This May: Break Free From Fossil Fuels

This May: Break Free From Fossil Fuels

“A Landmark moment in Paris” “The governments of the world have a plan to reduce climate changing greenhouse gas emissions after two decades of trying.” “This agreement should be the turning point in our story” BUT IT WON’T SAVE US “Even if all the initial targets set in Paris are met, we will only be part of the way there…” NOW, IT’S UP TO THE PEOPLE NOW, IT’S UP TO THE PEOPLE
From little things, big things grow From little things, big things grow “Far more needs to be done to keep global warming in check.” BECAUSE THIS IS AN EMERGENCY “We are fundamentally running out of time” WE MUST ACT LIKE IT “Human progress is neither automatic or inevitable, no social advance rolls in on the wheels of inevitability”
“I have a dream today” 1989
THE FALL OF BERLIN WALL “What’s radical is to write off the fact that change is within our reach” “We as everyday people have so much power” THE WORLD’S MOST DANGEROUS FOSSIL FUEL PROJECTS Losing my future is not like losing elections or a few points on the stockmarket This climate disobedience does not make us hooligans, it is our sacred duty to those suffering in the present day and who stand to lose so much if we fail in this race against time. Let’s take a moment, To hear our hearts beat, to hear our hearts beat! Everybody together! Everybody together! People Power! People Power! THIS MAY – JOIN A WAVE OF RESISTANCE TO KEEP FOSSIL FUELS IN THE GROUND “We can stop this madness, right now, right here” PEACEFUL, DIRECT, ACTION. “Free at last, free at last, JOIN US
We are Free!” BREAKFREE2016.ORG

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  1. 0:20 — marketing people should know better than to include this material. If you have to ask why I cannot help you. The rest is excellent. This is good: as is this:

  2. Peaceful direct action would be to minimize ones own carbon footprint and to help others do likewise. Noisy demonstrations are noise pollution not direct action.

  3. Bitte vormerken: Vom 4. bis 15. Mai 2016 wird eine Welle von Massenprotestaktionen weltweit die gefährlichsten Fossilenergie-Projekte ins Visier nehmen. Das Ziel lautet: Kohle, Öl und Gas müssen unter der Erde bleiben, die Energieversorgung muss auf 100% Eerneuerbare umgestellt werden!
    In Deutschland wird das Klimacamp in der Lausitz Bestandteil der globalen Aktionstage sein. Es ist für den Zeitraum vom 9. bis 16. Mai geplant. Wir werden an dieser Stelle darüber berichten.
    Das nachfolgende eindrucksvolle Video, das für die Aktionstage wirbt (Englisch mit deutschen Untertiteln), stammt von der Klimaschutz-
    Mein Facebook Video

  4. People do you realise that this great rent-a-crowd group are responsible for diverting a cruise ship from a port, forcing that city to forgo more than $250,000 in the local economy.

  5. Foscil fuel, oil, carbon… what about agriculture? What about burgers & fries? Yogurt, ice cream and spareribs are doing more damage than petroleum. Talk about the whole problem. Watch Conspiracy.

  6. Fossil fuels will be a fundamental part of our society for decades to come, and our environmental and political laws should be grounded in this reality!

  7. Fossil fuels generate 70% of the world's electricity regardless of the time of day and the weather. They make it possible for farms to grow enough food to feed 7 billion people. They heat most people's homes.  They provide the energy to transport food from farms to supermarkets. They also provide the energy to make steel, glass, bricks, concrete, and everything else on an industrial scale. Fossil fuels are the foundation of the modern world.

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