What One Person Can Do About Climate Change | Ella Lagé | TEDxHamburg

What One Person Can Do About Climate Change | Ella Lagé | TEDxHamburg

Translator: Alena Koroleva
Reviewer: Zsuzsa Viola OK, so I have to make a confession. Every time I rehearsed this speech, I got to the point
where I almost started crying. What I want to talk with you about
moves me a lot. And what moves me is the beauty and the power
of people like you and me standing up together to solve a problem
that seems impossible to tackle. This is me a couple of years ago. I was deeply unsettled
and overwhelmed by global warming. I knew it was there, but it seemed
very far away and abstract. And at the same time,
I was closely surrounded by its cause: our global economic system that is based on digging out
and burning fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas – which holds responsible for two thirds
of our global carbon emissions. Now, living a normal life in Germany, I was part of the system every day, from my consumption to the food I eat,
the travel, like in the picture, the waste I produce. In fact, I felt that I was
so much involved in it that I didn’t even have
the right to oppose it. I was global warming in a way. And no matter what I would do
to reduce my personal consumption, it would never be enough
to solve the problem. I felt helpless when I thought of it, and so for a long time,
I preferred not to think of it too much. I’m sure you are aware that global warming
is an increasingly urgent topic. It’s proceeding much more rapidly
then expected just now, and although we have no time to lose, our political leaders don’t seem
to take the necessary steps to break free from those fossil fuels. Although there are some
pretty good options on the table like introducing carbon taxes, ending subsidies
in the fossil fuel industry – that are really high,
especially in Germany – or an obligatory carbon footprint label
on all the products that we buy so we actually have a choice and we foster competition among companies
to reduce their emissions. We get none of this. And this is even more confusing
and unsettling to me. And I kept asking myself, “Is there anything I as an individual
can do to open the door to change?” Well, I found there is. Two years ago, I signed
a petition at 350.org. It’s a US based NGO fighting climate change
by building a grassroots movement. And this movement really excited me. I saw people taking
creative public action. They were many,
they were doing it together, and they didn’t at all seem sad
or desperate or aggressive. They looked like they had a lot of fun. And I fell in love with that movement. Now, I have children and I have a job – I’m a service design strategist – but at this point, I didn’t at all think about how
I would be able to come up with the time to put some effort into this. I just knew I wanted to be part of it. I wanted to end my paralysis. On the map of 350.org,
I found Fossil Free Berlin, which is the local campaign
in the town where I live. It’s a city actually. When I got to meet these beautiful people, I learned that their goal was to get the city of Berlin to divest
its capital reserves from fossil fuels. Just like you might be right now,
I was asking myself, What is this ‘divestment’? I had no idea. But by now, I’ve found out
three quite amazing things about it that I want to share with you. Number one: Divestment is to pull out our money
from the fossil fuel industry. It’s basically the opposite
of an investment because the investments that we have are being withdrawn from companies
that dig out or burn fossil fuels. Those are companies like Shell, NVE,
BP, ExxonMobil, Total – you get the picture. It’s basically a boycott, simple as that. Now you may say, “That sounds like a good idea, but I don’t even own shares
in these companies.” I also thought that I didn’t, and then I had to found out that I did. Not because I ever took that decision
and thought it was a really good idea, but because the ones
who received my money did: public administration, my bank, my insurances, my pension fund. No matter who I give my money to, some of it goes
to the fossil fuel industry, in the form of loans, shares,
project finance, bonds. Today there is almost no exception. Now, I realized
this makes me a stakeholder, and as a stakeholder I can interfere. I can tell them that I don’t want this. Chances are better
if I don’t do it on my own but together with other people
who are in the same position. And this is how
the divestment movement works: individuals get together and ask their institutions
to divest from fossil fuels. It’s something very simple
and obvious we are asking for. It’s to divest from those companies that are at the root of the system
that we need to change. And it’s usually not that much; it’s just between five and ten percent
of all investments that needs to be moved. It’s a totally realistic goal,
and we can reach it. So, now you may say, “Well, if it’s not that much money, who cares?” And even worse, “If these institutions divest somebody else is going to buy
their shares, right?” It’s true. The fossil fuel industry is very big, and there will always be
investors who don’t care. So, will the fossil fuel industry
even take any notice of what’s going on? How can divestment
actually change anything? Well, this brings us to the second thing
that I learned about divestment. It’s not about money. But it can cause something else; it can cause moral bankruptcy. And you can see an example
