
technically responsible in bringing this clone Murnau into this dimension and
with goku having to absolutely lose his mind at the thought of losing his loved
ones he then went alone to cry out mur no no leave my family out of your games
I’ve had enough stop this right now and I don’t know if you guys can notice
something here but it was at this very moment in time that Goku’s entire
demeanor his appearance everything changed because it was at this moment
that goku transformed into ultra instinct mastered ultra instinct mind
you given the fact that his hair is white his pupils resemble that of ultra
instinct so it was at this moment that myrna threatened his granddaughter his
wife his friends everyone that goku basically held near and dear to him that
caused him in transforming subconsciously into this power as
meanwhile back with mur no and Vegeta we get to see how Morel finally attacks
Vegeta as he then went along to tell him what’s
the matter where did all of your prideful confidence go was i lying when
I said you’re finished and with Vegeta trying to do everything he could in
defending himself he only then went along to comment how could this be
happening it where did all of this power come from and with Myrna being the
aggressor in closing in at Vegeta he went along to them tell him do you feel
that Vegeta stings doesn’t it as miRNA ends up clocking vegeta in the face he
only then follows up by asking isn’t this fun Saiyan heads up and the pun
here is that once Myrna ends up kicking Vegeta literally in the head Vegeta is
then only trying to do everything in his own ability to hold his ground and with
Myrna being on the offensive Vegeta went along to comment
mmm because it’s Vegeta now that’s being pushed back by Myrna land as Myrtle
continues this unrelenting assault Vegeta went along to say to himself I
can’t believe this his power is incredible there’s no way
to predict his movements anymore his entire style has changed even if I
were to try and find an opening I can’t he’s too relentless now he’s
toying around with me I can feel it he’s slowly picking the pace up on top of
being able to read my thoughts he’s too much to endure like this damn
he’s polished his skills his fighting style doesn’t even have any openings for
me to exploit and he’s smiling at me the whole time he’s taking me like a joke I
need to still try I can’t lose because Vegeta admits that not only has Munoz
fighting style changed but his overall defenses now are incredibly sharpened
because Vegeta is having a difficult time in trying to find an opening to
exploit as only in space we get to see how we stand the grand priests are
desperately trying to make it onto the battlefield in time as the grand priest
grows nervous he then went along to comment I sense a great disturbance with
mur no Wiese how much longer I fear that myrna has reached and is
about to use his full power I can also sense Vegeta’s energy fading rapidly if
this goes on then he won’t make it much longer
Munoz got him cornered I’m afraid but he’s doing the best he can with what he
has you must hurry wheeze as Wiest went along to respond there was a sudden
change in locations Bernal must have moved Vegeta to another planet far from
Earth’s it shouldn’t be long now and if I’m right then we should be there in
just about 1 minutes I can feel mer knows power growing we go back to Super
Buu and golden Frieza who are still yelling at the barrier as they both go
on to cry a useless golden broomstick dumb pile of space trash you ugly
overlord of garbage you disrespectful pink bottom-feeder stupid bubblegum pile
of rotten flesh and they’re really trying to go out of their way to
indirectly insult each other while still trying to shadow
barrier in front of them and it’s working but not at the pace in which
they wanted to be as only then Bernal ends up showing up right in between the
barrier and our heroes as Super Buu goes on to cry out Frieza brace yourself he’s
coming right for us as Frieza responds how is he moving so fast like that curse
him he’s going to break the barrier but right before myrrh no actually ends up
making physical contact against them what he ends up doing is bouncing right
off of the barrier back onto Vegeta as they both go on to ask what with mer no
telling them don’t you worry I’ll deal with the two of you in just a minute so
Moreau isn’t really concerned about boo he isn’t really concerned about Frieza
because his primary focus and target is Vegeta so with Murdo having to just
bounce off the shield so quickly it really goes as far as to show that Buu
and Frieza really need to do more work if they ever plan on helping Vegeta to
begin with as only then with mer know having to further attack Vegeta he went
along to then ask him I thought you were in control Vegeta and the second Vegeta
gets hit he went along to say to himself he’s increased in power yet again
because Moreau keeps growing him strength as of course he ends up
uppercutting Vegeta in the sky when Marinol ends up telling Vegeta then is
let me show you even more power as he begins to channel his energy together
