This Electric E36 Makes 850 lb/ft of Torque at the Wheels! – /TUNED

This Electric E36 Makes 850 lb/ft of Torque at the Wheels! – /TUNED

primary way to measure how much power a car is actually
putting to the ground. Some cars come with lots of
advertised horsepower, but also lots of unadvertised
drivetrain loss, meaning anywhere from 10 to 30% of that
horsepower goes to waste just spinning the car’s own transmission, axle, and wheels. What’s really important is how
much power and torque actually propels us forward. Although horsepower and torque
have been the tried and true measurements of power since long
before I was alive, we all had better get used to the
newest measurement of power in the performance car handbook. The kilowatt. When a crazy person like Bill
Caswell calls me and says, come down south, drive
my friend’s E36, it makes 400 kilowatts. My first thought is, I don’t
know what the hell that means. So when I met up with EV West,
I asked them to come here to DynoTech Motorsports, so we
could put their E36 on the Dyno and find out what 400
kilowatts means in terms of horsepower. Let’s go. [CAR ENGINE REVVING] 342 horsepower and 850.4
pound feet of torque, at 600 RPM Mp torque. That’s nice. 850 to the wheels, that’s
like a Super Duty with a tune on it. That’s crazy. I want to drive it. MICHAEL BREAM: It’s a new way to
develop torque, and it was interesting to us. We’re automotive enthusiasts. We’re not necessarily green
people, or hippies, or anything like that. We’re racing the car, so it’s
not like we did this because we wanted to kind of build a
Prius or something like that. We did it because we wanted
to develop 800 foot pounds of torque. MATT FARAH: Even with a very
strong drag transmission, full torque from this motor at zero
RPM will cause gearbox parts to basically run away
from each other. MICHAEL BREAM: With a car that
develops this much torque, it gobbles up drivetrain
components. We’ve lost a factory 5-speed
transmission, we’ve lost a high-end clutch, we blew up an
M3 diff, and earlier today on the Dyno, it looks like we
might’ve done some damage to first gear and the
power glide. [CAR ENGINE REVVING] That’s your 12-volt system, it
still has a regular 12-volt system for the wipers and
all the other stuff. These are your infrared internal
motor temperatures. So this is actually, since you
can’t but a sensor on the moving part, we shoot an
infrared beam to it and measure it that way. You’re kind of getting concerned
temperature is around 240, your do not
exceed would be 320. If you get above 240– MATT FARAH: What do you do? MICHAEL BREAM: Turn
on Fan 2, and just drive it a little mellow. They come down real quick. Yeah, it recovers real quick. MATT FARAH: So now
I can drive. MICHAEL BREAM: Yep. MATT FARAH: OK. I can do this. MICHAEL BREAM: All right. Good luck, man. MATT FARAH: No problem. MICHAEL BREAM: We’ll see you. MATT FARAH: It’s a big steering
wheel, though. You ready, Tom? I think we need one fan,
and then that, and I’m getting gear. And I think now I can drive. Hey, there we go. I’m off. OK. Then I think I– yeah,
all right. So this is very different. First of all, everything says
I’m in a race car, here. I’m sitting on the floor,
steering wheel’s huge and way up high. I’ve got a net and some
harnesses, and I’ve got some gauges and a lot of switches
and things going on. So I don’t really feel like I’m
in something that’s meant for economy or saving
the environment. I feel like I’m in
something that is designed for going fast. So that’s a good start. Because if you’re going to say,
hey, matt, come drive our electric car, it better
be a [BLEEP] fast electric car. I’ve got manual steering and
manual brakes, so at 3,800 pounds, this is going to be
the heaviest car I’ve ever driven with manual steering. The funny thing is with these DC
motors, it’s sort of like a big diesel truck engine. Big displacement,
but low revving. You picture a Tesla roadster,