of moral bankruptcy if you look at the end
of the South African apartheid regime. In the 80’s, students in the US succeeded in asking their universities
to divest from companies that were doing business
with the South African apartheid regime. And those universities divesting and talking in public
about why they had done so led to other institutions following: faith organizations, unions,
cities, investment funds. It spread like a virus. And this public dissociation was,
according to Nelson Mandela, a crucial factor in ending apartheid. And Willem de Klerk, the last president
of the apartheid regime, can be quoted: “When the divestment movement began,
I knew that apartheid had to end.” [F.W. de Klerk, last president
of the apartheid regime] This is a political leader acknowledging that once people are ready
to move their money in order to make a moral statement, they will have their way. Think about the power that gives to us. And there is yet a third thing
I came to understand about divestment: it’s a precondition for change. Remember I said earlier that we don’t see
the necessary political steps? Well, here is why. We as a society currently depend on the profits
of the fossil fuel industry. Because we invested in them everywhere. Our wellbeing depends
on their dirty business. Currently, as it is, if they fall,
we lose our money. On the other hand, we know if they remain profitable,
the planet will be boiled. Which one is worse? We need to understand that ending this dependency
is a precondition for taking the necessary steps
to stop global warming, for rebuilding our economy and changing it into one
that is based on renewables. Divestment is not going to solve
all the problems immediately, but it’s the first necessary step
towards solving them. And the virus is spreading. This is what this powerful
and wonderful movement has been achieving in the past 18 months; all of these institutions
have decided to divest. It’s started with a lot of
universities in the US, Yale being the latest example. Then there was the Norwegian
Sovereign Wealth Fund. They decided to divest
their 900 billion portfolio last year. There were over 60 cities,
such as Seattle, Oslo, Copenhagen and Munster, being the first German city,
to take that decision last year, where responsibles said, “It was surprisingly easy
and quickly done.” And then other huge institutions followed: The Rockefeller Foundation,
The Guardian Media Group, The British Medical Association, a lot of faith organizations
and the Church of Scotland. And even the Bill
and Melinda Gates Foundation, who would not call it “divestment,”
but that is really what they do. So, the entire sum adds up to 3.4 trillion US dollars that are committed
for divestment right now. Now, what about my hometown, Berlin,
and the campaign I’m in? We are not on the list yet, but we had a meeting
with the senator for finance last week. And he said that he began
looking into divestment just shortly after
we launched our campaign, and he expects it to be done
by the end of this year. We’re ten people in a four million town. Now – (Applause) Getting him to talk to us obviously was a lot of work
in the past year. And I did most of that work
at nights and on weekends because of my family
and my job filling my days. It was very exhausting,
but I could not stop. It was also a challenge
for the people around me, and my husband at times,
frankly, almost went nuts. Thank God, he is here today. So, over the last winter,
I decided to take a climate sabbatical. I was lucky I could do that. I wanted more time during the day
for the Berlin campaign, and also, I wanted to do something else, I wanted to address my own pension fund –
Versorgungswerk der Presse – and make them divest. I sent a letter to them last fall, and shortly after, they replied saying that they had decided
to divest partly from coal. Sometimes it can be that simple;
it was just one letter – and of course, the threat to tell
the entire German press about it, but OK. (Laughing) But it is just a first step;
it’s really too little. I want my pension to be clean, and that’s why I want them
to go all the way. So I built this website, and I’m mobilizing journalists
and other supporters to send divestment letters to the Versorgungswerk der Presse
through this website. I hope you will check it out. And if you think
it’s a good idea, contribute. Now, there is really no need to go all the way crazy
over divestment like I did. You can actually get things going
with fairly little effort. And that’s why I want
to encourage you to take action. Look around you – the person next to you might be a member
of the same pension fund or a customer of the same bank as you. You can get together
and start by writing a letter. If you are not sure how to do it,
send me an email – we’ll get it done. Now, I’ve lived in Hamburg,
and I know that it’s a wealthy city. If you have money,
make sure it does the right thing, and then go and tell everyone
what you did and why. If we let our financial institutions know that we do not want to benefit
from global warming anymore, we will set in motion a change process. I guarantee: the more we are the better. And my dream is that one day
when we are looking back, the fossil fuel industry
will be quoted this: “When the divestment movement began,
we knew that fossil fuels had to end.” [The fossil fuel industry] Thank you. (Applause)

