Why MKBHD Upgraded His Tesla Model S?

Why MKBHD Upgraded His Tesla Model S?

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  2. My concern is if the software gets so slow that the MCU hardware needs upgrading, but it cant be upgraded, like a smartphone; it seems like its compelling to buy the new Tesla model, instead of upgrading MCU.

  3. Longstanding rule of mine: DON'T get early versions from any mfg. 25:00 RIGHT ON target. It doesn't matter about Top Gear comedy TV. It's TV folks, get over it already.

  4. I have the exact same 2016 (AP1) P100D down to the color, I will be skipping Raven and going straight to Plaid. All model S post 2014 have dog mode BTW.

  5. its maybe just me, but i would wrap it after getting it, when its in pristine condition, so if you decide to sell it, if you remove the wrap, the original finish is 100% under it…

  6. It wouldn't matter if Top Gear lied about the numbers, if they weren't just slightly worse than the Taycan's. If the model S was slower or faster on payper, no one would complain, but now it is a legitimate complaint.

  7. The car to get now is the 3, and if you really need the speed, get the performance. Someone please explain why you'd want to spend 40% more for the S.

  8. this range/ supercharger thing is only an issue for Americans, in europe the majority of people commute with a car 40 miles to work at most.. so it isnt an issue for us..

  9. Damn! One day when i am all grown up, i also want to use Sennheiser HD 820 headphones for just the average interview

  10. [Speculation warning]:
    One thing that's makes it unappealing for other EV manufacturers to support Tesla Supercharger in US is the proprietary connector. Europe has it a bit easier with a "standard-shaped" modified Type 2 (or Type 2 CCS for Model 3) connector, but Europe is probably not that appealing of a market for major innovation experiments.

  11. High speed EV chargers cost on par with gas in some places, you don't want other brands clogging up your Tesla Superchargers, rather you want them in and out fast and paying a premium so you have money for supercharging the deployment of more supercharger stations. First we need more EV's to be able to charge at 150kw

  12. Not would you go back to a gas car, would you go back to a gas car as your daily driver MKBHD? Because to me having the charger at home, solar on my roof creating the power, and just all the benefits that come with an electric car that question for me is a definitive no.

  13. I saw the following comparison in a video by Zac & Jess:
    In Sweden (similar in the rest of Europe):
    Supercharger: $0.32/KWH
    Ionity 100KW charger: $0.88/KWH
    Ionity 350KW charger: $1.44/KWH
    Ouch. People talk about how the other networks are growing, but they don't talk about the price differences.
    The Tesla is a great trip car. I find the Supercharger is cheap. I also find the Hotels with destination chargers are cut above the rest.

  14. For hard core tesla fans your assessment that if tesla was diesel then the same controversy would exist is true but tesla is ELECTRIC. The numbers you can get from tesla is only because it is electric and the cool engineering behind it. There is physically (laws too) no way diesel can beat a Tesla which has so many advantages like speed and cargo space.

    Second, everything that tesla does is because Elon wants it and he is majority share holder. No one can stop him or fire him. For him the needle to sustainable future is more important than having a tesla company hence they are in tesla wall, tesla megacharger and Solar roof business hence there must absolutely no doubt in any of Tesla's products' superiority. Even 2012 Model S is better than next year's Porsche 911 electric. Due to this porsche's lying (now accepted) is very serious for Elon Musk. Now that in ~2 years someone will definitely beat the current best Model S, Tesla needs to Up the game to make their cars superior and the desirability is not eroded in any way and then only they can sell millions of cars, drive other to innovate and sell electrics or basically die and elon will get the needle pass the threshold needed for Sustainable future.