Vegeta is really in a situation to where he has no backup his power is fading but
then Myrna ends up completely lying to Vegeta as we’ve seen on the previous
manga chapter video when Morel originally asked Vegeta if he was
willing to agree in simply having to use their fists to fight what Myrna ends up
doing then is unleashing a massive energy blast up in the sky directed
towards Vegeta as he went along to then tell him welcome to the end of your life
was it well then welcome to the end of yours
and as this blast begins to eerily enough creep towards Vegeta because
ultimately he knows that this is it as of course the blast ends up connecting
finally we stand priest arrived as the grand priest went
along to comment this is it Wiese mer knows battle with Vegeta has begun
they are both located within this barrier likely created by Moreau for
protection as weas went along to common indeed grant elder should we shatter
this wall and then make our way onto the battlefield as only then we subservience
Rize are there as he went along to ask what are they doing as they both went
along to cry out you waste of space golden punching bag you bring this pile
of bubblegum trash and with Wiese intervening he went along to comment so
I’ve seen you all have winter with your plans to fuse impressive are you trying
to break this wall as Buu replies wheeze yeah we’ve been at it for a while but
it’s barely breaking I even had freezes help and yet nothing seems to be working
Vegeta had already started his battle with mer no and by the looks of things
he also seems to have his full power restored to him which makes it harder
for us to do anything to get inside we’re left with no other choice since
our attacks aren’t working as we just went along to comment my shouting
insults will only prolong the shield from being destroyed if you don’t give
it everything you have into meaning what you say it’s not easy as Buu replies but
we’ve tried putting in as much as we could into what we say to break it so
what are we doing wrong time’s running out for Vegeta and Goku is nowhere to be
seen as weas takes a deep breath he then goes
on to comment it’s been a while but here goes you are the absolute worst
you suck mur no as back within the dimension that Goku is in Bernal then
goes on to tell Goku well well mortal you did it and here I thought you were
doomed to lose everything and now look at you you’ve completed it I am amazed
Goku as only then we get to see how ultra instant Goku is holding on to pan
and chichi and saving them from irnos wrath as mirto continued you’ve summoned
the strength to save your family you continue to amaze me warrior without
even knowing you’ve tapped back into an even mastered ultra instinct it’s rare
for a mortal to obtain a power that not even the gods can achieve now I see who
the strongest of the seventh is and I know of it too as Goku went along to ask
I’ve retained all trick instinct again how did this even happen
my power is incredible but when did this happen
as the Omni King individual goes on to tell Goku ah when you were left with no
other choice Kakarot your mind and body merged as one when you knew that your
physical abilities weren’t enough you reacted without thinking It was as I
told you before there is much to learn unlike before you can now remain in this
form a lot longer but such a power is still not permanent at least for you
that is you have grown much stronger than when you first came here and now
it’s time saying while here you were able to learn of Myr knows portals and
it was what you used to save your family on top of ultra instincts with the
ability to create such things you can leave now however though the real Moreau
is still a very difficult opponent and cannot be beaten so easily with the
powers of ultra instinct and the skill to create these portals you will be fine
this may be the last time I ever see you again but just remember what I have told
you and what you have learned in this place and you will be fine if you begin
to doubt yourself in this battle and you’ve already lost mortal as Goku went
along to comment I won’t I really learned a lot here as the Omni King
individual then replies oh and I believe it’s time for a new set of fresh clothes
too here we are now and as he gives Goku a new fresh set of gear Goku goes on to
comment oh wow this feels great as the individual replies I wish you well Kappa
rocks if somehow you figure it out come back any time
don’t waste time out there either as Goku ends up creating a portal he then
goes on to respond I promise to do my very best thank you for helping me and
now it’s time to settle the score mur no with mu I Goku having to further talk to
the individual within the void and then having to ask him hey wait how will I
know where I’m going with this as the mysterious individual goes on to respond
it shouldn’t be hard use your senses feel mer knows power and once you’ve
found it use these portals to guide you there as Goku went along to respond so
it’s like using instant transmissions with portals right before I go what do