which redlines at 14,000 RPM, this redlines at 4,100, so it’s
very low-revving, but it’s got some grunt. Some people say they don’t like
electric cars because they miss the sound. There’s sound here. I’ve got, “mdrooo”. [CAR ENGINE REVVING] Look at that go! Oh, my God. Is that real? Is that an accurate speed? He said this thing’s
GPS based. If that was an accurate speed,
this car is way faster than it lets on. MICHAEL BREAM: To drive
this thing, it’s just a kick in the pants. The torque just hits you. It’s instant. You don’t have to wait for
any boost to build up or anything like that. So if you like to kick out the
rear end and get the car loose, it’s actually
made for that. So last summer at Pikes Peak, we
ran the electric class, and we were the first car
for a street car, so we won that class. And for the whole electric
division, we got fourth place, and I believe we were
51st overall. Altitude doesn’t affect
our car like it affects all the gassers. They’re down about 20% on
horsepower at altitude and for us, the electric motor just
ran the same as it would at sea level. MATT FARAH: I like this car,
though, because it makes weird space noises. Wooee! Oh, what’s the word. It’s deceptive. When you’ve got sound, but not
the traditional engine noise. When you have sort of a rubber
bandy tug, a shove rather than a slam. It’s very weird. You don’t really notice how fast
you’re going until it’s time to slow down. I mean, look. This is me. Tons of torque. Super cool. Very, very clean build. Very nice. But at the same time, is
this something I want? Do I want to see electric
race cars and electric racing series? I don’t know. It seems like it kind of defeats
the purpose of going to the track if you’re just
going to be going, just hearing electric cars all day. I do like not having to shift. Just throw it into
second and go. MICHAEL BREAM: So what my
partner, Matt Hauber, and I do here at EV West is we really
try to be like a race engineering firm. We try to, kind of, do a lot of
the engineering, and front load of the work, and develop
the car into a system that we can repeat easily. Now, at this point, it would be
really easy for us to build another M3 E36. I think the biggest challenge
with converting a car at this stage is just money. All the parts, all the
components are there. The technology is
ready for this. We just need a couple more guys
that are willing to spend some money and kind of step
up and experiment with stuff like this. If the OEMs aren’t going
to do it, it’s kind of on our shoulders. MATT FARAH: EV West is a great
place to visualize the innards of potential future engines,
pistons, heads, drive line, cooling, the gas station,
the fuel. It’s a new chain of events. But I’m still torn about whether
or not I like the idea of an EV race car track car. I mean, making it heavier
makes it worse. There’s no doubt about it. Adding weight to it
makes it worse. Now adding a ton of torque
certainly makes it fun, but it’s kind of the same thing as
driving an 800 horsepower, 900 horsepower GTR. If this was just an M3 with a
gas motor and it weighed 2,200 pounds, I think I’d be having
a little more fun. I think I need to go home and
think about whether or not this is good. And I’ll get back to you. What I like about EV West is
they aren’t here to make commuter cars or save
the planet. They develop electric race
cars, and this M3 is unquestionably a race car. It’s uncomfortable, it’s got
heavy controls, it’s hot, loud, and rough. It absolutely hates
going slow. But it’s not supposed to be
a model S. Race cars are supposed to go as fast
as possible. And this is, without question,
the fastest electric vehicle I’ve ever driven. As history has shown, racing is
the fastest way to improve a car, and even lukewarm as I
am about electric cars in general, hopefully EV West will
do the same with racing’s newest component in need of
development, the battery. [THEME MUSIC] [TIRES SQUEALING]

