We FINALLY Know What a Black Hole Looks Like

We FINALLY Know What a Black Hole Looks Like

Here it is. The moment you’ve all been waiting for. “We’re delighted to be able to report
to you today that we have seen what we thought was unseeable. We have seen and taken a picture of a black
hole.” The first ever photo of a black hole, more
specifically the supermassive black hole 55 million light-years away and almost the size
of our entire solar system. It took only two years.12,000 simulations,
200 researchers, 60 institutes and an international partnership of radio telescope sites spread
across the world, to get it. And it will finally tell us if Einstein’s
theory of general relativity’s prediction of black holes was right or…wrong. I know that’s a hefty claim which is why
this is big deal. But don’t fret, he was right, and it’s
been confirmed that his theory holds up. As we may all know, a black hole is one of
the most extreme environments in the universe, and nothing, not even light can escape its
event horizon… So these images are not even the real thing. But we can look at the materials going into
a black hole, like gas, stars, and other astrophysical bodies. The atoms of these materials are pulled into
the intense gravity of the black hole, which then tosses them around at extreme speeds. All that commotion causes the atoms to heat
up into white-hot emissions of X-ray and other high-energy radiation. This is what the teams at the EHT detected
with M87. The researchers call this bright orbiting
disk of hot material, the black hole’s shadow. And the shadow is what we’re all worked
up about. Because just to remind you every other photo
you’ve seen up to this point, has been an artist illustration. Every. Single. One. When these images were made black holes had
never been seen and still a theory. A well-known and highly accepted theory, but
a theory nonetheless. So this photo not only proves the existence
of black holes, but the shape of its shadow, verifies what we currently understand about
theoretical physics. In 1915, Einstein proposed his theory of general
relativity that explains pretty much how gravity interacts with space and time to shape the
universe. He also predicted that the light would bend
by a certain amount when coming near immense gravity, like our sun. Except his theory of gravity is independent
of the modern theories of quantum mechanics. These two pillars that uphold physics just
don’t work together, so one of these theories has to budge. Black holes are one of the places to look
for answers and it looks like general relativity may have the edge, as it’s just been proven
to hold up near one of the most extreme environments known to man. Next steps will be understanding quantum gravity. “It is great that we can see it verified,
but we use this everyday for satellite communication, it is very integral part of our understanding
the universe. There are many people thinking about this
also, but I’m fascinated about black holes and quantum gravity, and how does gravity
actually work?” Researchers had only an idea on what they
should expect from the photo based on their calculations of the black hole; an asymmetrical
lopsided ring of sorts with the disk’s light warped around the event horizon. Which is what we got. “I have to admit, I was a little stunned
that it matched so closely be predictions that we have made. It is gratifying, sometimes frustrating. But, this is the beginning.” After 12,000 simulations, they produced this
photo, that matches what Einstein predicted, and it’s an amazing feat because even the
slightest deviation from general relativity could have created different shadows entirely. Plus this is just another win for Einstein
since the discovery of the gravitational waves in 2016 and the observations of “gravitational
redshift” at Sagittarius A-star. But just because the EHT project made event
history, they aren’t just gonna pack up their gear and head home. Nu-uh, that’s not how this works…ever. In fact, now that they’ve proven the existence
of one of the most tremendous events to happen in the universe, they’re going to dig deeper. “There are some very interesting things
that we want to follow up with, there are asymmetries around the ring, the brightness
in the southern part, so there will be a lot of future work on this to sharpen our focus
on gravity.” Congratulations to the countless researchers
worldwide that made this photo possible and thank you for always pushing the seemingly
impossible realms of science just a bit further into reality. If you guys are itching to know more about
how this process was done, check out Seeker’s interviews with the researchers themselves
in our Focal Point and How Close Are We documentaries. and if you still want more breaking science
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100 thoughts on “We FINALLY Know What a Black Hole Looks Like

  1. Money well spend…this is idiocracy, billions of dollars, thousands of lazy hours spend for a blury photo of something menkind cant ever make use of. Good job fkn american idiots

  2. I don't buy it, the elites are just preparing the next thing to scare the sheeple, once the climate hoax is revealed.

  3. I love that up until this week, black holes were still just a theory, and now they are an observed fact. Science in motion and I love every moment. I'm excited about future discoveries.

  4. I am interested in to knowing what happens with matter after event horizon or approaching to the point of singularity…

  5. 1915 : Black hole does exist
    2019 : first image of black hole
    2115 : Oh there is another way to reach in other dimensions or other part of universe by werm hole or white hole(opposite side of black hole), time travell could b possible

  6. oh now its hakim now, ok, yeah….the stephen hawking comment again. the last one was from amy. look, how bout i make redundant the steven hawking comment, how bout that?