you think I should do if I start to lose as the Omni King individual goes on to
respond remember what you’re fighting for and what Myrna will do if you lose
the most important lesson is to take every situation as serious as possible
concentrate on merging your mind and your body into one which also reminds me
Kakarot morena isn’t going to be easily defeated which means you will have to do
more than what you can give in order to make sure he’s defeated for good so this
individual further went along to tell Goku the same thing we’ve been telling
him for years and that’s to take every situation he comes across as serious as
he could before the situation itself ends up getting the best of him as over
back with Morel and Vegeta we get to observe how the jina is literally on his
back on the ground defeated back down to his base form literally with his body
having to shake as Vegeta went along to comments dammit he’s stronger than he
let off I can’t move so Vegeta can’t move he’s been eviscerated to the point
where his body just cannot respond anymore and that comes directly as a
response from Moreau having to beat him down as Merlin went along to ask was
that seriously all you had what happened to all of that confidence you had and
here I thought my father had actually done something useful I told you from
the beginning Vegeta you have no chance here I wanted to help you I saw great
potential within you and wanted you to become the greatest warrior along with
my greatest rival you would have made for the perfect god of destruction but
instead you took me for a fool you were blinded by your own ego and overlooked
what was right in front of you this entire time you ultimately played
yourself as he then continues and now look at you lying in the dirt barely
able to move your body this wouldn’t have been the case if you had taken my
offer mortal and this is the grave you’ve dug for yourself how pathetic you
have nothing left saying and so the time has come for us to put an end to this
little game of ours I told you this wasn’t going to be easy yet you kept
insist as he only then creates a portal right
next to him Myrtle then continues you won’t be alone however but instead one
of your loved ones will be joining you for jitta so who’s it going to be then
bra boma trunks let’s find out what face I end up pulling from this portal then
this was your only shot and you fell right into my trap to restore my power
now and as Myrtle is trying to dig in to find which person he’s gonna pull out
first with Vegeta sitting up he went along to commit not like this
don’t do it mur no and as mer know is digging through the portal all of a
sudden we then see how ultra instinct goku manages to actually pull mer knows
arm right through the portal as Myrna Levin looks up he is then met with
mastered ultra instinct Goku and with Goku literally standing right in front
of him he went along to ask looking for someone Myrna why the long face wasn’t
expecting to see me again now were you up you won’t be hurting anyone’s family
anymore now that I’m around and I absolutely love how Goku intervened in
preventing Myrtle from further harming Vegeta’s family as Myrna Levin went
along to cry out it’s you how are you here
how did you escape and how did you find me here with Vegeta sitting up he then
went along to comment Kakarot how did you find us all the way out here wait a
second that forum this power as he really mastered ultra instinct his
energy is different than it was before as Myrtle then further went along to ask
how did you escape and this forum you’ve tapped into ultra instinct again haven’t
you you couldn’t have done this alone and
Goku completely ignores him because as Goku then proceeds to walk towards
Vegeta’s direction he then went along to tell him wow you’ve gotten so powerful
since the last time we sparred her embarrasses planet and with Vegeta then
sitting up he only then went along to reply to Goku and telling him Terra
you’re one to talk I can sense a great change within you just
kind of training have you been doing this entire time and more importantly
with who is this form permit at this time or is it not as Myrna Levin went
along to comment now I see what he’s been doing he’s been training likely
with another me if he’s able to find me this way now it all makes sense as he
only then tells Goku how dare you interrupt our battle mortal so I see you
having learned your lesson from before then no matter
you will also be dealt with as well ultra instinct or not training with the
grand priest or not it’s all meaningless to me with my full power restored the
two of you are child’s play to what I can do now face it you cannot win my
power is far beyond ultra instinct so don’t try and get any ideas Goku ax
Vegeta can barely stand up so you’re both hopeless in this battle so prepare
let this be our final battle I have other matters to attend to after I’m
done here so let’s get this over with so which one of you wants to be the first
to die should I finish you Vegeta or should I start with you Goku and with
