The Simpsons – SJWs at Yale

The Simpsons – SJWs at Yale

It’s always wonderful when a successful and childless alumnus returns. It’s delightful how you take turns sniffing after my money. Now here’s a group that was established in 1909. I hate modern music! Tempo bar we love so well The Whiffenpoofs! I’ll buy you a new library if you have them killed. So many have tried to kill them. But other smug jackasses and white gloves would just take their place. We can’t be stopped Well, I am here to offer you money. I’d like to endow a Department of Nuclear plant management Wonderful! Of course we can’t do nuclear – our students are highly entitled wusses. You’d be creating a space for violence to happen. Huh. How about funding a chair on the non narrative cinema of self-identified pansexuals? What?! What? What?? What?? What?? We also need to hire more deans to decide which Halloween costumes are appropriate. Eight deans should do it. Is this still a coven of capitalism where evil money can acquire the patina of virtue? Yes, that’s in our charter, but with an issue as hetero patriarchal as nuclear power, we’ll have to hire multicultural empathizers, build a new safe space… Not so fast, we insist on a chair of anti-nuclear studies and a nuclear- neutral curriculum pathway. Absolutely, Teddy! We run all decisions past the squash team. Also the fencing team, water polo and handsome Dan the mascot. [mascot dog sounds] Release me, you hound. Oh yeah…. What’s happened to this place? Yeah? This was the home of ruthless media disruptor Samuel FB Morse! Who’s his successor? That fellow? Fellow?! That word is cisgender normative, okay? You’re worse than Hitler! Too late for flattery … I’m not giving this school a dime! The [Sally’s] have blended right in! We’ve got 12 productions of The Crucible going in the deepest Division III women’s lacrosse team the world has ever seen! Mm-Hmm. They’re perfect students in every way, and that’s their weakness. Bleep bloop bloop? I am a robot, too … my father was a toaster … He’s in bot-face! That’s unbelievably offensive! Microaggression! Cultural appropriation! Offensive! Offensive! Offensive! Dear Lord those teachers made them too human! You’ve ruined me! Well, not completely, I still have my health!

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  1. I'd love to see someone try to explain the SJW concept to a Vietnam or WWII vet. After you've been knee deep in blood and shit, I doubt it would make any sense.

  2. ๐–™ ๐–” ๐–” ๐–‘ ๐–† ๐–™ ๐–Š ๐–‹ ๐–” ๐–— ๐•ฑ ๐–‘ ๐–† ๐–™ ๐–™ ๐–Š ๐–— ๐–ž .

  3. To bad the Simpsons writers are just like those libtards now. They caved to Cultural Marxist pressure from soys and sissies.

  4. Oh God Sad but VERY true!!

    Whatever happened to the world I grew up in?
    Where a Man was a Man…. And a Women a Women!

    Now it is just Pure Crap!
    Leftist Garbage…

  5. "I can resist anything but temptation"
    ~ Homer Simpson
    when posted on blog got comment > "that was Oscar Wilde" > who knew, Homer is a plagiarist !

  6. They went from this masterpiece to the pitiful bashing attempts over childish argumens towards trump, and praising the cancer squad…. what happened

  7. I'm from Germany and I wait the day when I can kill leftists without consequences. We had this wonderful time 80 years ago, you know.

  8. 1:50 โ€œRelease me you houndโ€

    I just noticed that was a slight modification of his famous catchphrase, โ€œRelease the houndsโ€


  10. I'm only 9 years old, I go to Yale, I'm the world's youngest chess grandmaster, I listen to Led Zeppelin (not Justin Bieber), and this is all true

  11. It's HILARIOUS how The Simpsons was making fun of social justice warriors and all their bullshit in this episode…but, NOW, they're catering to those SJWs in every single way possible. The Simpsons is dead, and I spit on its grave.

  12. Just like Demolition Man this isn't satire, this is reality. When your University has to issue guidelines about how to dress for Halloween you need to shut it down.

  13. It may be a cartoon, but this bs is real. Liberals have done a great job of creating insane, entitled, safe space seeking wusses who have bastardized the terms racism and nazi. Higher education is nothing of the sort any longer.

  14. Bear in mind that the most important factor for someone wanting to become a Simpsons writer is having worked on the Harvard Lampoon. Digs at Yale are par for the course.

  15. I'm conflicted…on the one hand, this is the only modern Simpsons clip I enjoy. On the other hand, it gives me nausea to listen to all the sjw nonsense…fun fact, Google just corrected sjw to she….that's not very pc, now is it!

  16. Don't seem to see a lot of people realize that, sure while they're dissing the students, they're dissing what Yale (and "good ol capitalist American values") used to be too. Wouldn't be satire if they only punched down.

  17. To me this is the sort of shit that killed the Simpsons. They may hit the right points here yes (notice they use burns (who's a known prick) to represent the right though…they tried to cover both bases here…my advice, do a complete 180 go away from political bullshit from either side, go back to making up something completely random without impression from the world! I actually have trouble watching anything past season 14 … I watched by compulsion till season 20 and I just glanced at a couple of the latest….I actually have to go to the drs tomorrow because of the level of cringe….. Like Seth McFarlane said, "anything over 7 seasons sucks. Hence the self destruction of family guy after about 7 seasons

  18. I'm Muslim and I'm Queer! Get used to it! I'll shout it from the roof toooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh………..

  19. And so the NPC meme spread – which was far too accurate for their liking so they said it was alt-right something-or-rather.

  20. Then the writers catered to the sjws. They wonโ€™t make fun of obanana but will make fun of Trump. Theyโ€™re nothing but leftists who should be ignored. The show hasnโ€™t been funny for years. Like snl.

  21. Okay whoever says Shakespeare is murder CAN FUCKING EAT ME , he is the best play write of all time and one of my favorites .

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