  7. FAKE Photoshop BLACK HOLE. I guess scientist ran out of grant money and needed to produce something to justify wasting billions of dollars in tax payers money. lol

  8. Black holes were such an accepted theory my mind was blown when you said THEORY. I thought it was fact longer than i've been alive, and i'm 30. I feel so dumb. Well I never said I was good at science.

  9. That photo is totally bogus. "if" it were a "black hole"…it would not look "flat" with a ring around it. According to the theory, Black Holes are a "singularity" with INFINITE GRAVITY that pulls directly to the center of the hole….just like gravity on Earth; pulls everything on this "ball" or "globe" towards the center.

    Since the singularity would be a sphere…then the Event Horizon above the "spherical hole"…would also be a SPHERE. Since it "sucks in all matter and all light"…..FROM EVERY ANGLE POSSIBLE ON A SPHERE….then all you would be able to see is Light surrounding the Event Horizon. And, you would not be able to tell from this distance if the light were moving down past the event horizon; or bouncing off the event horizon…so as not to fall into the "hole" or Singularity.

    This photo is a "composite"….as they even claim…that they "put together" over "many years". That's b.s.; also. Any "kid" could produce that "rendering" in photoshop or Adobe Creative Studio….in about 10 minutes….at practically ZERO COST. But….even then; if would not look like a FLAT RING….like would have to be spherical.

    this is such utter bullshit…the more I think about it. The Event Horizon would by NECESSITY…be above the "hole" and it would be a sphere that light TOTALLY SURROUNDS. When you turn light onto a "dark spot"…it's no longer dark. The light you "shoot at a dark spot"; LIGHTS UP THE DARK SPOT. What a fricking crock of shite.

    Let's see the CONCLUSIONS from the past. This is just WIKIPEDIA……on "event horizon".

    ….event horizon (EH) is a region beyond which events cannot affect an outside observer. In layman's terms, it is defined as the SHELL of "points of no return", i.e., a boundary which the gravitational pull … becomes so great as to make escape impossible. Light emitted from inside the event horizon can never reach the outside observer, and the outside observer cannot see beyond the event horizon.

    This is TOTAL ASTRONOMICAL FRAUD. Just going to wikipedia and other websites to research "what an event horizon is"…took me very bit of 30 seconds. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Event_horizon

    Here it is from UC Santa Barbara…http://scienceline.ucsb.edu/getkey.php?key=1842
    An event horizon can basically be thought of as the boundary of a black hole, although there's nothing actually there that could be touched or anything like that. What's special about an event horizon is that once anything, matter or even light, passes beyond the event horizon, it can never escape from the black hole, and will continue falling towards the center of the black hole, which is called a singularity. Because of this, it's impossible to get any information out of a black hole, so we can't really know what's beyond an event horizon. This is the point were all of the matter and energy that falls into the black hole falls into. Since it's infinitesimally small, you wouldn't be able to see it, even if light were able to escape.


    Can we get more actual Science on this one…..? How about https://www.space.com/black-holes-event-horizon-explained.html

    Ok…space.com.…"The event horizon protects us from the unknown physics near a singularity," Loeb said. IN their first video, we hear these words…."The best chance we have of taking a picture of a black hole, is at the center of our galaxy. But, it is so far away that mapping the Event Horizon would be like standing in NYC and trying to count the dimples on a golf ball in LA with the naked eye." continuing…"Gas falling into the Black Hole heats up to billions of degrees; causing the event horizon to appear as a silhouette…"

    Let's see…."gas that is billions of degrees at the Event Horizon"….and completely surrounding an "infinitesimal black hole".

    These people from the Smithsonian need to take their shite and walk. They are either TOO STUPID for words…or somehow, to prove some STUPID AGENDA related to Big Bang Cosmology….they simply think that the "ENTIRE POPULATION" IS STUPID…and because they have some "official sounding name"….we will SWALLOW ANY IDIOCY that they put out.

    10 minutes..?? It took 10 minutes to find "other sites that BELIEVE in the existence of Black holes"…but which all confirm; IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO SEE OR PHOTOGRAPH ONE. God…what a crock.

    I'm a Nuclear Physicist….and I've known this FACT about EVENT HORIZONS for decades.

    Welcome to the Matrix, folks….because that photo is PROPAGANDA….and an illusion….according to their "own words" taught in every Science Class in every University in the World.