Vegeta struggling to stand back up he only then went along to come and I don’t
care if you have ultra instinct or not I will not let you overshadow me again
I’ve done too much to let you pass me by now I’m going to finish him with Goku
then replying but Vegeta you’re hurt your power has dropped off so much just
take a minute to rest while I take him on we can’t let this pass us by we only
have one chance and with Vegeta then erupting in pure rage and anger due to
goku just suddenly popping up out of nowhere with this huge power increase he
only then went along to scream at goku by telling him don’t you dare patronize
me ax you wanted to see my power well here it is mur no is mine to kill he’s
taken everything from me he’s mocked my pride and used my family against me he
will die by my hands and with Goku then baffled he went along to then tell the
jito whoa what power Vegeta where did you get this from just
easy he’s done the same thing to me as well he’s trapped me in this weird void
where I couldn’t escape so with Goku further remaining vegeta that this isn’t
only his fight that myrna had also robbed him Vegeta then went along to
further scream at Goku by telling him it doesn’t matter mur no is mine to finish
I owe it to myself for everything he’s done I will be the one to spill his
blood Kakarot there is nothing left to say at
this point he will be destroyed right here right now stand aside and do not
come in between our battle and with Moreau smirking he then went along to
tell them both my Maia you seemed very bothered Vegeta so much
that it caused your power to resurface how wonderful but fighting you alone
wouldn’t be any fun either so I welcome to both of you to fight me together at
the same time that way I could kill you both at the same time it would be very
fun to see what the both of you can do so by all means try and with Goku and
Vegeta responding they went along to comment you want us both at the same
time sounds like you have a death wish mur No so then what do you save Vegeta
as Vegeta responds as long as you stay out of my way
I don’t care what you do he’s going to die by my hands and with myrna
overhearing this he then went along to respond there goes that foolish
arrogance of yours again Vegeta you still haven’t figured it out yet oh well
shall we as he then further gets into fighting position he goes on to tell
both Goku and Vegeta then it now show me what you both can do I’m already and
with Goku and Vegeta both getting into fighting position did you don’t went
along to tell him we’re going to crush you mur no and I love this idea that
we’re going to be getting mastered ultra instant Goku and a full powered Super
Saiyan blue evolution Vegeta combating mur no because even though were no
acknowledges the fact that he can stand up to Ultra instincts and he’s decimated
Vegeta before what I really find interesting is the fact that Goku and
Vegeta know what’s on the line and they can’t afford to break away their
concentration a special now which is why Goku is the first
person to fire a kamehameha directly at Murr no as he then went along to tell
him here goes Vegeta you’re up take this Murr no and
with Goku firing this kamehameha directly at Murr know when Murr no ends
up doing is smirking he’s laughing in front of Goku and opens up a portal in
front of him and then telling him how boring and you go in swallowing the
Kamehameha hole as only then Murr know very similarly to how he did with
Vegeta’s final flash goes on to tell Kokua you should really pay better
attention Goku heads up as he only then opens up a portal behind Goku in
relaunching his own mastered ultra instinct kamehameha directly at him
what Goku ended up doing as a means of a counter is opening up his own portal and
allowing that kamehameha to go right through as Goku then went along to tell
him not this time you won’t take it and with Goku then having to further mimic
mono style in using his own portals against him miRNA then went along to
shout he’s using my portals but how did he do it as Goku then relaunches his
Kamehameha through his own portal in barely missing merna merna then went
along to cry out curse you mortal because this is what Goku learned inside
of the unknown dimension that myrna had originally placed them in in the idea
that Goku had been training with the clone were know enough to now finally
learn this and use this to his advantage and with mirna looking up in the sky
he only then went along to comment that was close how did he learn how to create
my portals like that curse those rats as out of nowhere Vegeta went along to cry
out I’m not finished with you mur No and with Vegeta moving right in he goes
on to unleash a fury of attack Satmar no and with miRNA having to avoid all of
them he goes on to further be so condescending towards Vegeta and telling
him you’re too slow but right before he finishes he ends up getting clocked
right in the face by Goku who ended up using another one of his portals to
backfist Moreau directly in the face and with Mertle then having to stagger back