77 thoughts on “What One Person Can Do About Climate Change | Ella Lagé | TEDxHamburg

  1. I cooperate. In 1 yr energy conservation and minimizing co2 emission, it is a big help even though im the only one or we are the only one doing it.

  2. Here are some instructions on how to think.

    If it's hot one day – It's Man made global warming.
    If it's cold one day – It's climate change.
    If it's juuuust right for you one day – You got to be aware, because it might be man made global standard.
    If you can't predict the weather even 2 weeks ahead – It's just "how the weather works"
    If you can't make any of 12 000 climate predictions for 15 years ahead to work -It's a "pause" in the man made global warming.
    If it's the most snowfall in 50 years – It's because of something that has to do with… you guessed it – Man made global warming.
    If you don't feel guilty about breathing out co2 or to fart – you're a bad person.
    If it's dark at night – it's because man made distribution of people on the planet is skewed so the rotation is out of order.
    If it's a tsunami somewhere on the planet – It's because of co2 density buildup in the acid oceans that's pushing water ashore.
    If someone doubt your information – Attack
    If you're an mathematician and realizes it would take an 80% income tax level worldwide, and a complete consumption stop, to even scratch the surface of goals set for 2040 – You're a person that should be stoned to death as a heretic.

    This cult is no different from the y2k freaks who believed the world would explode. Or the 2012 Mayan doomsday preppers.
    Get over yourself.

  3. If I choose to act on fighting fossil fuels, I would (acting on consumption cause):
    1. Invest in LED bulbs in my house, office, kindergarden, schools, municipalities,
    2. Use less hot water and show others how to do this
    3. Stop using flights and agitate for teleconferences or "hololens" type interactions,
    4. Stop buying non-local products and campaign for other people to do the same
    5. Stop using transport/vehicles, that depend on fossil fuel and educate others to do the same
    6. Buy electricity from renewable sources and hint my friends to do so
    7. Stop using products from "China" – produced in other side of the Earth or Moon,

    There are so many things to do right now to contribute to co2 reduction as compared to simply declare your support and let the others do your bidding…

  4. Poor Ella, she let propaganda effect her judgement and she wound up feeling guilty about something that isn't going to happen. In a few years when she realizes that her worries were imaginary she will probably pull into a cocoon and become introverted. I chose to comment on Ella's talk because it is one of the most recent TEDx talks that covers global warming but TEDx sure has had a lot of talks on the subject but most precede Ella's. Who is responsible for the propaganda of global warming? The UN, globalists like the Club of Rome and people like Al Gore who has managed to increase his net worth 10,000% exploiting this theme. The truth is that the sun is the driving force controlling global temperature and it has just started a solar minimum which the planet has not seen for the past 200 years. The planet is going to get cooler and that is more serious than any predicted heating. The planet has about 8 billion people and it relies on the food that this warm climate has produced. What is going to happen when the temperature drops? I don't don't know who funds TEDx but I suspect it is globalists.

  5. Guess what Al Gore is doing personally to help with climate change in his big mansions where his energy use is something like 15-20 times what an average family uses? So I'm doing what he's doing and the rest of you can bite me if you don't like it.

  6. Well said Ella. The only thing I ask is that you take a close, objective look at carbon free nuclear power as part of the solution. You mentioned renewables but nuclear power, particularly the new generation IV designs, can not only provide electrical power but also artificial fuels, desalinization, processing heat, and fertilizers for crop production. It is available 24/7 and minimizes our impact on the natural environment.

