Vegas V3 Tesla Supercharger ISN’T Worth the Time.

Vegas V3 Tesla Supercharger ISN’T Worth the Time.

(hip-hop music) – Today is a pretty special
day in the world of Tesla. – I’m sorry, I thought you–
– It is. – [Woman] Were going to say
it was your birthday. (laughs) – No, no, no, it’s not, no, no. (laughs) That right there is a Ferris
wheel, it’s called the LINQ, and in Las Vegas, it’s something that you can go cruise around on. Well, Tesla has taken the
Version 3 Superchargers and put the very first fully-functional Version
3 Supercharging station directly under that LINQ Ferris wheel. So we drove our Tesla Model X to Las Vegas and we’re gonna go and try this
Version 3 Supercharger out. Most Tesla owners don’t yet have a Version 3 Supercharging
car that’s enabled, but there are benefits,
even for your older car. So we’re gonna test that out. I have 32 miles range right
now, I’m basically on empty, and I’m gonna navigate to this place. There’s an entry code
to get into this place. Looks like it’s 5693#. At least right now it is. 5693#, I think I need to remember that. It’s weird that you have to remember it. Let’s go take our Tesla
there and check it out, see how fast it charges, and a little side note,
what day is it today? – It’s your birthday.
– It’s my birthday. (woman laughs)
It’s my birthday. Happy birthday to me. (laughs)
– Happy birthday. (hip-hop music) – We’ve got this navigation right here telling me to turn left. Do not enter, wrong way. That doesn’t look great.
(digital pop) Tesla navigation, we’re gonna
try going a different way. Here we go. Okay, it just rerouted us. Okay, we’ll make this. It’s a bit hard to read, for some reason, but that says LINQ High Roller this way. Apparently, it is under construction. No semi-trucks to LINQ. Confused by this navigation. It’s like hard left. Does that mean we turn into there? But it does look like we were supposed to take
a hard left right here. Oh, this is it, we gotta turn in here. Ugh, speed bumps. Speed bumps everywhere. Okay, now we have to turn right. (digital pop) – [Woman] What? – Does Version 3 Supercharger exist? (laughs) I entered it on here. This is the second way
that GPS has taken us and we’re lost, we’re right in the heart of Las Vegas right now,
right in the Strip area. This is so weird. Now the navigation is
taking me through this way, and all I’m seeing is more construction. (digital pop)
What the heck? You can’t even get in there. This is the third time the
navigation has taken us somewhere that doesn’t exist. Now we’re under the building, just driving.
(hip-hop music) So now I’m gonna say don’t go
to the Version 3 Supercharger. There’s two other
Superchargers around town that work just fine. They’re not the Version 3s, but at least you don’t get stuck in this traffic on the Strip. I swear I watched a video
that this is functional, and it shows that it’s working on here, and so I know it’s a real thing, it’s confusing how hard it is to find it. I’m following the Tesla navigation and we’ve already had three times that we’ve been rejected
with construction. (laughs) So yeah, this
is honestly annoying. (hip-hop music) We’re going through option number four. It looks promising, it
looks very promising. Oh, hey, they let us on! (chimes) Here we go, there it is! I see it! That was funny, the
construction worker’s like, “Over here, Tesla. “That’s where you need to (laughs) go. “This is your home.” Wow, there’s some cars here. This is cool, all right. What was the code again, five– – Please press four–
– Oh jeez, I can’t reach it. Curb rash on these cars is not good. (beeps)
Got it. We have all these Destination
Chargers out here, along with the actual Superchargers. It’s a pretty nice setup, it’s just, it’s funny, it’s in the
middle of the Strip, but it’s off the beaten path, considering all this
construction’s going on, that it’s a hassle right now. (hip-hop music) (car bell dinging) It’s go time, Version 3, how
high are the speeds gonna get on my car that is completely out? It’s 26 miles at this point. And first thing you’ll notice is that the cable is a lot skinnier. The rest of the Supercharger
looks pretty much the same. Yeah, it’s much lighter.
(light digital whirring) Here we go. (mechanism locking into place)
All right, all right, let’s go check it out. What’s it gonna do to my car? Let’s see, hour and 50 minutes. That doesn’t sound Version 3 fast. Come on, nine kilowatts, eight
kilowatts, you can do better. Go up, this is the number
we want to look at. Usually, the best I
can get to is 150, 145. Let’s see what it does for this one. 62’s not gonna do anything for me. We’re currently stuck at 63. Does it need to warm up because it’s really fast supercharging? I don’t know. (hip-hop music) I just learned something. Maybe you guys already knew this, but apparently the Version 3 Superchargers are just as fast as the
Version 2 Superchargers for the older cars. So lesson, if you have
a Model S or a Model X, don’t come all the way here to the Strip and fight traffic and
construction and all that stuff just to charge at this one right here, for the Supercharger. Don’t waste your time. There’s two of them that
are just off of the freeway. Go to those ones instead. But all of you Version
3 Supercharging people, get over here so that you can not be charging and taking up our space for us Version 2 people at the other ones. That would be helpful. – I really thought it
was gonna be a lot faster and so I was excited so we
didn’t have to be this long. – Yeah.
(imitates sad horn) (man imitates sad horn)
(woman laughs) – Well, it’s not like it’s
your birthday or anything. – (laughs) Would you stop? Everyone knows–
– It’s my birthday! – It’s your birthday,
he’s been telling everyone that we meet, anyone! People, valet people, hotel people–
– Yeah. – “It’s my birthday today.”
– It’s my birthday and I’m stuck in a Supercharger for an hour–
– My gosh. – Because I’m a nerd and I wanted to see what this thing
(woman laughs) looks like, and now it’s taking
up two hours of our night, because we had–
– Kick ass. – To drive all around and find the thing. This is what the Tesla
Supercharger looks like. We’re not gonna charge here for an hour. We’re gonna go to our hotel–
– Oh, good. – And give the car to the valet. I would imagine they have a
Destination Charger there. They can just charge the thing. You in a hurry, where are you– – If there was a mall around here or something to see–
– There’s a train right there you can hop on, and we can
go anywhere on the Strip, – I don’t want to go on a train. – No trains?
– I don’t want to go on the Strip, we’ll go to the hotel. – Okay, all right.
– Go get some dessert. – Dessert, she knew that would get me out of this place.
(woman laughs) I need birthday dessert and I haven’t had any yet, so milkshakes. Going to get some milkshakes.
– Done, yep. – Guess what?
– What? – It’s my birthday.
(woman laughs)

