The REAL Reason Extinction Rebellion Protests

The REAL Reason Extinction Rebellion Protests

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well. So,
I know I said I wasn’t going to talk any more about climate change activists,
but, given the events of the past week, I unfortunately felt like I
had no choice. The past seven days has been International Rebellion
Week; a self-imposed week of climate change action protests organised
by that motley crew that is Extinction Rebellion. Extinction Rebellion, or XR as they like to
be called, is a far left climate extremist group, who are fully of
the alarmist believe that the world is literally going to end if governments
do not instigate radical action to drastically lower the world’s
emissions by the year 2025. They began as a small, disparate group in
London, but quickly spread to some sort of global enterprise in many
different countries. According to their website, Extinction Rebellion
is an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience
in an attempt to halt mass extinction and minimise the risk
of social collapse. Okay. Anyway, over the last several months, and
especially in the last week, the group has been very…inventive
in its protesting. As such, before we get into an analysis of just what
makes this group tick, and more to the point, what exactly is wrong with
them, which I will go into in detail, believe me, I thought we could
all sit here together and, you know, laugh at them. Okay, now we’ve got that out of our systems,
let’s talk a bit about why these protesters, and Extinction Rebellion
generally, are the literal worst. Now, I would like to start
under the assumption that their position is extremist and alarmist,
and their claims are not actually based in fact. Remember, I’m a climate centrist, I have
said that many times, and I think it’s important to call out absolutism
on both sides of the debate. Which is why I was so pleased to see
the BBC’s Andrew Neil confronting Extinction Rebellion spokeswoman
Zion Lights about some of the group’s loopier posturing. So, now we’ve ascertained that they’re
not, actually, correct in their assertions, at least not according to all
scientists, we can throw out this idea that they’re acting for the common
good and sink our teeth into why they suck. First, they are privileged elites behaving
like they are somehow oppressed in the trenches fighting for a noble
cause. There is not a single person in the world external to that
group who does not find that attitude annoying. Not only do these
people have the ability to just not work or do anything for a week or
more in order to compulsively protest, they also have time
to undergo training Nobody with a real life has the time to do
that. Nobody. See, the thing is, in order to be able to
spend an entire week, over a week in some cases, training and protesting
all day, you have to be able to afford it. Normal people have to go
to work to make money to feed their children and pay their bills. These protesters, for some reason, don’t
seem to worry about that, considering they’re doing things like gluing
themselves to the road for hours on end and allowing themselves to
get arrested. So, either they have a ton of money saved up, or, considering
the age of a lot of them, they’re university students either
living out of their parents’ pockets or on some sort of government youth
allowance, so the taxpayer’s dime. Or they’re not working or studying, and
are using their unemployment benefits, again, taxpayer’s
dime, to fund their protest habits. Like Eric Serge Herbert, who fits
at least two of those categories. Eric is widely touted as the “face”
of Extinction Rebellion in Australia. He’s a serial protester in Brisbane, and
has been arrested eleven times in his months long strop as an activist.
He’s 20 years old, unemployed and dropped out of university in
April to become a climate activist. He is also the son of incredibly wealthy parents,
who he appears to live with in their five bedroom, four bathroom,
three-car garage mansion, which is complete with a freestanding
aquarium, a VacuMaid, and an infinity pool, on the Sunshine
Coast. And as you can imagine; mansions leave a mansion sized
carbon footprint. Oh dear. Eric is also the triplet of sisters Elisha
and Renee Herbert. Rather than participating in their brother’s lofty activism,
the two are international models who travel the globe
and have amassed 2.8 million followers between them. So, while his sisters are out there being
strong, independent women, working hard and making a name for themselves,
not to mention earning a lot of money, their brother is faffing
around as an unemployed university dropout, living off
funds that most likely either come from the government or his parents,
and achieving nothing other than making a public nuisance
of himself. It must be awful being the dud triplet to those two beauties,
mustn’t it? It should be noted here, that at least part
of the reason so many people in Australia are so particularly annoyed
with these protesters is their ignorance of what Australia’s impact
actually is. Australia emits only about 1.3% of the world’s total
global emissions. So, even if we went to 100% renewable energy tomorrow,
the effect it would have on the average global temperature would
be so miniscule as to be negligible. We could literally increase
our emissions, and it would still have pretty much no effect. So, these protesters in Australia, wailing
and gnashing their teeth, and relentlessly accusing the government of
doing nothing about climate change, must really irritate government
officials. This is because one, our emissions are so low, and
two, Australia actually isn’t doing nothing about climate change. We’re part of the Kyoto Protocol and the
