Where Will I Isolate In An RV???

Where Will I Isolate In An RV???

well I made it guys I made it I drove
all the way to the great state of hey guys if you can’t tell from the scenery
behind me I’m in Florida booked it man and I made it without any problems and
already getting some flak and joking from my friends and family saying is the
worst decision you could have made but you know what it was my decision to make
and I weighed it very carefully and during this whole pandemic crisis social
distancing period I I knew that having full hookups so that I could wait it out
was gonna be the most valuable thing I can do instead of boondocking in the
woods okay so that’s a choice I made and I’m at a a safe place here in Florida
where I have full hookups for an extended period of time
so all you need to know is that I’m safe and I’m happy I’ve got everything I mean
except a couple things and it’s not that big a deal but uh I’m gonna be able to
wait this out and I have internet here to upload videos so uh hey we’re all
good guys no worries I’ll admit there are worse places to hunker down and hide
out during a pandemic crisis social distancing I feel like I did it right
and I’m clearly not the only one here that had the same idea just stay private
enjoy it stay cool today here in Orlando the expected high here at 2 p.m. is 95
degrees it’s erm it’s going to continue to be abnormally warm here this time of
year doesn’t usually get this hot till the summer in Florida and I have never
been here this late I’ve got all the creature comforts at
home I even brought my little 24 inch vizio tv out here so I can catch up I’ve
get to hook it up to DISH Network out here I got to run that HDMI cable out
here but I do have it on Netflix so I can watch some shows out here privacy
and comfort in my own backyard and I’m not using the hot tub for hot tub I’m
using it for a comfortable heated pool to stay cool from the crazy weather so
86 degrees there I’ve actually got it set internally to 84 degrees it’s gotten
a couple degrees warmer but the heater is not on I’m just using it for a heated
pool and it’s really nice all right let me know in this pandemics overdress it
feels so good to just jump in there for five minutes every hour just kind of
cools me off yep so you might be asking yourself Eric
what’s it like for an RV or a full-timer in a pandemic and I think there’s a lot
of ways to look at it because right now at the time of filming this on the 23rd
we still don’t have a national order to do anything specific it’s still a state
to state basis where you have these stay-at-home orders these non-essential
things only if you can go only go out here in Florida if it’s a you getting
groceries medical or going to work or you can’t just go out for fun but in an
RV park we really have the ability to isolate ourselves really well but still
go on walks around here and get some exercise and fresh air so it’s not a
complete lockdown in fact I’m gonna go on a little walk right now oh it’s warm
though and we’re gonna go look at the water come on with me you know and as we
go for this walk you might be thinking you know hey that’s not allowed Eric
you’re not allowed to go out in public right now you’re not allowed to walk and
exercise but remember that there still is no national unified order so here in
Florida we are allowed to go outside and walk and exercise and encouraged by our
governor got some shade right now it’s a beautiful warm day here in Florida
though you know it’s actually true about Heat it does kill viruses that’s why
most of all the other seasonal viruses that have happened in the past they seem
to die down quite a bit in the summer time
I guarantee you that in the mid to upper-90s feeling pretty good about
being out here in Florida right now yeah want to get you caught up on a couple
other things because I had said that Thousand Trails was virus proof in my
last video it really isn’t again just like everything else at state to state
and area by area we got a notice from Thousand Trails that all of the
Pennsylvania parks were shutting down at the discretion of their state governor
but if you think about it and here’s the tricky part
what thousand trails did there in Pennsylvania is the exact opposite of
the order given by the President of the United States who said to stay indoors
and isolate so by a thousand trails kicking out more than two thousand
people and putting them out on the roads where there’s also a rule in that state
that you can’t travel and move around you know and most of those thousand
trails full timers they’re they’re snowbirds
or they’re not even from that state so where are they going to go they can’t go
anywhere it’s it’s kind of one of those things where it’s like we need some
uniformity here because people are really confused thousand trails here in
Orlando has made an official announcement and said that they’re not
