The World’s Seafloor Is Rapidly Dissolving, Here’s Why

The World’s Seafloor Is Rapidly Dissolving, Here’s Why

Welcome to a very special week, where we’re
joining The Swim to raise awareness around ocean health. Now climate change may call to mind: clouds
of gases, smog blanketing cities, and rising temperatures around the globe. But it has also has many profound impacts
on our oceans too–like the fact that climate change is literally dissolving pieces of the
ocean floor. When we release excess gases like carbon dioxide,
they linger in the air and insulate the world, basically creating a thick gas blanket that
traps heat and disregulates the world’s natural temperature cycles–and our oceans
come into play here in surprising ways. For a lot of earth’s history, the ocean
has acted as a carbon sink. That means that it absorbs CO2 gas from the
air. That CO2 combines with the ocean’s H2O in
a chemical reaction that produces carbonic acid. Which, as it sounds, is pretty acidic. In a normal, healthy cycle, this CO2 absorption
does lower the pH of the ocean, but luckily–the seafloor is lined with a thick layer of calcium
carbonate. This is what seashells and the other bodies
of some sea creatures are made out of, and these form a layer on the bottom of the ocean
just like leaves and other dead organisms form the top layer of soil in a forest. And luckily–calcium carbonate, also called
calcite, is a basic compound. Not as in—oh, calcite, she’s so basic–but
like, the opposite of acidic. In fact, we humans regularly consume calcium
carbonate as an antacid for stuff like heartburn, so we know firsthand how useful it is in combating
acidic environments. So, in a typical cycle, the seafloor basically
acts like a big Tums tablet, reacting with that carbonic acid to maintain the ocean’s
normal pH and allowing ocean life cycles to keep swimming along healthily. But. As we all know. Global climate change is happening because
we humans are putting WAY more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases out there into
the atmosphere. And that means that the oceans are absorbing
more and more of that CO2. And they work so hard for us, guys — absorbing
up to a quarter of our total CO2 output every year, so when global greenhouse gas emissions
rise….so does the amount of CO2 absorbed by the ocean. This means that there’s not enough calcium
carbonate to keep up with all the carbonic acid that’s being produced, meaning our
oceans are getting more acidic. Not only that, but there’s SO much CO2 being
absorbed that entire sections of the seafloor are just straight up…dissolving. Now, getting down to the very bottom of the
seafloor is hard and expensive, so instead scientists recreated deep sea conditions in
laboratory microenvironments–down to the currents, salinity, chemistry, temperature,
alllll the deets. Replicating these environmental variables–which
were verified by physical sampling and computer modeling–helped the research team pinpoint
how fast the calcite dissolves in these environments, both now and back in the day under different
conditions. And by comparing the dissolution rates pre-
and post-industrialization, they calculated how much is missing currently. And it’s a lot. In some hotspots, anywhere between 40-100%
of the calcite seafloor is just gone. Some specific areas, particularly in the northwest
Atlantic, are faring worse than others because ocean currents gather lots of dissolved CO2
there, making the calcite seafloor there have to work a lot harder and thinning it out. So…what’s underneath? I mean there’s not just gaping holes in
the ocean like big bathtub drains, there is more stuff underneath it, it’s just not
the calcium carbonate that used to be there, that’s all dissolved away. These gaping wounds in the ocean floor essentially
mean we’re exhausting our stockpile of the only material that keeps the ocean from becoming
too acidic for life to thrive. Think of it kinda like a deep sea version
of the holes in the ozone layer. As disheartening as this news is, maybe now
that we know it’s a problem, we can start to address it? Maybe there’s a way to re-seed the ocean
floor with calcium carbonate, maybe there are human-made technological solutions to
human-made problems. More work is needed, like further mathematical
modeling of the issue and more actual sampling of the ocean floor in these areas, but we’ll
be finding out soon enough whether there’s anything we can do about it. The health of our oceans is one of the most
important issues facing humanity today, and climate change poses a big threat. Seeker is highlighting The Swim all this week,
to bring awareness to the impact of specifically, plastic pollution on our oceans. We ask you to help us spread the message. Tell us how you are reducing plastic pollution
in the comments below. Keep coming back to Seeker for all your environment
updates, and thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “The World’s Seafloor Is Rapidly Dissolving, Here’s Why

  1. Occam's Razor…add calcium carbonate to the oceans to help balance the ph back out. Yes this could require the global supply of antacid tablets for the next decade or ten…

  2. The more we try to solve "problems" that we "created" in the first place, the more we inadvertently create more problems… #humansaretheproblem

  3. Yep…lets just shit where we sleep. Who cares we'll all be dead soon anyway. Thanks Industrial age and an especially a BIG shout out to GREED.