Paris Agreement, we have small and large scale renewable energy targets,
we have a Green Bank in the form of the Clean Energy Finance
Corporation which directs funds into renewable energy, there’s
the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, solar energy subsidies,
electric vehicle initiatives. There are research grants and a number of
state and federal initiatives that have seen us achieve emissions
reduction targets in the past, and the federal government is promising
to meet our 2030 targets. Considering how low Australia’s
emissions actually are, we’re doing more than our fair share when
it comes to climate change. Anyway, the second reason Extinction Rebellion
is the literal worst is because these protests hit working people
really badly, generally by preventing them from getting to work and therefore
making the hours in order to afford costs of living. For example, in Brisbane alone, the Chamber
of Commerce and Industry has stated that the ongoing protests
are causing productivity losses of $2.5 million per day
according to telematics data, and this number effectively swells to
over $3 million when tactics aimed at deliberately disrupting traffic
are factored in. And that’s just Brisbane. Brisbane is a small
city. Can you imagine the productivity losses in London? This kind of stuff always hits the little
guy, which is so weird considering these protesters are of the progressive
class who often identify as socialists, and claim to be all
about saving the little guy from the capitalist man. And yet here they are flagrantly causing the
little guy an enormous amount of financial and logistical distress.
It’s also a huge waste of police resources, obviously, again, especially
in London, where there were 800 arrests of protesters in three days,
while knife crime is sweeping the city. It’s all so stupid. But the thing is, Extinction Rebellion doesn’t
care about this, because disruption is their goal. They want governments
to radically change their policies, and this is how they think
they’re going to achieve it. Which would maybe be justifiable, if these
protests were actually going to do anything. They won’t. Governments do not care what they think; they
are not going to listen to crusties who smell of hemp, as Boris
Johnson so aptly described them. The only people who will be
affected by this activism are ordinary working people just
trying to get through their day to day. The third reason they suck is of course their
hypocrisy. The do as I say not as I do attitude extends beyond Meghan
and Harry. Many eyebrows were raised when this picture of
Extinction Rebellion protesters stopping for a bite at McDonald’s
surfaced. Then of course there was the fact the protesters
in London were using a diesel generator to power their
sound system, while trying to hide it in a shipping crate. And of course they all have iPhones, and laptops,
and televisions, and air conditioning, and all the other comfortable
trappings generated by a Western capitalist society
that are not great for the environment. This is why people find them so annoying;
they preach all this stuff about how we need to drastically change our
behaviour, yet refuse to change theirs. So how do they justify this
hypocrisy? Well, Extinction Rebellion co-leader Skeena Rathor
revealed how they sleep at night in an interview with Piers
Morgan Oh how convenient! I don’t have to change
anything in my life because it’s the system’s fault. The system
is broken and we need to destroy it by yelling at buildings and irritating
everyone while tweeting about it from our environmentally
unfriendly smartphones. Can you believe these people? This blaming it on “the system” thing
within these activist groups, but also within the regressive left generally,
is very revealing of who they really are; lazy, ill-bred, insecure,
intellectually bereft, reckless, and immature. They refuse to take personal
responsibility for anything. If you’re a woman or a minority
or LGBT and you miss a promotion? Blame unconscious bias and the
white hetero patriarchal system. Do badly at school? Blame the sexist or racist
marking system. Can’t afford your rent, or to buy a house? Blame
the evil capitalist system, it’s nothing to do with the fact you chose
to do a fun but useless major like fine arts at university which has
made you vastly unqualified for any well-paying job, or that
you choose to live in notoriously expensive metropolitan areas and
then yell at anyone who suggests you set your sights slightly
lower. It’s a shame these activists are so against
taking personal responsibility, because personal responsibility
when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint could be very
effective. That’s what the messaging used to be until about four
years ago; reduce reuse recycle, take the train instead of your car,
walk or cycle to work, pick up litter, all stuff that people can actually
control. That’s much more empowering and practical
than making people believe that the only solution is radically
overthrowing society as we know it or we’re all going to die in ten
years. How about these activists bring back some
of that rhetoric? Or hustle the private sector by petitioning for companies
to be more transparent with revealing their carbon footprint,
and let the consumer and the market decide? Those are
tangible solutions that everyone can participate in. However, these people don’t actually want
solutions. If they found solutions, they’d have to go to work, rather
than dancing around with their friends at a protest on everyone
else’s time. What they want, beyond anything else, is attention.
That’s it. We should not take them seriously. We should not think well
of them. We should not give them the benefit of the doubt. They
are time wasting leaches, and they should be roundly condemned.