    I'm sure that detracts are going to come out of every corner on this one….but FACTS ARE FACTS… and theories are theories. Their own "science" cannot be contradictory; and then use it to refute the OBVIOUS…you cannot photograph a black hole due to the Event Horizon that surrounds it…"if" in fact; they actually exist outside THEORY. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRsGPq77X0Q

  10. "We're delighted to be able to report to you today that we have seen what we thought was unseeable. We have seen and taken a picture of a black hole"

    Bruh!? All you gotta do to see it is to get a mirror, turn around, bend over, spread your büťť cheeks and wallah! You see the unseeable black hole!

  11. So why did it take all this much man power to make a big fuss over something that can End us with no sweat that is MILLIONS OF LIGHT YEARS AWAY but we don’t know what it’s in our own deep ocean… I guess it’s true science focuses so hard on the silliest out of Reach things . When you have a planet right here that you are trashing lol. How can people so smart be so stupid and neglectful ?

  12. HUMANS BE LIKE…”let’s ignore what we have in front of us and work on terraforming other planets so we can spread our diseases like a plague across the universe … cuz that makes sense. Humans are still gonna be humans at the end of the day we don’t deserve another planet if you think about it cuz we don’t deserve this one neither. But nobody is talking about this ?

  13. Is it a black hole or the remnant of a quasar ? Look at the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQRS0aF2G9M&feature=youtu.be

  14. Photo doesn't prove shit. It's FAKE AS F$%@!

    You ATHIESTS are reaching for straws. Wanting to believe in something and worshiping nothing. What a bunch of mindless MORONS who waste years studing nothing. SMH

  15. Hi, can you explain why the said photograph of black hole is disk like, Instead of a sphere, if it's a sphere then we should not be able to see the black core

  16. If only we could keep great minds alive not body-wise but maybe machine mind wise so that they can continue to progress on the theories Einstein didn't have this technology this capability if he was still here him or Tesla who knows we might be on Mars already… I mean 1915 that's when he gave his theories we've been working off of these theories Generations the thing with Tesla he was already talkin about Wireless capabilities yet here we are with illogical people ruining our lives on the daily not one of them listens to logic just good old-fashioned medieval passion a lot of rhetoric and screaming they're the enemy you're the good guys you're blessed by God go forth and commit all the the sins we were told not to commit😑

  17. I was seeing a photo of a sigaret that sombody posted on facebook.
    In where how a sigaret burnd, almost looks the same as a black hole.

    When you do that in a lab and you create almost the same surounding as a black hole, but then with a sigaret, you can study a black hole and its effects way more easy and it is in a controld surounding.

    Black holes and sigarets do look alike when you look at it with a creative swing.

  18. It's much bigger than our solar system.
    The black hole including the ring is around 7 light days i diameter.
    From the Sun to Pluto is 5 light hours.

  19. @3:26 did she just say “after 12,000
    simultaneous they were able to produce this photo”?
    Is that how photos work now ?

  20. It took basically the whole world, best equipment, computers and a century later to prove what Einstein already knew.

  21. What bothers me is that they portrayed those images with certainty as the actual black holes long before we’ve ever seen them. Regardless if the theory was correct. That’s like the crazy sales men that’s always telling you what you should buy because he knows better. On a good note congrats to these ladies and gents for their findings. Now let’s work In getting a more clear image haha 🙂

  22. I love that she tells us that prior to this amazing breakthrough every thing we’ve seen was an artists rendition then tells us this is an artists rendition.

  23. A few months ago I drew thug life glasses on a picture of Einstein. I could bet that's how he felt like when he knew he was right xD

  24. You said it took a bunch of sinulations to take a legit picture of a black hole. Hmmmmmm. Where i have seen this b4

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  26. Here it is a picture of a doughnut aided by cg animations to make you believe in all sorts of horse shit told to you by a talmudic skank shoring up that fraud Einstein.

  27. I'm so glad it took them 5 mins to explain how black a black hole really is…. I'm not an astronomer nor a scientist, but I do read a lot and watch a lot of different scientific research and most of them came to the agreement hundreds of years ago that they were going to call the black hole the black hole cause of how black it is and doesn't let energy escape, but now that there is a huge black hole now we can actually see a picture of nothingness surrounded by matter and energy… this is what happens when I don't change videos quick enough

  28. At 1:10 sadly she said these images is not even the real thing".. ask? when can we see the real from a fake. It's a simulations the imitation of a process or system.. all fakes all lies , you been lied to ..

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