in feeling the agony of this strike goku went alone to comment i got you good
with that one looks like it hurt and with mer no absolutely infuriated
let alone two shouts you blindsided me you pathetic saying that one actually
hurts keep thinking this is a game I’ll show you pain I’ll show you who’s
in control now perish as he then went along to fire a massive blast through
his own portal with Goku acknowledging this he went along to comment Oh No
because Murr no is now shooting multiple blasts through multiple different
portals that are aimed directly at the sands as he went along – shouts you are
finished in continuously just firing blast after blast after blast with Goku
having to create portals of his own just to simply redirect the blast with Murr
no having to create his own portals in attacking Vegeta the landscape on the
planet itself is literally chaos there’s blast having to be met left and right
there are attacks having to be thrown from every direction and with everyone
looking on Superboy went along to comment what an absolute mess I can’t
even follow their movements they’re going to destroy everything as only then
we skits an idea as he went along to comment wait a minute this is new
because something dawned upon him that he had not seen before and with mu I
Goku and evolution blew Vegeta literally having to go to four nail against merna
merna is shown hovering in using these portals
against them as he went along to tell them now this is what I’ve been
searching for you two are very deadly together in having to show signs of pure
entertainment as weas went along to comment throughout all of my years of
knowing mur no I’ve never seen him have this much fun with anyone before it’s
alarming something’s off and with the battle now having to momentarily see
Smyrna went alone to comment tired already what a letdown as Goku and
Vegeta went along to comment is it me or is he getting stronger as we fight as
Vegeta replies dammit I feel it too how is he winning with Moreau having to set
himself up he then went along to tell them both so what’s it going to be
Saiyans don’t tell me this is the best you’ve
got you both seem to be having a tough time keeping up with me so is this it
are you done as both Goku the Jiva end up looking towards one
another what they end up doing is dashing right towards Murr nose
direction and as they do miRNA went along to comment you two are
quite annoying but very fun it’s interesting to see how you both can work
very well together but even then it’s still nothing but then he notices how
Goku and Vegeta end up creating a situation that really
catches Morel off-guard because then as Goku and Vegeta directly dash towards
Murr no there is a portal created in between the two by Goku as they only
both end the vanishing right in front of Murr know as normal went alone to
comment how do they just do that because with both of them gone he really doesn’t
know what to expect and being the fact that both Goku and Vegeta have increased
in powers so much they’re able to now fully stand up and even rival Murr no in
power but even together they have to execute the job and finish him quick
enough before Murr no gets the upper hand as out of the blue Vegeta ends up
emerging through one of the portals in hitting Murr no down below and telling
him you shouldn’t have placed yourself in this situation and as Goku ended up
doing the exact same thing in stepping out of one of his portals to kick Murr
no he only then continued because now you’re going to pay the ultimate price
as Goku ends up knocking Merle back far enough miRNA was shown then stumbling on
his feet but he also seems to be very entertained because then he went along
to tell them yes that’s the way how amazing because Murr knows not concerned
if anything he’s having a great time in fighting these two and normally somebody
else would really be placed in a situation to where they have to go all
in to put these two down but Murr no here is doing quite the opposite and
having a very fun time in fighting them but even then Vegeta takes initiative in
charging directly at Morel by shouting at him and telling him I am going to
make you eat every word you’ve spoken to me about I don’t care if you’re an angel
or not and Murr no acknowledges this by laughing and telling him then why don’t
you try and make me then as they both end up hitting each other with such
force that it causes both Morel and Vegeta to go flying backwards what I
really enjoy about this is the fact that Vegeta is not giving up he’s not being
written into where he spot or he’s inferior
tomber know even though mer know theoretically is superior to both Goku
and Vegeta Vegeta is written in such a way that even with such a significant
disadvantage he’s still holding his own and with Mertle then standing up he then
went along to tell Vegeta such anger Vegeta do you feel at ease he’s bloody
he’s hurt but Murnau seems to be more entertained than anything else as Vegeta
also then begins to stand up mur no then continues that last punch felt very weak