  4. At this point we're probably fucked, but if you do want to try and save us from extinction: According to a recent Oxford study, the best thing we can do in our personal lives to curb environmental destruction and climate change is adopting a plantbased (vegan) diet. Good luck! May someone be able to read this comment in 2100. May someone reading this comment now be able to read this comment in 2100.

  5. This is totally skeptical but think of all the legends & myths of the sea if their really is anything down there that we don’t know about yet we”ll soon find out

  6. 10,000 black swans are circling. We are going away. The biological chain that sustains all life has been broken. Phytoplankton and other micro species, insects, birds and fish are all down by more than half. The warming will also make farming nearly impossible. This is happening NOW. I wanted to have a nice fun retirement. Now I'm sad for my kids and preparing to die instead. It won't be long now, yeah , yeah, yeah. It won't be long now. Homo Stupidus.

  7. Why the hell can't Yahoo allow a comment as a sub comment to another comment. The software isn't hard. They can limit it to 3 or 4 tiers. Instead, my comment goes to the bottom and I have to mention who I referred to and hope they find it. IT REALLY SUCKS.

  8. Climate change is based on sudo science.. to say we have an understanding of out atmosphere is a fallacy. Stop spreading this propaganda about co2 in the atmosphere causing all these “issues.” we do not have enough data to properly understand how the systems work to declare these things as issues. H2Og has a much greater greenhouse effect than co2. Nuclear radiation from japan is so much more concerning than co2 propaganda. atmospheric scientists have) th

  9. So this happens in the lab. So you don't really know what's going on until you see the sea floor.
    There was way more CO2 millions of years ago, be humans.
    But these scientists don't bring up that fact.

  10. Rather than immediately looking for man made solutions, why not reduce the carbon footprints that we are already making? Such as cars and such, reducing meat consumption, buying local foods, stop junk emails, etc.
    My account @ AthenaSavesTheWorld on Instagram gives many tips to save the planet, one step at a time

  11. Maybe we killed off the shelled creatures with pollution, over fishing and radiation. No shells, no calcite problem.

  12. Lots of people in this comment section are feeling an existential crisis from this.

    When a threat is there, we need to be trying to fix our problems rather than sitting around weeping about it. It's the only way we can continue to exist in our current state and we need to initiate.

  13. Nonsense! One good belch from a volcano dwarfs years of human output. Climate change is constant. Look up Milankovich cycles.

  14. When the Arctic is fully melted, and there is nothing but ocean there, we'll have to tell kids that there is no Santa. Sorry, kids!

  15. That's why we don't emit into the atmosphere. Instead we recycle the emit with tube and condensation methods. Simple enough? Pass it along if so.

  16. Climate change is happening because the earth is a dynamic planet.the climate all over the world has never been the same and was changing even when humans did not exist.just because we as humans really really like this climate…we should not think that ee can keep it this way.the climate will change….whatever we as the human race do to prevent it.

  17. You need to update your science papers that you are reading. CO2 is not driving climate change, especially warming the globe? Check the temperatures and see for yourself. With the internet there is no excuse to remain so ignorant. We have more CO2 in our atmosphere yet record cold in both hemispheres keeps breaking more and more records on a daily basis. It’s that huge yellow ball in the sky that causes climate chang as it’s always done since there has been a planet called Earth circling it. Not people.

    That said CO2 is plant food. Did the study you’re talking about take into account the amount of CO2 that would be consumed in photosynthesis before chemically changing the water molecules into Carbonic Acid? I find it very hard to believe what you guys are saying about science when you constantly push the outrageous lie that is called the AGW Theory, even as the Earth, as well as the climate changes on the other planets in our solar system, keep proving it wrong….. or is our CO2 polluting on Earth causing a whole solar system of climate change? What ever happened to our kids never even getting to see what snow is by now? What a bunch of politically driven bad science!!! What joke!!! Even France hates the extra carbon taxes, and they aren’t even hungry yet, as crops continue to fail unnoticed, more and more each year from early and late freezes, hail storms, floods and even droughts where the jet streams have been altered as our Earth’s magnetosphere continues to weaken in response the a sleeping Sun. We’re all going to wish we could warm the globe up somehow within just the next couple of years, stop spreading your false narrative and instead spread real science so people can adapt and prepare for growing food indoors, or by some other innovative ways because this is completely irresponsible of you to continue with this huge hoax…. actually in my opinion it’s criminal!!!!

  18. I would just like to point out a few problems with this video… We kinda already produce calcium carbonate based plastic, if those were used in a bigger scale that could easily counteract the acidification process. Also the with the new discovery of bacteria that literally eats CO2 that wouldn't even be necessary, even if we don't do anything about about this after the ocean start getting a bit acidic this bacteria would start to replicate and kinda do this job for us. There is a lot of more variables when issuing a problem like this one and the way this video made it sound was like we are in the verge of an apocalypse… I used to like this channel a lot but they hardly ever admit they are wrong and always kinda feels like they are not presenting half of the facts….