    Thats exactly why they are doing the Roadster 2 where he said "we need to give a hard core smack down to the Halo effect the diesel supercars have" proving "Electric is superior next to any other energy based car (including hydrogen)" . He even stated that Model S and X being built are now for sentimental purposes only, you get the complete picture with that saying from Elon

  15. @30:00 and there you have it. Why other electric cars just haven't taken hold as Tesla has. If you want to buy an electric car that replaces a modern car, Tesla is the only choice. As charging networks increase as long as they don't charge ridiculous prices like $1.00 per kilowatt-hour (tesla charges .30 – .38 KwHr)

  16. All I want is improved charging speed for long distance travel. I don't care about interior or exterior changes. I would like additional tech such as Android Auto, HUD, better autosteer sensing than torque detection, etc. but that said, the speed of charging an S trumps everything for me. I'll buy another one when they release that. The car is already dangerous to my neck. Don't need plaid.

  17. Yes guys having a bigger battery does increase available peak power, tesla's 100kwh= roughly 750HP
    So the roadster can likely peak over 1500HP.

  18. 2016: Orders a Model S and HW 2.0 comes out a few weeks later

    2019: Orders a Model S and a few months later, Plaid powertrain will be released with updated battery

  19. 20:30 Yes, the new Roadster needs a huge battery for the power, and the range is a by-product. I can absolutely assure you guarantee that is the case. Why would you seek that much range for its own sake in a car of that type?

  20. Damn. If Tesla ceases to exist, he'd rather drive a Prius than any other ev on the market today. If that isn't a sign of Tesla's market position, I don't know what is.

  21. When you said not to buy a model s it was honestly pretty dumb if you truly support tesla. It's not like you can't trade it in when the new one comes out.

  22. FYI…my brand new 2020 Model X built in Oct. 2019 does not have v10 as an option yet. Just checked with Tesla today and confirmed that's the case. Still on factory v9. So it's possible he will still be waiting on v10 for a while after he get's his S.

  23. Uhhh Ben the Audi e-tron smashes the Raven S/X at charging speed. 140kw up to 80% SOC. The Raven cars can only burst up to 250kW for a couple minutes at most.

  24. Funny, how you guys keep talking like the climate crisis isn‘t happening right now. How on earth would a tech-savvy person that owns an EV ever consider driving an ICE car when you are fully aware of the dire consequences? That is the definition of insanity.

  25. Have gotten used to seeing Marques on super high quality on his channel. Marques seem a little different on this video 😂

  26. Definitely don't think Tesla fading into the background and just making parts for the other players would be a good move – you're forgetting that in addition to best in class hardware, they also manufacture a best in class vision for the future. Easy to underestimate it, but it's absolutely critical.

  27. Nice dreams! Reality shows otherwise, they would rather not shelf Tesla but completely crush it out of existence like EV 1 but much to their dismay people remembered and EVs wouldn't go down easy thus we have Tesla and hopefully other decent consistent EVs coming one of these years, because they don't seem to try and make anything as great as Tesla, or have the capacity to do so.

  28. This helps show that not all Tesla owners are environmentalists, and that there are different priorities and motives for different people.

  29. Tesla selling it's parts will never work because Tesla is so much more than just it's parts that any company can throw together. It's range for example is heavily dependent on the aerodynamics which is completely dependent on the body design, and that will give Tesla a bad name if the cars "powered by Tesla" aren't great – like how every laptop now has "bang Olufsen audio" or something like that and literally no one cares because it's just the same as every other laptops audio. The real business model would be how Porsche got a lot of the tech in the taycan from rimac, but doesn't advertise it or make a big deal about it and rimac still makes enough profits from those deals, to continue to make crazy electric hypercars

  30. Do you think we can count on Tesla vehicles or any other electric car in case of emergency? For example in a mass evacuation when people have to leave their homes is it a good decision to take your Tesla or just take the truck?

  31. Interior refresh for S/X will not happen until Full Self-Driving. Once Tesla gets FSD and starts cranking out robo-taxis they will need S/X to fall more inline with 3. Clean interior that can't be messed with (buttons/dials/vents), cellphone access (no FOB required), interior camera, etc.