  7. "When the divestment movement began, I knew that Apartheid had to end." -South African President de Klerk. Too bad he didn't think that Apartheid had to end for ethical reasons! Good job Ella. I'll try to get the Royal Bank of Canada to stop funding the Dakota Access Pipeline…we'll see… : – )

  8. Funny people those Germans, especially the Gütmenschen, once Germany was full of sheeple that were bad people because their scientists thought they were the master race, scientists said so. But now they wanna be all good sheeple and since scientists now say they're all gonna die they go ahead and again believe the lie. Lived in Germany and the political correct nonsense there is just unbearable, don't ever go and live there unless it's for work and you rent a place, don't ever migrate there and buy a house, Germans have lost their minds as a nation.

  9. A simple school Science experiment for 8/10 year olds, shows C02 is heavier than air, denser than air and is not very soluble in water. Due to its weight it sits close to the surface of water, and it's impossible for it to be responsible for heating the planet. Meanwhile I'm still waiting for any sign of Global warming, Climate change, or extreme weather.

  10. Quit eating meat. And if you eat meat: eat less and buy organic. It also helps to cut down on dairy products. Buy organic food. Cotton is one of the most important crops worldwide. Stop buying "fast" fashion – made of cotton and otherwise. Buy less garments and buy organic and sustainably produced. Avoid flying. Join car sharing to drive to work. Consider living in a smaller house or appartment. We need a lot of energy for heating, and then there is the grey energy of building the houses AND the infrastructure.
    So the individual family home IS very energy consuming.

  11. What you can do to fight climate change and conservation of ecosystem of planet:

    1. Refuse, reduce, repair, refurbish or recycle
    2. Reduce & conserve energy by Investing in LED bulbs in my house, office, kindergarten, schools, municipalities, Buy energy efficient goods and machinery. Adopt Goods Manufacturing Practices.
    2. Save water indoors and outdoors Adopt low flow faucets in toilets. Use Water harvesting and recycling methods. Use good farming and management and irrigation practices
    3. Stop using flights and agitate for teleconferences or "hololens" type interactions,
    4. Think global, Act local, buy local products, goods and services as far as feasible and campaign for other people to do the same. Adopt small, local, decentralized, need based, resources oriented economy
    5. Stop using transport/vehicles that depend on fossil fuel and educate others to do the same. Start using public transport, sharing transport or car pools instead of individual vehicle
    6. Use renewable sources of energy, Generate electrical energy form clean coal technology, bio-fuel, Energy form solar, wind, tidal wave, biodiesel, geothermal, nuclear
    7. Stop using products from "China" – produced in other side of the Earth or Moon, …
    8. Reduce your food and water eco-footprint
    9. Go vegan diet as far as possible
    10. Protect & conserve trees, forest, mangroves, oceans, water bodies, bio diversity, soil, air, energy,
    11 Save paper, Use products with low ecofootprints i.e. products marked with EcoGreen footprint labels
    12. Support biodivrerse natural or organic farming to mono culture industrial farming practices. Discourage factory processed or produces foods, Support family farmers by purchasing form farmers market instead of buying form malls. Prefer freshly prepared or cooked foods to packaged and processed foods in factories or central kitchens

  12. this poor poor snowflake. She flatters herself thinking man's cumulative micro energy interactions have any effect of earth's energy flow.
    Poverty and starvation will be the controlling factors that curb future fossil fuel use. The inevitability of Nature's Law of Supply and Demand will always prevail.
    Populations of species overrunning their resources has terminal consequences.
    Common sense to STOP overpopulating Earth's finite living space will have no effect on that underlying root cause of humanities grim future.
    People will no more stop using fossil fuels than they will cease at overpopulation.
    For the foreseeable future fossil fuels are the most economic source of energy.
    Energy "efficient" electric cars are sold as energy efficient until you calculated what coal fired electrical plants ad to the costs.
    CA is mandating new and old construction of homes to have "must have" or else, solar powered sources of electricity.
    Of course their true efficiency goes with subsidies to the big utility companies or the "loans" available so you can go in debt now to pay more for less energy.

  13. one person can do this: every monday morning send an email to your mp or congress representative, saying "i won't vote for you until your party publishes a radical program for climate recovery." tell all your contacts to do the same. if humanity is to survive, we must all stand up and demand action.