going to be accepting any new reservations because they are going to
be at capacity here in a couple days however everyone who’s booked in right
now we’ve all been given an extended stay no matter what until the 7th of
April of April yeah so we all get to stay here until the 7th all the other
rules are gone they don’t want us out there where we’re not supposed to be
they want us to isolate and wait this out so that’s kind of cool I’m not
terribly excited about staying here that long anywhere that long really but we
all kind of have to I will hold out as long as I really can here do have some
other places I could go that are outside this County here in Orlando you know
it’s not really that bad though for me I’m just saying I do have some other
places I could go even if this place closed down eventually also with a
couple days delay here in videos I was talking with my patreon people there
live as I was leaving Texas and jetting across to Florida and I had a couple
concerns my main concern was that an individual state or the highway system
where the government could lock down while I’m traveling through that was a
serious concern of mine and it was warranted because literally as I was
driving through Louisiana Louisiana the state of Louisiana became the sixth
state to having a mandatory essentially travel use only where you can only go
out for those reasons as I was passing through in my RV it was effective in
three hours I think it 8 p.m. or 9 p.m. that night so I did make it through but
it was it was it was scary I was I was I was feeling very uncomfortable that I
was going to get stuck on the side of the road because of the tribal bands
like I said it’s all good I’m here now nowhere he’s gonna have absolutely no
problem getting on my walking steps with the fitness center and all the other
activities closed pretty much nationwide I’m feeling pretty good about having my
own exercise equipment inside the RV to keep up with my weight loss and
everything and about that I am gonna do a little update here at the end of the
month because it’ll be the end of the 90 day challenge with James and I can’t
wait to share with you the full results here guys
otherwise it’s pretty quiet around here it’s probably the quietest I’ve ever
seen it can’t ground you know and you’ll notice it looks like there’s still some
sites open but they’re reserved in a couple days I guess I don’t know how
that works and I know I parked in the Sun I don’t usually do that but I wanted
to get satellite TV so that I can stay up-to-date on the news and everything
going on so that that’s why I did that I want to be here for you guys I know many
of us are stuck inside watching Netflix and YouTube binge watching so throughout
this my content may not be awesome as I’m not travelling around and sharing
quirky but um I’ll be talking with you every 48 hours here on the channel so
come back every other day for an update from me however I’m gonna leave most of
the politics out of it you guys are watching TV and you can watch the news
and find out all the new information I’ll just get you caught up on anything
big although I don’t want to get into politics and government talk on this
channel okay that’s what I’m talking about Oh almost
too cold just compared to like the outdoor temperature now it feels good
yeah but hey are you stuck looking for ways to a past your day indoor there you
can always watch some of my old videos I’ve actually got some really good
videos out there that a lot of people don’t know about in seven years on
YouTube so I’ll link some of my playlists in the video description below
also I’ll be popping some cards up top if you’re watching from your computer
you can go watch my Great River Road trip down the Mississippi River or my
Lincoln Highway playlist or maybe an old route 66 playlist or you really just
need a smile you can go to the happiest place on earth and watch some of my
Disney playlists we’re probably gonna be using a lot of those streaming services
like Netflix and Amazon Prime and everything to get through this right
alright guys you don’t see Jax let’s go wake him up he’s isolating himself he’s
socially distancing himself yeah good mornin mr. putz with the butts you ready
to life ready to do stuffs what’s that a sausage toy you probably don’t want that
do you yeah you don’t have any use for a
sausage toy oh you wanted that okay you can have it what can I have it I guess I
can have it oh I can’t have it okay some good good interaction huh yeah it’s
good toy play tug of war with kitty kitty
you like mr. Quackers don’t you you want to attack him right yeah good boy
and we’ll pull you out side later I mean checks needs some some outdoor time even
it’s really hot you know say bye guys I’m gonna get my playtime on yeah you
know all right can I have that can I have that hey excuse me excuse me
we share sure thanks