  32. You don't have to wait for the public to "accept" self driving cars. Every major car company is working on it, and the first to get it will buy their own cars and dump robo-taxis. The poor (aka vast majority) will adopt self driving cars instantly, since they will be cheaper than owning/Uber/Lyft. The young will adopt instantly since they already Uber/Lyft everywhere and the robo-taxi would just be cheaper and without the awkward conversation with random drivers. Elderly will adopt same as the young. The wealthy will continue to use their own cars, mostly… even then they will just get their own private robo-taxi.

  33. Ben, your last question about Tesla 10 years from now was a really great one. It would be similar to what already happens now with many of our household appliances and electronics. There's a few companies that make the innards for many commonly known brands, some perceived to be upscale but your toaster is essentially the same, irrespective of whether you pay £15 or £70, it's just a difference in the outer casing. You might already know this but most people are totally oblivious to this. I guess that's where Caveat Emptor comes in.

  34. I see Tesla is way head in the game, as soon as the legislation and public acceptance change with auto pilot whoever can't adapt to Tesla business model will die and burn. Even when every car company switch to all electric which they are doing right now who they going to buy the battery from except Tesla which already position themselves to be the #1 battery producer in the world soon.

  35. "I would've done a video on it if I had Smart Summon." That's the point when the whole car becomes a business expense. I should start doing videos of my car…

  36. "Occasional Interviews within a Sustainable Future and New Technology Arena", is what I'd call this type of interview, if you want to turn it into a series. And it was a good one to start off with. 👍

  37. I was soooo pissed when I missed AP 2.0 hardware by two weeks, I feel better knowing MKBHD has been going through the same pains! He's right about there being a lot of lag in the tablet and not sure how much longer they can continue supporting us. Cars go whizzing past me and they don't even show on the dash display for another few seconds.

  38. Low gear used numbers from a different model s from like 2012, not even the model s raven. Its isn't about the specs it is about trashing the model s when the cars are equal in the quarter mile. The quarter mile times where .4 secs off. Which is a lot in the quarter mile. Trashed it, just like they did with the roadster.

  39. I came across a channel where the top gear vid was debunked. Supposedly they used track test numbers from a few years ago, but even those numbers were debunked.

  40. I think that the reason why other companies don't license access to the supercharger network is because of Tesla's use of a proprietary connector. If another company licensed access they'd have to design in 2 connectors, Tesla and CCS, or rely on an adapter, each one carrying it's own problems. I think that Tesla would be better served to adopt their European model world wide and either include both connectors at all superchargers or start switching over to using CCS. I get why they went proprietary but CCS is now good enough for them and is the defacto standard, which they should get on-board with.

  41. Great Interview. Seems worrying that model p100d is already too slow for YouTube. Unusually short sighted of Tesla there.

  42. Will The EV Truck maker, Workhorse, which just bought The GM Lordstown, Ohio,Vehicle assembly plant, which last made the Chevrolet Cruze, become a takeover target of Tesla. This would allow Tesla to adopt Workhorse’s designs and add a world class, fully equipped with all updated GM assembly equipment, a well seasoned, UAW workforce with ties to the area, chomping at the bit to get back home and quickly and efficiently produce all the EVs Tesla would want and has central access to the North East seaboard and its Atlantic shipping ports , Mid to New You City Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia , the Northern East Coast ,and to the West, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Michigan, Chicago, and shipping via Cleveland into the Great Lakes Shipping to Canada, and the Midwest via Lake Erie!

  43. Taycan is down to 104k now.

    At this point people who want an EV can cross-shop between the top end Model S and Taycan. (Porsche launched the top trim first, but they've launched lower trims now)

  44. I'm only 15 mins in where they are talking about wraps and it got me thinking – Up until now I have planned to buy a red 3. This option is $2000. I only want red because they don't have the other "exciting" colors from when they made the roadster like orange/green/electric blue. Does anybody know how expensive a wrap is and how much I can trust it? It sounds like he's saying the wrap is more durable than the regular paint. If I could get the car in white and then pay the same 2k or maybe slightly more but have it be bright blue or orange, I think that would be the much more preferable option. Is there something I'm missing here?

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