Tips – Mono vs Poly Marine Solar Panels

Tips – Mono vs Poly Marine Solar Panels

(upbeat music) – Hi, Jeff Cote here with
Pacific Yacht Systems. One of the common questions
that we get asked all the time at boat shows or even from boaters, and they are wondering,
“Jeff, what’s the difference between a mono and poly panel
and why does it matter to me?” well one of the biggest
difference between the two panels, is their efficiency. When you’re choosing
a panel for your boat, and you have limited space on your boat, and you don’t have a large
area to mount panels, and you want the most amount
of solar panel possible, you are going to end up
probably choosing a mono panel. Mono panels offer for
the same amount of space, about a 20% increase in
Wattage over a poly panel. So you can literally have two panels of exactly the same size, and if you buy the mono panel, that panel might be 120 Watts, and the other panel of
the exact same dimension, is going to be 100 Watts. So for instance on my boat, having a more traditional sail boat with limited surface area
to mount solar panels, and I wanted a large solar array, I went with mono panels
because that was a way for me to get as much solar
power off from my Bimini. Now some other boaters
have lots of canvas area or lots of surface area. So for them it might make no sense. And so what they end up choosing
is they choose a poly panel that is maybe not as
efficient as a mono panel, and they simply buy more panels. So you’re really doing a
trade off between cost. A mono panel costs more
money than a poly panel, and between efficiency because a mono panel is more
efficient at a higher cost than a poly panel. So those are really for us
the main differentiators when we suggest the
difference between poly panels and mono panels for boaters. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Great timing (for me!) as I was just trying to figure our the most ‘bang for my buck’ ($Cdn) to get a solar battery maintainer system on my 22’ HT boat. I’m at a marina with a shorepower connection but when I’m away I dont want to rely on my just my O/B or a small portable gen set for battery recharging. I’m still not convinced that in our latitude (I’m in Greater Victoria/Vancouver Island) a solar system can be efficient enough though… 🤔😎

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