  14. Using cruise control during urban driving whenever possible, reducing and increasing speed using the cruise control helps my hybrid to get 40 to 50 MPG. On freeways, setting the cruise to 65 increases MPG because above 65 the wind resistance increases exponentially. A depressing development from the Oval Office crime family was overturning 58 MPG in new cars, already put into law by the reality-focused Obama. Ms. Laga's comments are accurate and worth considering.

  15. And so we hear from a woman that lives in a country that is projected to manufacture over 6 million automobiles this year. Will you be divesting from Audi, BMW, and Daimler-Benz and throwing half the country out of work?

  16. Wow, amazing, the people are going to let these corrupt political officials further enslave us through a carbon tax. Its really happening, as a response to a problem that doesnt even exist.

  17. It’s GUARANTEED that 85% of those in THIS audience drive GAS GUZZLING SUVs!!!!!!!!! They are MASSIVE hypocrites!!!!!!

  18. Germany said 'Nien Danke' to nuclear, so their electricity is wedded to coal, or iportaing from 40% nuclear France

  19. All nations need to start eliminating all vehicles and start building only Tower cities connected to maglev Trains. Like we should have done in the first place! T&T would have saved millions of lives! From car crashes, lung cancers, weapons and war deaths, crimes, and so many more. By building cars they made capitalism “look good” but none of those jobs ever should have existed. All people should own all things, and work part time, 20 or 10 hours a week. There should have always been EQUAL WEALTH, but now we can give every person a Guaranteed Residual Income because most money is just numbers in computers. Let’s eliminate money now.

  20. Abstract! Civilization cannot exist as it is! Humans at 7+ billion cannot last long soon 10 Billion will be here. Exponents math UGGH! Around 1910 the league of nations debated humans and environment degradation. it was agreed about 1 Billion humans was called carrying capacity of the planet! 1 Billion = resources of planet. right now man is using 5X the available resources of planet. so in short TOO MANY PEOPLE! cant change anything with 10 BILLION the dye is set WE are DOOMED!

  21. Her premise of "divesting" in companies that produce fuel/energy will reduce use is ridiculous! Demand drives production, not public ownership of shares in companies. 7.5 billion people want cheap, easily usable forms of energy. Wind and solar are NOT the answer due to high cost per KW and high negative impact on the environment. Nuclear can replace most coal fired electrical generation but hydrocarbon fuels are almost impossible to replace for most transportation needs. -"Scalar" energy technology is the answer to all!

  22. There are 100 ways to skin a cat. And what's about an imminent small ice age. It could also happen.

  23. As a scientist specializing in the study of atmospheric physics, I have to tell you all that,
    despite his qualifications, Brian Cox has failed to look into what are false
    claims by climatologists in regard to the conjecture that radiation from one
    molecule of carbon dioxide in every 2,500 other air molecules causes heat
    transfer from the cold atmosphere to the already warmer surface and raises the
    temperature thereof. I have spoken personally to Brian Cox and given him the
    link to my papers at @t but he remains arrogant
    and narcissistic in regard to his worship of NASA and the infant science of
    climatology. In fact it is NASA's "energy budget" diagrams that
    expose their errors because these diagrams imply that radiation from different
    sources can be added in order to determine the resulting temperature. Nothing
    in established physics says that can be done, and no published experiment
    anywhere supports the conjecture. Cox completely ignores the work of the
    brilliant physicist Josef Loschmidt who explained how gravity forms the
    temperature gradient in the troposphere, not "back radiation" from
    so-called "greenhouse" gases. In fact, if climatology
    "science" were correct we could calculate that the main "greenhouse"
    gas, water vapor, ought to make rain forests 50 to 80 degrees hotter than
    deserts. In fact, my study in my 2013 paper "Planetary Core and Surface
    Temperatures" indicates that water vapor cools us, as can be shown using
    long-established physics as in that paper. You can learn more from my website
    @t and I suggest watching my videos
    @ and
    @ as indeed
    should Brian Cox. Also watch @

  24. Please watch the video in the link below and read the comments to it. We've seen no global warming in the last decade: ​@​

  25. If this guy were to watch this other YouTube video 'New sun-driven cooling period of Earth ‘not far off’ it totally debunks the tax raising CO2 argument WE'VE BEEN HAD FOLKS

  26. People who believe in global warming are very emotional. Look into the science and history of the grand solar minimum and your day will get a lot, lot worse. Guaranteed.