you could never beat me with that kind of power if you stop short like that you
have no chance of winning come now dear Prince hit me hit me right here with all
your might and power I’ll stand still for you so with mer no
kind of pointing at his face and telling Vegeta come at me with everything you
have Vegeta gets very annoyed because he goes on to comments how dare you as he
then charges in he then continues I am going to grind your bones into the
ground how dare you make a fool of the strongest Saiyan to ever live didn’t you
say you were going to kill me what happened not winning as easily as you
thought go ahead and stand right there let’s see you bounce back from this
attack take this and with Vegeta clocking Moreau with literally
everything he has he did do some type of damage to where he caused Morel to get
bruised up but asthma no stand there he then goes on to further smile at Vegeta
and tell him not bad prince not bad now it’s my turn so this ultimately ends up
being a back and forth kind of contest because then Moreau ends up clocking
Vegeta with a devastating right punch that causes Vegeta to flap in the air
and as Vegeta is there he goes on to comment how is he still able to continue
after all of this and with Myrna overhearing this he replies because I’m
better than you Theodore but I’d love to see more go ahead it’s your turn now and
with Vegeta than getting very annoyed he charges back down and telling him I hate
you you’ll break sooner or later and when you do I am going to crush you I’m
only getting started take this mur no as he then ends up
once again clocking Myrtle in the face what Myrna ends up doing is responding
by then having to punch vegeta so this ends up being kind of like a back and
forth kind of battle to where Vegeta hits Myrna Myrna hits Vegeta and it ends
up kind of being like a stalemate as the two go head-to-head and as they continue
to fight the two of them begin to exchange words as Myrtle goes on to tell
Vegeta this rage of yours is the fuel to your power
I admire it Vegeta use it use the source of your true power Saiyan don’t forget
what’s on the line here either warrior keep fighting as did you don’t went
along to reply I don’t care what you think you can’t destroy what I am now I
won’t stop until you die before my eyes you’re going to pay Murr know as Myrtle
then ends up smiling in Vegeta’s face again he then went along to tell him
haha sure we will Vegeta and this momentarily causes Vegeta to pause as he
then goes on to crack a smile himself in telling her no you ready for the pain
because Vegeta is not finished and as ultra instant Goku looks down he went
along to say to himself whoa what an incredible battle Vegeta is better than
he ever was before but so is Murr know how wild as Murr know and Vegeta end up
backing up Murr no only then went along to tell Vegeta I want you to hit me with
everything you’ve got Vegeta come on and with Vegeta getting into fighting
position he only then went along to tell him I got you right where I want you
Murr no and with both Myrna and Vegeta having to go toe-to-toe against each
other Myrna went along to tell Vegeta that’s right Vegeta fight me with all of
your might that’s the way and as they both end up knocking each other back
with Myrna having to be shown hitting the ground pretty hard Morel then went
along to comment how incredible I would have never have expected for this to be
the outcome and he’s smiling while he’s laying down as he only then continues I
can’t recall the last time I had this much fun in a fight before warriors of
the 7th what fascinating creatures they are
their ambition and overall determination is most
admirable they possess unbelievable power and great potential I love it this
is the greatest entertainment I’ve ever witnessed yet it also allows me to gauge
their full power as well so Myrna just looks like he’s having a great time he
doesn’t seem to be rattled he doesn’t seem to be bothered but he more or less
seems to be surprised at the idea that these two mortals Goku and Vegeta could
hang on and do so much as so as to compete against him as he only then
continues if we could only do this forever what a shame they have to die
otherwise I’d fight them until the end of time itself and with the grand priest
we Super Buu and Frieza having to look on above him Myrna then continues but I
guess this is the end isn’t that right father and with the grand priest looking
down very menacingly mind you he then went along to tell Murr no it’s over mur
no you’ve failed it’s time you pay for your actions and as all four of them
touched down with the grand priests having to stand directly in front of
Murr no he went along to tell him you are without victory and as Moreau tries
to sit back up he went along to tell his father of course you would I must admit
I wasn’t expecting for you to shatter my barrier so easily grand priest nor was I
expecting you to arrive here so quickly with my brother and with both Goku and
Vegeta shown powering back down to base warm the grand priest only then
continues to tell Moreno you have thrown everything off balance