100 thoughts on “Where Will I Isolate In An RV???

  1. It took China two months, they're just getting back to starting out. We just need to listen and be safe. We'll get there.

  2. Hi Eric I've told you come to fla. Is been so hot omg, here were I live at a clewiston r.v. park is really quiet. Is breezy but hot. People here go to the store I mean to buy whatever they need. But so far so good. Welcome back to fla. YES is crazy I just don't know what to think anymore. We have to have faith Eric we have to. Hey jax looking good like in Hollywood lol. Eric take care and always be aware of your surrounding. Have a great week, and may God BLESS you. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ MILAGROS MOGRO FROM FL.

  3. Jax seems to be handling isolation just fine๐Ÿ˜ธ…….and you too, Eric!! In the water with the TV, perfect.

  4. I just booked it to AL from FL after they closed the state parks. I can't afford the resort prices. Hoping it's a little cooler. I'm from PA so can't head home. Playing it by ear. Hoping I can boondock without getting hastled.

  5. Man your lucky being in that warm/hot weather, here in VA it's 55degrees, But supposed to be getting warmer in the 70's !! Stay Safe!!! LOVES/HUGS to you both

  6. Eric, you're doing well with your living situation because you're staying naturally socially isolated. Even in lockdown areas walking and exercising is OK (and recommended) Just stay 6 feet or more away, keep hands away from face and wash your hands.

  7. Summer rates in Florida are super cheap, if you don't mind baking alive. We don't know where we're parking. As a full timer, my plans are completely destroyed. Two of the parks we were going to stay at closed already, and one convention I was selling books at.

  8. I think Florida is a smart move Eric, the virus does not survive in 80 degrees or more weather, or that's what I heard anyway

  9. Actually it's the opposite. Viruses like warm and humid climate. Look at Italy, it's warmer or at least as warm as the southern US. Look at ebola it happened in Africa. You can destroy a virus with heat but it has to be a few hundred degrees.

  10. Gotta admire your Simpsons' tats.Don't usually like tats ,but yours are nice!From a Simpsons Fan!!! Stay healthy out there Eric & Jax.

  11. Hey man my wife wanted to know how long your Bus is and if it takes Gas or Diesel? And if it's easy to drive something like that…..

  12. I felt a little hostility in your voice ,and action .Your not a Boondocker you have turned into a snowflake.i will cancel your channel and watch some one with bools .

  13. Here in California we are also encouraged to go for walks, runs, and bike rides. Exercise is important. People have been mostly cool about keeping 6 feet apart.

  14. Oh my gosh Eric. When you got into your pool boy are you looking good. Even though things arenโ€™t great right now donโ€™t stop your health routine. Keep it going as much as possible. And we will all be happy with watching Jax. ๐Ÿ˜ป. Plus thank you for no political ๐Ÿ’ฉ. I think we are all pretty tired of it. Thanks also for doing what you can to bring us a video. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  15. Stop touching that railing on that dock in that RV Park. You don't know who's touched it. Where's your Lysol and hand sanitizer?

  16. Hopefully your weight loss program is doing good and you found chicken….cant wait to see your end results,you'll at least have lots of exercise time…..

  17. Good for you! Glad you made it safe n sound…๐Ÿ˜ƒ. Love your set up there. Jack Jack and Diva send out their Hello's to Jax. Take care๐Ÿ’–

  18. Your back to yourself!!!! I love seeing you smiling and talking positive!!! Thank you thank you!! You are helping keep our spirits up! Man your looking good! Keep doin the weight loss and exercise!!

  19. We have an essential travel order in Ohio. During my 8+ mile run, it didn't look like there were any fewer vehicles on the roads. I'm in a rural area so I imagine the big cities will have far less travel.

  20. I'm happy very happy for you because I worried that you weren't going to be able to get somewhere steady and Save I hope you were able to find some TP for your bunghole LOL always look forward to your videos, stay safe and hi to your cat peace out

  21. Your decision was not wrong, you have to be able to work, and be safe in social distancing, many will get knock on door who boon dock in non secure areas, Florida has lots of content.

  22. Full hookups are key! We are in CO and can't get full hookups until middle of April ๐Ÿ˜’. Enjoy the warmth!

  23. it's a real good idea to do what the president says to do ….I believe listening to state governors is the BEST way to go

  24. RIGHT ON, JAX is your best companion & as long as your away from crowds, your in a good place, although long term, I wouldn't want to stretch it too long, as spring months is beginning of Hurricane season along the Gulf Coast.
    Watch out for Alligators ๐Ÿค 

  25. Governor of Utah has suspended all parking enforcement on streets I.E no harrassment or fines from police in someone wants to self Isolate during this problem.

  26. I'm finding it pretty easy to distance myself in my RV… Then again, I moved into my RV, and out to the desert, because I wanted to distance myself from people, so this is like a dream come true for me.

    I still say that this is all a huge overreaction.. but I'm not complaining!