100 thoughts on “The REAL Reason Extinction Rebellion Protests

  1. And how can these people even BE on Twitter, when Twitter and Facebook and everyone else BANS conservatives?? They banned Tommy Robinson! I was banned long ago for speaking up against pot, alcohol and profanity! Yet these people are on social media tweeting about all this stuff? It's so infuriating!

  2. It appears based on the demise of society the only solution is extinction. So glad this group of leftists are not breeding

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  6. Death and mass suffering? That comes from frecktards blocking traffic in a QLD heatwave.
    They're just a new tribe of socialist activism against anything they can dream up. Get jobs.

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    I think possibly the last time I saw a group of people so totally bonkers was back during the Democratic Socialist Convention when they all decided that if the conventioneers clapped it would cause some of the snowflakes undue stress so the proper way to signal agreement with a speaker without sending everyone diving for a safe space was to just wave their hands.  SMH

    I had not quite stopped laughing at the bunch of morons at the Socialist convention when along comes this Extinction Rebellion crowd of idiots dancing in the street with all the grace of a drunk hippopotamus.   I somehow don't think this was what Martha and the Vandellas had in mind when they recorded their song about Dancing in the Street.  If these looney tunes are an example of what our world will be like in a decade or two perhaps extinction is not such a bad thing.

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  9. Boy, times have changed. I remember the campaigns of years ago being "Keep Australia Beautiful" where groups of families & friends, etc going out on weekends to pick up rubbish (possibly the nappies of these millennials) but it was a well recieved campaign. Now, it's as if these twits just want it all done for them. And did you see the rubbish they "left?" Unbelievable!
    Not one of these activists accuse China of their pollutants & poaching of the natural world.
    Love your channel, Daisy

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  16. XR is causing social collapse. Gluing themselves to roadways to block traffic when people need to get to work is not my idea of a sane way to get their message across. Plant a tree, if you're afraid of too much carbon dioxide. But a better idea: Learn some science and history to find out that we're currently in an epoch of CO2 starvation! Global Warming is a good thing, because we currently live in an Ice Age. And history has shown us repeatedly that warming produces prosperity, while cooling produces famines and societal collapses. (Ref: Climate Basics: Nothing to Fear)

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    Their protests leave way more trash and pollution than anything. Hunters do more for the environment than these morons.

  21. You are very wrong on one thing though. Being an artist actually pays off. Here is the secret – be excellent at it, work hard and offer it at affordable prices. Additionally you can make video tutorials and books for example. There is no need to bash people who have chosen to earn a living by creating art. It is no lesser than earning a living through commentary. I agree with your other points.

