– [Narrator] The Coronavirus
has changed everyday life as we know it. – The healthcare system
really is struggling to keep up with demand. There are makeshift
hospital wards being set up wherever possible, even
in hospital car parks. – I know that some people
in the last few days have already lost their jobs. – There’s no doubt that
this is gonna be very deep for specific segments of the economy. – You will not face this alone. – [Narrator] Originating in
the city of Wuhan, China, the virus is suspected
of transferring to humans from wild animal meat. – Chinese authorities have
said that wild animals are the potential intermediate
host of the Coronavirus. To prevent an outbreak
like this in the future, the standing committee of the
National People’s Congress adopted a ban on wildlife trade on Monday. – [Narrator] China banned
the wild animal meat trade in February to mitigate
the spread of the virus. Vietnam is considering similar measures. There are currently close to 400,000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus worldwide, according to data from
Johns Hopkins University. More than 17,000 people have died, and more than 100,000 have recovered. Italy, the country hit
hardest by the pandemic, is on total lockdown. It is the first democratic
country post World War II to take such astringent measure. – [Translator] The only
concrete and valid measure to be taken was to
close these territories. (speaking foreign language) – [Narrator] Schools across the world, including New York City’s, the
largest public school system in the world, are closed. – It’s day one of at least
a six week school shutdown and families are working
to navigate a new normal. – You know, we’re just
gonna have to figure it out day by day. – While the severity of the
virus pandemic is unprecedented, it also shines a light on other issues, including climate change. Since the decrease in travel and activity, the planet is seeing a noticable decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. What would happen if we
took the same approach to climate change as we
are now to Coronavirus? In 2018, the UN Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change said that the world has 12
years to make unprecedented changes to all aspects of society to decrease the impact of climate change. – The report clearly states that the world has already warmed by
one degree centigrade due to human activity, and
as a result, climate change is already affecting people,
ecosystems, and livelihoods around the world. – [Narrator] Governments
must work together to prevent global temperatures from rising below the 1.5 degrees Celsius threshold. Even a half a degree rise in temperature could worsen droughts, food
security, and poverty worldwide. According to the World
Health Organization, climate change is expected
to cause unnecessary deaths over the next 30 years,
due to issues including malnutrition, malaria,
diarrhea, and heat stress. The climate crisis could
set off a chain reaction of ecological disasters. The sixth mass extinction
event is already underway according to experts. A study in the journal Proceedings
of the National Academy of Sciences calls it a
biological annihilation that represents a frightening
assault on the foundations of human civilization. – And it’s going to sound
the alarm, if you like, on how bad off the
environment is right now. Even if the report can’t actually say it, experts say humanity is in the middle of a sixth wave of extinction, this time human-caused extinction. – [Narrator] We can see the
anger and passion directed at authorities for not taking action from youth activists,
including Greta Thunberg, Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate, and co-founder of climate
change focused nonprofit Zero Hour, Jamie Margolin. – So when I realized that
it was such a big threat, I found out ways to bring
it to public awareness in my country, and that’s how I found out about the Fridays for Future strikes, and I decided to start
the climate strikes. – I wouldn’t be organizing
and I wouldn’t be doing this and I wouldn’t be sacrificing so much if it weren’t so urgent. – We are getting bigger and bigger, and our voices are being
heard more and more, but of course, that does not translate into political action. – [Narrator] Thunberg
sparked a global movement that culminated in more
than four million people worldwide marching in climate
strikes last September. But the 17-year-old
pointed out in her speech, there’s been little action
on the part of leaders. She pointed out that young
people skipping school to protest the climate crisis
is not a sustainable solution. – We don’t want to continue, so we would love some action
from the people in power, because people are suffering and dying from the climate and
ecological emergency today, and we cannot wait any longer. – [Narrator] What can be done to mitigate the climate crisis? While fossil fuels are
a major talking point, a growing number of experts
are looking at agriculture and the impact of eating animal products. – A move to more balanced
diets could help us adapt to and limit climate change. Some diets require more land and water and lead to higher emissions than others. For example, diets that
are high in grains, nuts, and vegetables, have a
lower carbon footprint than those that are high in meat, and they lead to better health outcomes. – [Narrator] According to
the food and agriculture organization of the United Nations, animal agriculture is
responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. In contrast, a plant-based
diet is far more sustainable. A 2018 Oxford study found that
adopting a plant-based diet is the single biggest way to
reduce your carbon footprint. It is far bigger than
cutting down on your flights or buying an electric car. Agriculture is a sector
that spans all the multitude of environmental problems. Really, it is animal
products that are responsible for so much of this, said Oxford University
researcher Joseph Poore. – 1.3 trillion liters a year of milk we’ll be producing in
2050, or we forecast, if we don’t change trajectory, are forecast to be producing, and 500 billion kilograms
of meat per year. And these are staggering numbers. – [Narrator] Land use could
be reduced by more than 75%, an area equivalent to
the US, European Union, China, and Australia combined, by removing the meat and dairy industries while still feeding the
growing global population. The Coronavirus outbreak has
shown that we are capable of reacting quickly to
a global health crisis. Air pollution and carbon
dioxide levels in some cities and regions have dropped
significantly since the virus began impacting travel
and social interactions, according to researchers in New York City. Similar changes were
discovered in China and Italy, as commuting slowed and more people began to work from home. – [Reporter] The reduction of emissions is particularly visible in northern Italy, which coincides with its nationwide lockdown to prevent the
spread of the Coronavirus. – [Narrator] Experts
estimate that this will bring China’s overall emissions for the year down by 1%. Corinne Le Quere, a
professor of climate science at the University of East Anglia believes we could see an
overall reduction in emissions for the year. It will depend on how
long the pandemic lasts, and how widespread the
slowdown is in the economy, particularly in the US, but most likely I think
we will see something in the global emissions this year. If it lasts another three or four months, certainly we could see some reduction. – We’ve seen with the
drastic measures that China has taken with regard
to Corona that emissions have gone down seriously,
so people are working from home, manufacturing has slowed down, so these are the kinds of drastic measures that we will have to
take for climate change, and it’s better to do it
sooner rather than later because it’ll be more
painful the longer we wait. – [Narrator] But others
believe that the reduction is not a total victory. “I won’t be celebrating
if emissions go down “a percent or two because
of the Coronavirus.” Rob Jackson, an environmental scientist at Stanford University who
chairs the Global Carbon Project told the Los Angeles Times. “We need sustained declines. “Not an anomalous year below average.” “New York has had exceptionally
high carbon monoxide “numbers for the last year and a half,” Professor Roisin Commane
from Columbia University told the BBC, “And this is the cleanest “I have ever seen it. “It is less than half of what
we normally see in March.” Will the silver lining to the Coronavirus be an increased awareness
about climate change? What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. As always, remember to subscribe and hit the notification bell. New videos every Tuesday and Friday.