  19. The fact that people think humans are powerful enough to not just change the climate but control it always makes me laugh.

  20. I always wondered how co2 gas was affecting sea. Interesting indeed… Will be interesting does leaders in the world really go against this problem or they act "eyes closed" "or even half closed" to problem. We have all technology how to get clean energy atm. Replacing old co2 factories or upgrading them with clean energy should be more important in modern society. Even more law's that support or force to use to use renewable energy should be needed indeed.

  21. Stfu…why don't You tell us how many times, prior to the industrial revolution, the earth had higher CO2 compositions & climate change was created by the earth itself or outside interstellar forces that were products of happenstance…How many times pre industrial revolution, had the earth been without ice…talk about the solar minimum & maximum, and their impacts on earth….let's outlaw asteroids, comets & imperfect solar activity….

  22. Unsubscribing.
    Unfortunately this channel has changed a lot since the D News days. It's just not interesting to me anymore. I find myself watching fewer and fewer videos. When I do watch a video, I often get the feeling that there is something else going on besides just reporting on science and giving me the facts. Not every video, but too many of them seem follow a theme or something. Not sure if "theme" is the right word, but they don't seem to be reporting much on the wider world of science and discoveries anymore. It's got to the point where I don't look forward to new videos. There's just too much doom and gloom. So yeah, I'm going to have to unsubscribe. Just my opinion.

    Yes the the seafloor dissolving is a terrible thing and plastic is bad. This culture we have here in America is going to bring us down. Being smart, having a steady job, and abiding by the law is a bad thing now. We eat out too much, everything is disposable and if it's over 2 years old its old and you must be poor or weird for still having it. You want the world to not end as a hot pile of garbage? Fix the education system. Teach our kids how to think critically! Not just how to pass standardized tests and then dumbing everything down to the lowest common denominator. Has anyone heard the term "only as strong as the weakest link"? Make that weak link stronger! Don't make the strong links weak.
    Ok. I've gone off on a bit of a rant. Smh.

  23. 1. Decide to do a study which confirms the hazards of Climate Change. 2. Predetermine what the results would be. 3. Set up some lab tests for which the results can be predetermined. 4. Do some computer modeling for which the results are predetermined. 5. Announce the findings of the study and point to the scientific nature of the findings.

  24. OMG, people are actually falling for this horse shit? Stop with the alarmist crap, you have gone from misinformed to total lies, this has been debunked and double debunked but anything to sell a message huh?

  25. Finding an appropriate bio-origin compound which could substitute major domestic purpose plastic and finding using physical pretreatment to break plastic molecular bonds to let the microbes degrade plastic and return organic compound

  26. The pros of what humans have done for the earth isn’t shit compared to the cons. Like do we even deserve to be the leading species? It’s like we’re killing the rest of the family on the planet.

  27. "The world's seafloor is rapidly dissolving, here's why"

    Me: Hm. Probably something to do with the existence of humans.

    clicks video

    "… but as well all know, global climate change is happening because we humans are putting way more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses out there into the atmosphere."

  28. No, we humans don't know that we are putting CO2 into the atmosphere and changing the climate. Some humans do know that a giant scam is underway to gain money and political power based on the lie…the fairy tale ….of man made global warming. CO2 is only 0.04% of the atmosphere and is necessary for life….plants must have CO2 and we must have the O2 produced by the plants. The Grand Solar Minimum is beginning and cooler temps lie ahead….keep cool. Remember, the atmosphere in the space station is 5000 ppm CO2 and submarines use 8000 ppm.

  29. For a more accurate truth about C02 you need to watch this video . The oceans the air and the land are at critical point from over population of human beings and bad practices. Which mean over fishing/bad production practices factories dumping plastic and toxic chemicals in the ocean, To city sewage although treated it is still high in nitrates which cause algal problems etc The same thing for air pollution factory pollutants / burning petrol chemical which release benzene No2 carbon monoxide highly poisonous real toxic stuff. A combination of that usually termed smog will kill you. The acidification thing I'm still working on if crustaceans are losing their shells there must be something doing it I'm guessing it's acids that are much stronger than carbonic acid which is a weak acid. The burning of coal releases SO2 sulphur dioxide – turning into Sulphuric acid (strong acid) which caused the acid rain in Europe, killing forests, hence the stopping of coal burning. The burning of oil produces NO2 nitrous oxide turning into nitric acid (strong acid) .Let me know if you have ideas. It's a problem that need to be fixed so we need to know the thing causing it.