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  25. Daisy. I’m not ‘neutral’ on this subject, but neither am I
    extreme. I’ve studied AGW for decades. I am a principal engineer, programmer,
    and data analyst. We are indeed warming. As the planet has during any other
    inter-glacial period. In fact, we are approaching the end of both the large cycle
    and smaller maunder minimum cycle. Nothing will probably happen that is extreme
    in our lifetimes. I read a lot of papers and articles from climate scientists
    who are skeptical of the alarmism. CO2 has very little impact on the global
    temperature, and in fact from ice core samples, temperature change leads CO2
    change by a couple of hundred years. Any impact greenhouse gases do have are asymptotic
    as far as can be determine at this point. The data doesn’t lie, but alarmist
    activists do.

    Let focus on ‘real’ pollutants, and ‘real’ clean energy like fission and fusion.
    Solar is just too toxic and wind is not practical.

  26. Extinction Rebellion are using climate change alarmism as a tool in the promotion and eventual implementation of socialism or worse.

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    This planned / orchestrated insanity must be crushed.

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  30. Excellent video. Do more research and critical thinking and you will find that carbon footprint is a hoax, a tax scheme and control mechanism.

  31. Daisy, check out Professor Guy McPherson at McMasters University on you tube and get educated. Everyone’s talking linear change, but climate is changing at an exponential rate and the graphs have gone from horizontal to vertical.

  32. I don’t understand why they blame the government. Maybe they should draft a solution plan and handover to the government.

    Secondly, can they start by cleaning their homes and stop throwing MacDonalds trash on the road cause the climate has alway been changing.

  33. If you set out to overthrow Western civilisation first you would need to start a propaganda program in the schools with children. As these children grow up they then go to universities and into local and national government and businesses and eventually some rise to positions of power and influence. Be reinforcing the propaganda program all along the way these now "programmed" people will start acting out those policies learnt from childhood. Once "programmed" over decades there is nothing that can be done to "de program" such people.
    So this will explain why the hoax of Human Caused Climate Change was so readily accepted and acted on by the West, why the West have started to decry their history and tear down statues of their forebears, quash any dissent and keep pursuing ideologies that have no basis in scientific fact, whatsoever. Extinction Rebellion is programmed people carrying out the orders of the communist Party, throughout the Western world.
    This was all explained in some detail by Yuri Bezmenov, Russian KGB Propaganda Dept. who defected to Canada in the 1980's and recorded an interview on the KGB's four Stage process in 1984. See YouTube video titled "KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov's warning to America"
    We are at the end of Stage 2.
    When the West falls, the communists who of course do not tolerate dissent like in the West, have no future use for "programmed people" describing them as "useful idiots" and so will annihilate them, according to Yuri.

  34. All you had to do was debunk the hysterical claims, insinuating they are all unemployable druggies is just as bullshit. 
    In my town at least a large percentage of the protesters were ordinary upstanding people doing their bit, most just attended for a day. No socialist conspiracies, just ordinary people looking out for the next generations future.
    The disingenuous claims from both sides do nothing to make anybody any wiser it just muddies the science and leaves us all the poorer. Both sides playing identity politics, If you don't revolt your all gunna die or if you support the climate your a drugged up hippie communist. 
    Get Fucked.
    It means that rather than manage our future in any meaningful way we will always be behind the game coping with whatever nature throws at us rather than being ahead of the game in preventing or at least coping with what may come.

  35. Extinction Rebellion is no even left wing. There are a United Nations, Club Of Rome, George Soros, Bill gates, Goldman Sachs psyop. Who are Masquerading as Leftist. If they were actually leftist, they wouldn’t be campaigning and shouting for the elites, Establishment View. Real leftist are against the establishment. There are doing things on behalf of the establishment.

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  42. The fact that these people have you talking about a "carbon foot print" means they are winning! CO2 is part of the symbiotic cycle of life on this planet! It is NOT a pollutant! Manmade chemicals and gases that take THOUSANDS of years to decompose are a problem, NOT the gas that we breath out and plants breathe in giving us the gas we breath in! You're already brainwashed! Go plant a tree!

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