since your arrival here your actions cannot be overlooked or forgiven for
violating the rules placed on you your actions have caused so much chaos in the
seventh and thus cannot be accepted mur no it’s time so the grey priest
acknowledges these rules and the fact that mur no came here when he wasn’t
supposed to and he violated almost every single rule that warranted for this
response as the Grand Prix’s then continues if however you are able to
show your remorse for the things you have done then there will be leniency
that will be extended onto you mur No and with murder
sitting up even more he then went along to tell the priest you want me to feel
ashamed for doing what I thought was the right thing to do is this the Almighty
grand priest talking to me or is this a joke you’ve never shown leniency yeah
especially to me when I needed it the most from you so why now you want me to
bow to your will and feel regret for what you and the Omni King have done to
me don’t make me laugh because the grand priest is telling me no listen if you
can somehow Express empathy and show remorse for what you have done
there could be leniency placed on you but Morel doesn’t seem to be buying it
as the Grand Prix’s theme continues I will not judge you right from wrong good
or evil for what you’ve done the ultimate call is not left up to me
but up to the Omni King I will forgive you for your mistakes if you are first
willing to accept them and accept your fate such a thing is all in the Omni
Kings hands to decide but you can change that and with Myrtle then slowly
beginning to get on his knees he then went along to continue of course he
would how typical taking orders from a childlike creature what a shame it is I
will never understand why we are bound to such things you will choose to
forgive me but leave it up to the Omni King to decide my fate I’d rather not
what a complete joke say tell me wheeze do you care about Vegeta and the others
I assume you do based on your action so tell me this how would you react if the
grand priests were to be destroyed by his own son and your own brother would
you care would it matter more than the lives of the others surely you’d feel
bad wouldn’t you would it bother you if that happened how about if both he and
the rest were to be destroyed been similar to King Vegeta’s actions from my
former universe as we spent along to ask and why do you want to know and
basically foreshadowing the original concept of what myrrh no had told Vegeta
from the beginning in the idea that in his universe back when universe 13 was
around his version of Vegeta ended up murdering his parents just to further
establish dominance and for him to do that mur know is basically telling Lise
hey how would you feel if I destroyed our father right here right now
basically taking the mantle and solidifying himself as being the source
of authority but Lisa’s not biting the bait because he’s asking why do you want
to know as weas then responds it doesn’t matter what is done everything is done
by the will of the Omni king no matter what the situation or cause is your fate
will be up to him to decide brother and with Vegeta standing back he then went
along to comment something’s wrong here as myrna then follows up by telling
Wiese you’re such an adult Wiese always being good but you’ve always been
annoying to deal with it’s a shame that it has to come down to this as the grand
priest once again chimes in and telling her no for everything you have done you
will pay for your crimes you aren’t even supposed to exist this will be dealt
with and now you left us with no other option you can’t fight us all either so
it’s pointless to even try this is where your journey comes to an end as only
then myrna begins to glow in a very eerily kind of way as he went along to
then tell everyone but who said I was finished as tempting as all of this was
I have other plans to attend to can you feel it I can tell you this much if you
were to go before that little brat Zeno and then I don’t like your odds very
much did you really think this was over as fun as this was I have things that I
must finish first so this game of ours isn’t quite over yet as he only then
begins to glow even more Wiest then picks up on exactly what Myrna was about
to do as he went along to comment No everyone quickly surround me at once we
only have seconds to spare get behind me immediately mur no is going to
self-destruct in literally not taking any chances
because if Myrna was going to go down is going to go down on his terms the way
he wanted to be done as only then with everyone having to get behind lease we
observe how Murr no ends up blowing himself up and in a very poetic kind of
way as we get to see this blast just consume literally the entire galaxy
Myrna went along to comment at last we will not go quietly into the night as we
then witness a massive explosion take place within the universe itself
luckily for Vegeta Gohan Frieza boo and even the grand priest everyone quickly
got behind wheeze as wheeze created a barrier to shield himself from the