  27. It does not matter why? Human civilization is in itself a heat engine. Example how is food grown? Food crops world wide are grown on fertilized land from synthetic sources of Nitrogen and the like. That NO2 is made with Natural GAS about 40% of all NAt gas goes to make fertilizer. Gas is burnt to fix Nitrogen. HUGE heat process. this is the human race! You cant cut, reduce, recycle, your way out of this! It is not about MONEY at all.

  28. Thank you for your inspiring talk. As record temperatures are scorching Europe this summer, action is needed more than ever.

  29. Unintended consiquences. You ended apartide resulting in something worse for South Africa. Maybe it would be better if you left global warming alone?

  30. And what if someone explains to you that CO2 is NOT the reason of global warming… Instead of adapting to global warming, we will spend our time and our money to eliminate fossil fuels, thus making our economy uncompetitive…:(

  31. It's really too bad she doesn't realize climate change has nothing to do with CO2! She also doesn't seem to realize earth is greener because we have burned fossil fuels and increased atmospheric CO2 which helped more plants grow while using less water.

    Climate change is the result of a large collection of forces, some of the main ones are earth's orbit; polarity of the sun's magnetic field; solar output; and, solar wind. There is no evidence that a change in CO2 has changed temperature during the last 600 million years.

  32. Ted talk should either have its own channel on mainstream TV or put on TV at prime times because these views are disappearing!

  33. The Club of Rome is a globalists organisation and was founded in April 1968 by Aurelio Peccei, an Italian industrialist, and Alexander King, a Scottish scientist. It was formed when a small international group of people from the fields of academia, civil society, diplomacy, and industry met at Villa Farnesina in Rome, hence the name. Mary Robinson the former president of Ireland is a globalist and also a member of this club of Rome and is also in agreement with the following reprehensible and untruthful statement. This statement is the foundation of the global hoax, which was later changed to global warming and the backtracking continues.

    ‘The First Global Revolution’:

    Club of Rome’s Report

    “In searching for the new enemy to unite us, we came up with…the threat of global warming…

    “In searching for the new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. In their totality and in their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which demands the solidarity of all peoples. But in designating them as the enemy, we fall into the trap about which we have already warned, namely mistaking symptoms for cause. All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changing attitudes and behaviours that they can be overcome. The real enemy, then, is humanity itself."

  34. I'm sorry global warming had such a profound effect on your personal well being …the real and true enemy to the climate is not really the developed world as we know it, or as you perceive it.. but rather the explosion of populations in the un developed world…the energy needs , as well as the agri needs of these people are pushing the need for land well beyond what the planet can sustain.. hence the amazon , it's not just cattle farms, they are exporting food to hungry asian, and african markets.. the politics are tribal in these places, so enlarging the tribe is a wealth and power retention method.. there is a vested interest to maintain a majority…it's the elephant in the room nobody talks about, perhaps Ella, you could change your tack, and go to these places , and raise awareness of what effect they are having on the planet.. as collectively, they're carbon footprint dwarfs yours by a long shot.. if the climate emergency is to be addressed, population is where we must start..too many people on the planet expecting too high a standard of living..
    mother nature will eventually wipe out a good portion of the population either through famine , flooding, or plague… population control is where as humans we have to start.. over population is throwing the ecosystem out of balance..

  35. I'm not going to change my life one iota because of all the hype about climate change, period! How narcissistic to think the climate is a result of human activity. Climate is driven by the sun.

  36. Is there something one person can do? Yes… prepare. I think more people need to understand that even if we do start to change things around now the impacts of what we have done to our climate will be disastrous. There is a wonderful book that I hope more people read and take seriously called 'The Great Waves of Change' that deals with whats likely to come and what we need to do to prepare. You'll find it on 'greatWavesOfChange(dot)org. Good luck!

  37. 1. We should lower the speed limit on freeways to 55 mph or slower. That would reduce emissions by a massive amount immediately.
    2. Replace car travel with bus, subway and bike systems. In many parts of the country there is no mass transit at all. You can't exist without a car now.
    3. Get a hybrid electric or electric car if you have to drive.
    4. Get some sweaters and lower your thermostats in the wintertime.

