Why America Needs The Green New Deal | One Small Step | NowThis

Why America Needs The Green New Deal | One Small Step | NowThis

I’m so excited that folks
are learning more about it. But if you really want to dig in, to really bundle everything together. And she actually helped us
write the Green New Deal. So, definitely hit her up. I’m taking AOC’s advice and on this week’s episode
of “One Small Step,” I’m sitting down with
drafter Rhiana Gunn-Wright to find out I’m Lucy Biggers and
this is “One Small Step.” Small steps are great
because they inspire action and influence our culture for the better. But if we’re going to
address climate change at the scale and scope that it requires, we’re gonna need big massive steps. That’s why a resolution
like the Green New Deal, which was introduced by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and 65 Democratic
co-sponsors in February 2019 is so exciting. It offers a roadmap for while also securing jobs and
other needs for all Americans. I’m excited to sit down
with Rhiana Gunn-Wright, the policy lead for the progressive
think tank New Consensus and an architect of the Green New Deal. Thank you so much for being here with us. I’m so excited to be here,
thank you for having me. So, in your own words, can you just summarize
what’s in the Green New Deal? So, I think the first thing
about the Green New Deal is that there are five goals but largely people think about three. The first is dealing with climate change on the scale, speed, and scope necessary. So what we’re calling for
is a 10-year mobilization. The next thing is creating
millions of high-quality jobs for Americans across the country and from whatever
background that they’re in. And the third is a commitment
to justice and equity. So that means, who’s hurting the most? How do we care for them? How do we protect everyday Americans from the transformations in the market, the changes in the workforce? How do we make sure that
people take these good jobs? Do they need child care, do
they need healthcare, et cetera? The resolution also has 14
projects that it lays out. Some of the big ones
people like to talk about There’s also an attention
to sort of broader employment workforce issues to make sure that the transition
actually benefits everyone and everyone actually
ends up at the end with a Since the Green New Deal came out, right-wing politicians and
pundits have worked tirelessly to dismiss and discredit it. The so-called Green New Deal proposes I hope to see PETA supporting
the Republican Party These lies are really desperate. And there’s so much
misinformation in the media. People are saying, “You
can’t eat hamburgers. “We’re not gonna be allowed to fly.” What’s your response to
those misinformation, almost misinformation campaigns? There’s a lot of fear
around climate crisis and the responses to it. People instinctively
understand that if you say, I’m gonna get rid of
the energy that you use, we’re gonna switch energy sources, that changes everything, people know that. They’re looking at their cars and saying, “Well, I have this car.” They’re thinking about, “What does it mean to
have solar on my home?” That’s what the misinformation campaigns are designed to prey upon, And that’s what a lot
of the Green New Deal’s actually designed to deal with. It’s about being able to
give people some certainty that there will be a safety
net as we move forward, that we understand that folks are nervous about losing their jobs. That’s why you see things
like a jobs guarantee. Another big thing that you
guys get pushback about is, how are we gonna pay for this? And so, what is your answer to that? I think sometimes that’s the
wrong frame for the question. This is a real emergency. When we’ve had wars, when
we’ve had other emergencies, when we’ve had to bail out the banks, there was a recognition that It’s not as though we have
too little money in the world. It’s about how do you get that money and how do you wanna spend it. The question is, do you want
to spend it on the front end and invest in industries
that we need to grow, invest in the infrastructure
we need to move forward, actually position ourselves to compete in the next 10, 20, 30 years? Or do you just wanna bleed that
money out through inaction? And why a resolution
versus a specific policy? So, when you start naming
policy from the outset, you’re gonna break your coalition because it’s actually really important to get frontline communities
into the process. We know that communities of
color and poor communities are the most likely to deal with the worst effects of climate change. And then from the policy side, when you are talking to
frontline communities, when you’re involving a lot of voices, when you’re involving experts from all different fields early, the questions are different,
the ideas are different, and your solutions will be different. The Senate voted 57 to
zero to not pass it. So, is that make you
feel like, oh, we lost, or how does it?
No. This is not a done deal at all. There’s so many things to be worked out with a Green New Deal and
so many people working on it that I think we definitely
have a path forward, and potentially a really great one. And I think we have a recognition
that what might get passed could very well not be
this or it could be this. The point is that the goals are still met, that justice and equity is at the center, that frontline communities are protected, that everyday Americans are protected, and of course that we
deal with climate change in the scale, speed, and
scope that is required. What would be the one
small step you could say for people watching this video? I would actually say read the resolution. And I think a lot of people
are honesty surprised when they read the
resolution and they’re like, Oh, there are no
hamburgers or no airplanes, and you didn’t say you’d
take away my vehicle. And I think that’s just the best way to get a sense of what we’re aiming at, what our vision is, what our goals are. And then for people to decide
how they wanna plug in. As of this recording, With continued pressure
from citizens, activists, and members of Congress, hopefully we’ll arrive at a candidate who supports aggressive climate policy. So here’s what you can do. In the 2020 election cycle, research candidates up and down the ballot who are proposing climate
action, and vote for them. Talk to your friends about climate change and educate them on the
importance of policy. And make climate change your issue. Hold your local, state, and
federal elected officials accountable. That’s all for this week’s
episode of “One Small Step.” I hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. Not creating job but giving it too them without much effect. Because otherwise I could care less about this wack green deal

  2. Why do we need big steps like the Green New Deal? Because we didn't act in the last 30 years where we could have made adjustments over time, but we didn't and so our time is running out.

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    I am currently watching a lot of videos from this channel and this series. It's really great so far. Keep it up! If I have more ideas on missing topics I may add them to this comment right here.

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  5. Why did global warming change to climate change? I remember that when the scam first began in the 90s they said that we only had a decade before we lost most of the coast. You guys are a bunch of dumb fks

  6. Climate change is a hoax. It will drive up our cost of living to the point where we wi live as a third world country. We have cars our cars need fossil fuel. This will bankrupt America. Climate change is propaganda.

  7. Climate change is about the government taking over all energy sources and doling it out with a very high cost. This will destroy America and jobs. We can not spend enough too stop so_called climate change.

  8. The Green New Deal is a wonderful step with the right intentions. We definitely need to stop using fossil fuels and need to have a socially just society. but we really need to decrease energy consumption itself. Solar and wind energy by themselves will not be able to fulfill the high energy lifestyles of Americans. Germany increased their solar panel usage in 2015 and yet their carbon emissions were higher in 2016 because of burning MORE coal due to the solar energy storage issue and more cloudy days! More scientific discussions with proper research on a decarbonized economy are needed😊 Mark Jacobson’s research is being used by the Green new Deal writers but it does not include carbon capture or even nuclear energy which has been severely criticized by other scientists.

  9. Here are the "scientists" behind this revolutionary new plan that will save the planet…
    Rhiana Gunn-Wright, Policy lead on the Green New Deal. Ms. Gunn-Wright, 29-year-old, graduated from Yale in 2011 with majors in African American Studies and Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies. She's working alongside Demond Drummer, "a tech guru", who teaches kids on Chicago's South Side to code.

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