100 thoughts on “Vegas V3 Tesla Supercharger ISN’T Worth the Time.

  1. Very funny super expensive Tesla Model X charges slower than a much cheaper Model 3 and people wonder why sales on the Model S and X are falling when a Model 3 can charge 2x faster. That is a huge fail on Tesla not to update the batteries on the Model S and X as not only does the Model 3 charge faster it seems the batteries are safer!

  2. New S/X refresh from end of April allows charging speeds of up to 200 KW on V3 chargers. 3’s can still pull up to 250 KW (still faster) but that’s due to new charging hardware & updated battery cells. Updated S/X just have the new charging hardware but original battery cells

  3. August 10th baby with a Model 3 here! !!!!! And anytime – birthday or not – you do a trip in the Tesla, it's like a birthday gift!

  4. Yeah pretty disappointing. The silver lining is hopefully that it alleviates congestion at other Superchargers in LV for us locals (especially Town Square which is jammed on weekends). I went to check out the Linq supercharger on July 20; first Saturday it was open. Ran into the same challenges getting there. Best way to access is via Las Vegas Blvd -> Flamingo. Also was disappointing to learn that my X 100D didn't not charge at the super-faster-mostest rate. And worst, there really aren't many places close by to use the restroom. Maybe Tesla can develop some sweet porta-potties and drop them there too.

  5. Really?Longest range of any Tesla. Fastest track times. I just beat a hellcat in my performance M3 on the strip. Not even close to Raven drag times.

  6. Love your videos. Have an X & 3. To get max charging even on a Model 3 you have to prep the battery for supercharging,. You would need to select the supercharger way in advance so your Tesla has time to get to the optimum temperature for supercharging. Keep up the great work.

  7. I was just there on Friday, 8/9 and had no issue. It even “preconditioned the battery”. Took a picture of the state and showed 392 mi/hr but prior to it was still much higher like 509 but I don’t have a pic to prove it. Your autopilot should have routed you around the corner to have you make a right hand turn on to Linq drive, then it should have been straight ahead.

  8. I'm digging that they have a crapload of destination chargers there … if you don't get a hotel with a charger or want to come to the strip, you can park at a destination charger and slow charge while goofing off on the strip.

  9. Why did you disclose the entry code? This allows only Tesla’s to get in. You are now inviting people to come and ICE the chargers.

  10. I guess your map is horrible. You were walking distance from shops. There's a fancy chocolate store there that serves ice cream. There's a yard house inside that area that sells Filipino eggrolls. They were awesome AF. The flamingo casino was right there. You could have walked into it a saw real flamingos.

  11. You Promote Tesla a lot ……….They should pay you $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    oH IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY ? When are you going to show your home being built ????
    More videos of your New Home , More Viewers !!!!

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