50 thoughts on “What’s driving so many people to San Antonio?

  1. Cost of living and access to competent medical care and the hope that the dems have not destroyed all sense of community yet.

  2. San Antonio has the potential to be a class A type city if our city leaders can get their heads out of their asses. Doesn't look like that will happen anytime soon

  3. The amazing part is the idiots who believe this is a great thing, exploding population…. when there's a downturn in the economy a lot of these freeloaders, these opportunist, will run and BAD MOUTH the same city(San Antonio) they ran to… they will then turn this place into the SAME hell hole California is, full of HOMELESSNESS, POVERTY, and overprice REAL ESTATE and CRIME RIDDEN…. just like California. Period.

  4. Low tax rate?! How about high property taxes, high crime, and congestion? The conservatives fleeing California to come here are in for a surprise, when they find out how much SA resembles a typical CA city. The best things about SA are low home prices, cheap gas and, of course, HEB.

  5. The leaders of San Antonio are destroying the city by pandering to the woke crowds. Look at all the homeless and petty crime that they ignore

  6. Yeah and one day Texas will get a big head and start raising high taxes like east and west coast

    Unless California/ new York see they need to lower taxes to keep ppl. That's not happening soon or in our life time

  7. Welcome to San Antonio but keep your freaking attitude where you came from we have culture and Heritage here don't come to try to change us

  8. My Girlfriend And I moved from Los angels CA because I was homeless for 3 years and she was sharing a small room with 2 roommates, now we have a apartment and a good job, don't worry we're not liberals.

  9. I moved here to San Antonio in September’19. I’m all about the history and culture so I’m practically at the missions or DT taking pictures. I do ride my skateboard and people look at me weird but I don’t bother anyone as I know how to avoid paying high parking spaces. I had the opportunity to experience New Years fireworks in the Southside I can’t wait for 4th of July. 👍🏼 Nobody accepts change well but change is what made this country a stronger one. #unions.

  10. Idk what's driving so many people there, but I'm just wondering why people driving there drive so goddamn slow on the motherfucking freeway. Jesus.

  11. Were not the 7th largest metro area, SA is #33. Stop saying 7th largest, that's just because the city keeps annexing more territory.

  12. Everyone's coming here cuz it's cheaper to live here but that's making the cost to live here go up and people that have lived here all their lives are struggling to pay rent why dont yall talk about the fact that the rate to live is going up and wages are staying the same.

  13. I've lived in San Antonio all my life since the 1950's. It was a great city until the population went over 600,000, and the city limits expanded past loop 410. That's when congestion and traffic jams got to be really bad. The homeless problem is getting out of hand here too. I'm retiring soon, and moving out of here. I hate to see what the city looks like in 10 more years.

  14. Look at the gang an crime rate no better than cali, bronx, philly so on. Traffic is a bitch it is hot humid 89 percent of the time but if cheap is what yr looking for this is it

  15. This is becoming a huge fucking problem
    San Antonio needs to kno wen n how to cap it off there has to b a limit
    San Antonio is unique n we take pride in it
    But It’s safe to say that San Antonians won’t fukn let these out of town fuks come n change our Texas ways 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

  16. This amazes many of us. San Antonio area (like many areas of Texas) is ugly garbage, outside of the NW area, which is barely acceptable. But guess cheap is always in demand.

  17. What sucks though is the more they populate in San Antonio the more the price of houses and cost of living will increase… ☹️

  18. When did Dallas cowboys came to San Antonio Texas 2003 I was 19 years old when I made the Dallas cowboys James Stacey Robinson 41. 1984 that's when we had to San Antonio gunslingers that's what we got Alamo stadium now it was a high School stadiums in San Antonio Texas.

  19. I moved here from New Jersey because of my ex who's military. And I looove it. I've been here for 1 year. And I won't ever move back. Yes, the traffic sucks!!! And the huge bugs. But it's worth it.

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