  27. After you did your Lincoln Highway trip, we took a side trip in our motorhome to stay in Ely, Nevada,a couple days where we looked around, visited a casino and took our picture by the Lincoln Highway sign outside town – enjoyed the area.

  28. The only reason Florida is so bad is because New Yorkers, New Jersey and CT people were fleeing to Florida and the Spring Breakers. Also, we had 71 students in Italy as they shut down the borders so they all came back to the state with their germs and viruses and were told to "self isolate". I am sure they followed the rules! (NOT) that was when the numbers really took off. By the weekend, we will surpass California. Stay away from anyone and don't touch any surfaces!

  29. Welcome to Orlando!! Iโ€™m hunkered down here for now at TT property too. Stay safe. Your concerns about driving through states are why Iโ€™m staying out too. Would prefer cooler temps too!

  30. Eric, you've come soooo far……DON"T LOSE YOUR BRAIN NOW. I caught the Mountain Dew at poolside. LOOK HOW MUCH SUGAR THAT DAMNED THING HAS IN IT!!!!! Saw the H20 later in the vid…much better buddy.

  31. Boy oh boy seeing that hot tub behind that covered awning!? On a campsite!? My husband and I saw you yesterday when we were out riding our ebikes!๐Ÿšด๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿšดโ€โ™‚๏ธAlso noticed the new shelter today on your campsite, but didn't realize until the video that there was a hot tub in there!? Geez!! Talk about Glamping!!๐Ÿ˜ธ๐Ÿ™€

  32. Glad you're safe Eric. I REALLY hope going outside is not going to be an issue going forward. We NEED sunshine and fresh air and the walking outdoors should not be a problem either…just keep our distance, right??! Take care! We're "stuck" in northern NV for awhile. Will enjoy seeing your vids with the lush green plants and refreshing lake!! Hugs to Jax!!

  33. hey eric are you around the central florida area? if so im in lakeland and we should hang out! have a pandemic party!

  34. Tennessee closed all State parks today and feds shut down their parks also including Great Smokey Mountain, Yellowstone etc. You picked a good spot.

  35. Glad you got out to your last location. You should be fine there. Stay safe and healthy both you and Jax.

  36. Eric I really enjoy the video you made where in the beginning jaxx kept saying food…food…food I laughed so much at that one and cannot seem to find it in your playlist…also were in New Port Richey right now and headed home to Michigan this Sunday

  37. You were putting your hands all over the steel hand rail on the dock. the virus can live for days on metal surfaces. BRILLIANT.. LMAO… what an idiot..

  38. Yes there is a lot of things shut down here in pa the prices r so high now people r buying stuff like crazy the stores open a hour early for the elderly people so they can get there stuff so thatโ€™s one good thing take care stay safe I just love Jax lol

  39. Will be 93 and sunny in Tulsa tomorrow, 93… in March, pretty crazy but I'm happy to have it, scorch that covid to oblivion.

  40. If the virus die in the heat, what is going on in India, it just started and it is hot there in that part of the world.

  41. You look quite comfortable hunkered down in Orlando. How about some drone shots? Is that allowed in a Thousand Trails campground? A suggestion for when the quarantines are over – go over to Cocoa Beach and rent a boogie board. It's a blast!

  42. Food prices are going up because they are delivering the high price bread like wonder bread it was 4.42 a piece a small can of coffee was 6.oo glad you found a nice place to hunker down

  43. We left Lake Havasu 10 days ago because of you're opening statement. Yes, we could boondock just fine…. but it was getting a little crazy then and what if you can't get water, dump, propane, fuel???? 2200 miles later parked in NC – we too made the right decision for us. Good Video and thought!

  44. Eric, You slid back into Kracken country. LOL! Great to have you both here safe and sound. Did you bring enough Deet spray for the state birds? ๐Ÿ˜‰ We hope your stay is the most pleasant it can be for you both.

  45. As we offered a year ago we have parking with water and electrical if you need it 2 hours South of Orlando have rv tp can drive by and toss some to you if needed. Want to watch youtube gardening check out my wife's youtube channel (Maria's garden) Punta Gorda Florida. Be safe my friend

  46. Dann you look good in those shorts. And, more Jax play time pretty please. I would love to have your life. I'm so envious.

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