    5. Open your windows at night in the summer and close them when you get up rather than running the air conditioner.
    6. If you live a long distance from work, consider moving closer.
    7. Plant lots and lots of trees. They say that bamboo makes the most 02 and takes up the most CO2, can be used for food and construction materials and merely grows back when cut down. Think about growing fruit or nut trees. We might have food shortages. The extra fruit could come in handy.
    8. Live in a well insulated small house rather than a sprawling big one.
    9. Get solar panels and lithium batteries to run your appliances.
    10. Stop using plastic bags and single serve beverage containers.

  38. One person or a million people cannot do anything about something that does not exist.

    Just a few nutcases creating a mass hysteria about NATURE and the natural up and down of the world, it's oeople, it's geography, it's climate.

    Get a grip, another jump on the bandwagon nut case.

  39. the ruling class will continue business as usual. they will eventually resort to extreme population reduction. wake up sheeple

  40. Great talk. About electric cars, they are better than ICE cars even in the worst grid. But you still want your electricity to come from a renewable source.

  41. Something I find funny whilst watching climate change TEDx speeches, if I was one of these speakers, I would request for all unnecessary stage lighting to be turned off


  43. Buy electricity from renewables – nice….considering about 2 procent of world energy is renewable. It would mean no heating, no electricity for most of the time. Even TED talks couldn t be made if we should abide by those rules. Or should I presume that people that talk at TED come there by foot or bike from around the world? That is exactly the kind of ignorance TED is promoting for raising taxes on normal people and making then even feel guilty in the process

  44. Everyone keeps forgetting that the simplest and most far-reaching way to reduce one’s carbon footprint is to not procreate. Nothing else can begin to compare. A giant personal footprint of someone with no kids is ultimately far less impactful (less damaging) than the footprint of someone who does all the speaker suggests, and more, to reduce their footprint yet has a few kids, who have a few kids, who have a few kids, who have a few kids, add infinitum. If the goal is to preserve life on earth as we’ve known it, the most impactful thing that can possibly be done is to curtail the relentless growth of the human population.

  45. The Norwegian souvereign fund is still heavily invested in oil and gas. The climate gas released through that ownership is larger than domestic release in Norway. So you can take that fund out of your list.

  46. …and she's covered in makeup.
    Women will never give up their makeup. Cosmetics is one of the most CO2-intensive industries in the world; both the chemical products and the blatant over-packaging. Such hypocrisy.

  47. The known global warming was from 288 degrees Kelvin in 1900 to 288.8 degrees Kelvin in 2000. There has not been any since.

    Hello people! Wakey Wakey. – this is not a climate emergency. It's not even a climate hickup.

    Are you really going to let these End of the World freaks frighten you into giving them money to save you?

  48. I listened intently, read the comments, and I sincerely say again that there is nothing of substance here that can be done at scale to make any difference. I am not giving up, I am looking for real answers, not warm and fuzzy ones.

    I have gone thru all the stages of grief she is experiencing. By all signs, she is sincere.

    The elephant in the room is: Business as Usual, with green/vegan components falls far, far short of solving the problems. It is disingenuous to suggest if these are implemented that the REMAINING 85% of our fossil fuel-carbon footprint issues will be addressed….If you believe they will, please explain to yourself HOW.

    I do not know a single person that will voluntarily give up a fossil fuel lifestyle and live the way our great, great grandparents did. Modern civilization exists due to fossil fuels…the ultimate irony.
    To honestly acknowledge this takes courage. A luxury once tasted becomes a necessity.

    350.org= hopeless…we are at 420 now, and with zero additions going forward starting tomorrow(ha) it will be 420 for 850+ years, as there is NO known technology that can remove CO2 at scale.

    Multiple feedback loops have been triggered that are out of human control.

    Good Luck.

  49. “I am a service design strategist”
    WTF does that even translate to in real productivity?
    It is to no surprise that people who are lost on the highway of life end up in lost causes like climate alarmism.

    Do you people even vaguely understand what really drives Earth’s climate, or shall you be forever lost as salespeople or minions for this shallow Marxist cause?

    Get help you people.

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