  30. What stuff is underneath it? Also what was the sea floor like when climate change occur millions of years or even a few hundred thousand years ago during massive volcanic eruptions

  31. For everyone who is crying just know that one volcanic eruption does more damage than we have in 100 years.. it's normal and reversed by ice ages

  32. Liar liar pants on fire. we're going into an ice age. The US government is spraying aerosols in the atmosphere aluminum barium lithium and some other top secret particles, chemtrails, to cause the world to be in reboot mode because of the cataclysm to come man thinks he can play god. volcano that erupts puts out enough CO2 in the atmosphere in one day then human beings put out in over 10 years, plants eat it up for breakfast, where do you think plants came from. And let me guess you're probably believe in atheism which is not too far from communism, got to stay away from those isms. Does a book with words in it naturally occur in a swamp and how much more complicated is your DNA then a book, infinitely more complicated your DNA has more memory then all the microchips and hard drives and memory sticks in the world put together. And you have a soul which operates in a different dimension. Have you ever heard of the human beings , we are beings put here by God is the Alpha being he created you are beautiful Made In His Image seek his Sun Jesus and you will notice a chang. Stop listening to NPR news they do not consider all things. And it should not be taxpayer-funded it should be funded by all the Liberals an atheist's that listen to that crap. AlGore is a full just like the Clinton's.

  33. @Seeker.

    Please put out more videos with Maren Hunsberger! I could watch her talk about the impending doom of civilization until said doom has consumed us all! 😉
    Whisper those sweet apocalyptic cataclysms in my ear sweetheart!

  34. Why not just make giant blocks of calcite and drop said blocks into all the hotspots all over the world? If we know it's a problem and we know calcite will fix it then lets make it and dump it in the ocean. As much as we can as often as we can until the ocean rebalances itself

  35. Dam we are screwed. These are just the problems that we think or know will happen. Imagine the things we might not know about.

  36. I have a few questions:

    1: Did everybody forget that plant life also absorbs Carbon Dioxide? Like it turns it into oxygen for us to breath, cleaning the air, and not having things die or resources getting used up, Right?

    2: Calcite is constantly replenished by the chemical precipitation of calcium carbonate and the transformation of shell, coral, fecal and algal debris through diagenesis. So is that accounted for in the mathematics?

    3: Also, how did scientists know how much calcite was there quote, "back-in-the-day…" in fact how long ago was that even?

  37. Ppl try to do everything to stop a problem but destroy the source. Make these businesses hold themselves accountable acccnd let's quit being so money hungry. That's the only reason it won't stop is because of money. Even it it kills us make that money is the mentality.

  38. If the ocean floor is dissolving doesn't that mean the ocean would be deeper and thus that would decrease sea level rise?

  39. You notice the actual PH of the ocean isn’t ever stated. What was the PH 50 years ago? And what is it now? This is all speculation with no chemical black and white proof.

  40. Oh c'mon bullshit in first second?
    Use math and laws of physic seeker !
    CO2 has NOTHING to temperature!
    I challenge you! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. I came across a presentation from the US Department of Fish and Wildlife service that talks about glaciation, sea levels and contains a nice graph of World Average Temperature, CO2 Level and dust level with the data taken from ice cores. This data shows warming naturally started occurring about 15 thousand years ago with a corresponding increase in CO2 levels and much of the increase in CO2 levels increase at a time that predates modern society (the last 3000 years). The graph cleanly shows that the CO2 levels have varied over the last 300 thousand years and appears to be cyclical with glaciation occurring over a roughly 50,000 – 75,000 year period. I would be interested in seeing this topic covered in greater details with respect to glaciation and natural warming and cooling cycles that seem to be occurring during this cycle. It seems like we are trying to make scientific arguments with a very limited data set from the glaciation cycle in terms of modern measurements. In the global warming argument what caused temperatures to start rising again along with CO2 levels 15,000 years ago along a curve that seems consistent with what we are seeing today? The data from the graphs in this presentation is pretty clear that our climate is constantly changing.

  42. Fake science. Models are notoriously easily erroneous. And it's absurd to say that billions of years of calcium carbonate has been dissolved by 100% in parts of the ocean. These fear mongering "science" programs have a fetish to manipulate people's emotions for a power grabbing leftist political agenda.

  43. well if the seafloors disso,ve too much, especially in the NorthAtlantic, the ancient preflood megacities of the former world may a little TOO difficult to hide under the vanishing sedimentary layers and they will have a tough time explain those ancient ruins of the world of the former world of giants and giant combat arenas of

  44. …ancient permian limestone down there.
    the climate-change myth will be MEANINGLESS once they discover the ancient ruins down there of a world of unspeakable evil

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