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  1. I really do not see a difference between online classes/ working at home. These things would help the climate. Entering into a new way of doing things.

  2. The naysayers have said for decades that humans really don’t have that big of an impact on the environment and climate. Now, the whole world can plainly see that isn’t true.

  3. Correction: 75% is equivalent to the The USA, China, Australia, the EU and the UK. (The land mass data was gathered when the UK was inside the European Union)

  4. Great video! Strange times we live in. I am trying to be an active vegan, but there is alot going on right now.
    Just putting this out there, did you guys see that the U.S. is trying to create their own digital currency?!?! That is a dangerous move, just like the central banking system. Thomas Jefferson warned us about this. If our currency shifts to fully digital, we will have very little power as a people.

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    University endowments, union pension funds, BlackRock, Jim Kramer and others are divesting from fossil fuels.
    Is your university invested in fossil fuels? Is your pension fund or 401 K invested in fossil fuels?
    Speak up for the future of the planet. Go Vegan ! Drive an electric vehicle. Ride a bicycle to work, school or for fun.
    Young people get it. Older adults need to be convinced.

  8. Just shows how much our actions affect everything. Hopefully this will lead to more positive changes in the future.

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  18. If this information could be brought to public attention NOW in a very large scale way there could a greater understanding across the planet for the more immediacy of the need for change regarding climate issues, life style, business, economic issues etc…….., people are at this time in their lives reflecting And many if not all are realizing we are All connected…….
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    When the epi centre is only miles from a level 4 research center in Wuhan, what are the odds?
    Has climate change played a part in the development of new organisms, of course.
    Christiana Figueres, executive secretary for the UN on climate action (now retired) said this, just prior the Paris Accord talks.
    Interviewed by "the daily business" and reported by the Guardian news publication.
    *Several other publication verify this report.
    "To be honest the climate change scenario is more about an over reaching goal to change the economic system our planet has been under for over 150 years, Capitalism.
    We have a window of opportunity"
    What does a small rich and powerful community of bankers and billionaires, that literally owns everything, do when its practices stand to be exposed?
    Its political proponents defeated?

  21. Thankyou Live Kindly. According to the Animal Agriculture White Paper by Dr Sailesh Rao of Climate Healers, on a ten year basis animal agriculture is the LEADING CAUSE OF CLIMATE CHANGE 51% see climate healers facts website for details and references. What's more if we eliminate carbon emissions faster than methane we will expirience a counter intuitive rise in temperature due to the loss of the GLOBAL DIMMING aerosol masking Effect. See Paul Beckwith for latest updates on temperature variation due to loss if global DIMMING. A global and just transition to a plant based food system is urgent and imperative.

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