actual explosion and as we get to see dust and space debris and all kinds of
things in the background lease went along to comment
how could he he chose to take his own life rather than face being erased by
Zeno so this was Manos ultimate sacrifice Myrna would rather take his
own life that have anything to do with dealing with Zeno because with Myrna
having two eerily enough put out this message and telling everyone look this
game of ours isn’t quite over but in terms of what’s going on right here
right now I’d much rather die on my own terms than have you take me back to that
little brat so as we go back to Super Buu Vegeta freeze of the grand priest
and Wiese as Super Bowl went along to respond he was a formidable opponent to
us and all but I can’t shake this feeling about him was Myrna really bad
something felt different it’s as denday had pointed out when Morel came to the
lookout none of us were able to pick up on anything wicked or evil about him
which is why this is very weird to me to our knowledge he didn’t really kill
anyone but easily could have so why hesitate if he knew he could win his
spirit didn’t give off any signs of sinister intents which is very
unsettling to me as Frieza who’s listening in the background went along
to make a scene rocky remarked and commenting tare foolish naive pests as
the grand priest responds I wasn’t able to read his emotions either which is why
this was alarming all angels must always remain neutral no matter what the
situation be unless it’s ordered by Lord Zeno I
don’t sense his life force at all but it was the path he chose it was his choice
to make the ultimate sacrifice in the end his actions went about leading him
to death he wanted something he could never have his lust for vengeance
blinded him with Goku also chiming in and commenting it’s still strange though
I remember how his clone mentioned something about freedom but I wasn’t
able to ever read him completely he always had some weird message buying
what he tried to say what does that even mean to have freedom strange as Vegeta
looks up he then went along to comment it almost kind of makes you wonder about
what his real goal and true motive really was it’s a very unsettling
feeling to know that he was hiding more than he let on about but what was it as
everyone is trying to really figure out the meaning behind Murnau’s message in
the fact that they knew that he wasn’t evil but there was something very off
about him as only then to everyone’s surprise we observe how on murrow’s hand
there is yet another completed crest that immediately ends up showing up as
he went along to comment knock-knock I guess I’m up next everything went
exactly as I had planned it to be I don’t want to keep doing this forever
and relying on my reserves so let’s just do this now then it’s been a while as
Myrtle stares directly into both of the Omni Kings within his palace he then
went along to comment those bodyguards look a bit too comfortable watching over
you I guess I’ll start with them first did you miss me because I’ve missed you
now then great Omni Kings let’s have some fun together as the story then of
be on Dragon Ball super Kai universe 13 then comes to a close now here’s my
personal take on the dragon ball super Kai universe 13 manga and that’s I
absolutely enjoy the concept of having some sort of an angelic enemy
we be someone to oppose Goku and Vegeta there were several things about this fan
manga that I was really nitpicking and some of which involved at the grand
priest some of which involved wheeze in the fact that if we actually takes time
to travel throughout space and we’ve seen this before within Dragon Ball
super then how come the grand priest we’ve also seen in Dragon Ball super
moved through space-time itself easily took such a long time in getting from
point A to point B that was something that I think really bothered me but I
also really enjoyed the concept of seeing everybody fused together and then
seeing how Frieza was forced to work together with ultimate Buu Vegeta being
forced to work together with Goku Goku training off with a clone mer no Vegeta
training with the grand priest so this manga is incomplete as of this
recording because the creator behind this fan manga special is currently
working on more and I cannot wait to see what exactly is going to come of this
especially now with seeing that Moreau somehow had ended up within the omni
king’s palace and by approaching the guards and approaching the Omni King I
really cannot wait to see the overall dynamic of what’s about to go down
involving Moreau and the Omni King but in the end I want to get your thoughts
on the entirety of this fan manga did you guys enjoy this fan manga did you
guys dislike this fan manga for whatever reason and whatever it was that you guys
found interesting about this I want to get your thoughts in the comment section
below as there are going to be spin-offs involving the Marino character as of
course you guys can see on screen we are currently developing a side story
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