Trump Says No US Military Hurt in Iran Attack

Trump Says No US Military Hurt in Iran Attack

Yesterday, Iran attacked US military bases in Iraq. Iran did this to avenge the death of their leader Qasem Soleimani who was killed by the USA. You are aware about this. On Wednesday 8th January 2020, US President Donald Trump said the investigations have revealed that no US military personnel died. There have been only a few damages. Trump said Iran purposely did not chose a dangerous form of attack. They attacked just to show their power and create fear among the world. Iran’s foreign minister said whatever Iran did, was in self-defence and have no intention of causing a war. When the US killed Soleimani & Iran Attacked, the whole world was afraid that it would lead to war. Everyone was very worried because of the tanking stock exchange. However when Trump and Iran’s Foreign minister calmed everyone, the stock exchange rose. Officials from the US and European government said they believed Iran had purposely avoided causing casualties to the US military in its missile strikes to create fear among people. Iran just wanted to show its power. This is because, earlier Trump had said if, Iran retaliated he would bomb 52 Iranian sites. Now lets see what happens and what is the next update.

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