100 thoughts on “This Electric E36 Makes 850 lb/ft of Torque at the Wheels! – /TUNED

  1. When car makers really start to embrace electric race cars it is going to be wild.. the new Tesla Roadster is clear evidence of this fact.

  2. can i know the cost of the conversion?? :DDDD i want to morph my e36 into a beast like this one :O and be eco cough

  3. Big diesel truck transmission with good clutches is what that car needs. Everybody uses dodges 48re trans. 4 spd with overdrive

  4. Just a quick physics lesson to everyone: wheel torque is a function of gearing. A car that puts out a paltry 100 lb-ft torque at the crank but has a 4:1 gear ratio in first gear and a 4:1 gear ratio in the differential multiplies its crank torque by 16 times. So a shitty little car can put out 1600 lb-ft at the wheels (combined torque of all drive wheels) in first gear. This is not sorcery, this is basic physics. This E36 is in fact putting out a lot more than 850 lb-ft at the wheels in first gear. Since most tires are roughly 2 feet in diameter, a 1 foot lever arm (the radius of the tire) is acting on the road. If the car were only putting 850 lb-ft of torque on a 1 foot lever arm (or 425 lb-ft to each of the 2 driven wheels), it'd be putting 850 pounds of force on the road (because torque is simply force x lever arm length), causing a 3000 lb car to accelerate at only 850/3000 g, or .28g, giving a 0-60 time of around 10 seconds. Nope. This car does not put out 850 lb-ft of torque to the wheels. False.

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  10. 400Kw times 1.36 = 544Hp. Funny how the guy from THE DRIVE had no idea what kilowatts mean even though he drives so many cars. Maybe he just drives but knows about nothing else about cars.

  11. It seems electric power is better. Really the only draw-back is that it doesn't destroy the environment. Horsepower, torque, all those things are great, but we really know being cool is the most important thing. And doing things that are smart, is just not cool. Fortunately producing the batteries and burning coal to make the electricity is still destroying the planet so I can still feel good about driving an electric car.

  12. Guy that driver so f**** annoying! I've got a 4500 lb electric Honda Prelude. And I think it grips and takes better corners than anything else you just have to conversate the weight with wider tires! Or learn how to drive! got most of my components from EV west there awesome! Too bad they hired an idiot to work with him!

  13. I just watched this video and I was surprised. Every time you hear noise from a gas engine that's the sound wasted energy that's literally gas money going out your tailpipe.

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  15. "It makes 400 kilowatts" ?? Since 342 hp is only 255 kilowatts, where is the 400 kilowatts?

    Guessing the answer, it could be like this: The maximum electrical power into the motor is 400 kilowatts. DC motor with brushes and commutator efficiency is roughly 80%. Drivetrain from motor to wheels efficiency is roughly 80%. 400 x .8 x .8 = 256 kilowatts. And there you have it probably.

    So my guess is, the input to the motor is 400 kilowatts (max). It makes about 320 kilowatts maximum at the output shaft of the motor, and the power at the wheels is about 255 kilowatts maximum. Something like that.

  16. I'd like to build a really simple, cheap and dumb backyard DIY Direct Drive test with a 2500lb dry weight RWD truck with 3.5 backend and 28 inch wheels .. I've got it sitting in my garage.. I saw a video where this kid connected a junkyard 36v 400amp forklift motor to his stick transmission and drove around the neighborhood at 40mph with just three 200ah 12 volt deep cycle batteries in series! One thing I noticed is he never changed gears. To me it seemed like his transmission was just in the way and consuming power and weight. I asked some EV experts and they said I could direct connect but it would be really inefficient from zero and low speeds consuming my batteries quickly with every take off and that I would likely need reduce my ratio to around 7:1. Anybody got any ideas on the math or how to reduce to the ideal gear ratio for my motor, power and weight without a full transmission? I'm sure there is some formula.

  17. The transition modality should be "plug-in hybrids". Limited to 1,000cc gas engines with a governed max rpm into their generator section. Big battery pack and all the electric tweaks you can dream up. Limit the teams to a fuel allotment. That way all parties are learning all technologies, but we still have some ICE involvement 😀

  18. Strange thing is, we in Europe uses kilowatts for measuring engine's power for decades now… 66kW/90hp, 74kW/100hp, 81kW/110hp, 96kW/130hp, 110kW/150hp, 150kW/200hp etc…

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    but with engineering modifications like Hemp bodies and chassis

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