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[Dawn]: Twenty-nine member
countries of the North Atlantic Treaty
Organization (NATO) attended a two-day summit
in London in the UK this week. NATO is an
intergovernmental military alliance of North American
and European countries. The summit marked the 70th
anniversary of the military alliance. Leaders of the
member countries tried to overcome differences
over defense spending and Turkey’s military
action in Syria. The two-day gathering ended
with a show of unity and some tension. The leaders declared their
commitment to collective defense, meaning that an
attack on one NATO nation shall be considered
as an attack against all NATO nations. -During the summit, the
leaders of France, the UK, and Canada were caught on
camera and mic discussing President Trump in
a joking manner. They were commenting on the
habit of President Trump of having lengthy
press conferences. The Canadian Prime Minister
Justin Trudeau said he noticed that Trump’s team’s
jaws “fell to the ground” when they heard President
Trump announcing that the next Group of Seven (G-7)
meeting would be at Camp David in the US. President Trump reacted
to the incident, calling Trudeau “two-faced.” [Alessio]: A 28-year
old man, wearing a fake explosive vest and armed
with knives, stabbed two people to death and injured
three in London last week. It occurred during a Cambridge
University conference. The stabber was identified
as Usman Khan, a UK citizen born to Pakistani parents
who immigrated to the UK. A group of bystanders
confronted the stabber with bare hands, fire
extinguisher, and a narwhal tusk and the bystanders
were praised as heroes. During the struggle,
the police arrived and eventually killed the stabber. -Usman Khan had a
criminal record. He was convicted in 2012
for plotting a terrorist attack on UK soil. He was released
from prison in 2018. Usman’s family have
expressed shock, condemned his actions and offered
condolences to the victims’ families. [Dawn]: The Associated
Press revealed that a group of Pakistani investigators
have compiled a list of sham marriage cases
involving 629 women and girls from across Pakistan. The investigators believe
those women and girls have been sold as brides
to Chinese men. The investigators were
trying to break up trafficking networks that
were targeting poor and vulnerable Pakistani
communities but the investigations were halted. Many Chinese suspects who
ran the scheme were either acquitted or released on
bail in Pakistan and left for China. Several women
were afraid to testify because of threats or
bribery attempts to remain silent. The investigations
have since been halted due to fears that it could
harm the Pakistani-Chinese relations. Pakistan is
currently receiving a massive aid from China for
infrastructure development and military building. -Many poor Christian
families, including some Muslim families, received
payments to marry off their daughters to Chinese
men and move to China. The groom would pay between
25,000 USD and 65,000 USD to both Pakistani and
Chinese brokers but the bride’s family would
receive only 1,500 USD. When in China, many brides
have been reported to be isolated and abused or
forced into prostitution. The Chinese Foreign
Ministry said they were unaware of the list. [Alessio]: Both Comcast,
a large cable provider and Google Disability Support
recently announced their customer services now
include representatives in American Sign Language! Deaf customers now can
call Comcast or Google’s videophone number and talk
with representatives in sign language. Communication Service for
the Deaf (CSD) in the USA is coordinating sign
language support. This announcement was made
this week, which is the International Day of
Persons with Disabilities. -Although ASL has not yet
been legally recognized by the US government, it has
been recognized in many states as a language of
instruction at schools for the Deaf. Worldwide, 42
countries have recognized Sign Language. [Dawn]: In Canada, the
Edmonton Police Service has partnered with Deaf and
Hear Alberta to come out with a communication card
with common visual symbols and text for police
officers to communicate with Deaf people. The deaf
driver could show on one side of the communication
card that he or she has a hearing loss, and point to
the preferred communication method. On the other side,
the police officer can point to why the officer
stopped the car and what information is needed. This communication tool
is intended to reduce communication barriers
and make encounters less stressful. The cards are
now available at no cost. -Other police departments
around the world are using similar solutions. ASL, LSQ, and ISL were
recently recognized by the government of Canada as
primary languages of Deaf people in Canada. [Alessio]: The Australian
state of New South Wales is now using “high definition”
detection cameras to catch drivers illegally using
cellphones while driving. The new technology uses
artificial intelligence to review images and detect
illegal use of cell phones. Within three years,
the authorities plan to increase the number of
detection cameras across the state in undisclosed
locations and without warning signs. If caught,
the drivers would receive a warning letter, face a fine
and earn penalty points on their driver’s license. During a trial of this
technology, over 100,000 drivers were caught
illegally using their phones while driving. -Using a cell phone while
driving can cause physical and cognitive distractions,
putting the drivers at real risk of a fatal accident. According to New South
Wales police statistics, 329 people have died this
year in road accidents. Using the detection
cameras is part of the authorities’ strategy to
discourage illegal cell phone use and reduce the
number of road fatalities by 30% in 2021. [Dawn]: Germany has
announced that they would shut down all nuclear
power plants by 2022. Now, they must find a
permanent underground site at least one kilometer
down, to bury around 2,000 containers of high-level
radioactive waste for a few million years. The challenge is to find
the right location because the repository must
be rock-solid with no underground water and
be earthquake-proof. Many residents are
objecting to having a repository buried
underneath near where they live, fearing a possible
spill that could spoil underground water drinking. The radioactive waste
is hazardous and if not properly managed, can be
a serious risk to human health and the environment. High-level radioactive
waste can remain toxic for thousands of years,
even millions. -Germany’s decision to
shut down the nuclear power plants was due to safety
concerns, following the Fukushima disaster
in Japan in 2011. After the nuclear reactors
are shut down, they have to locate a permanent
underground site and begin construction by
the 2031 deadline. By the year 2170, they
need to fill the site with waste, and seal it permanently. There are more than 400
nuclear power plants around the world and many are
wearing out due to age. [Alessio]: Russian dairy
farmers is giving cows virtual reality (VR)
goggles so that they could be happier and make better milk. What are the cows
seeing in the googles? A sunny, expansive field –
which the farmers believe it’s paradise to those cows. The farmers are
participating in an experiment to make a
positive impact on the mental health of those cows
by decreasing anxiety and increasing the emotional
mood of the herd. Although the farmers, with
support from the Russian Ministry of Agriculture,
are reporting some positive initial results,
more research is needed to confirm the VR
goggles’ effectiveness. Other farmers in America
are also experimenting with music to help their cows
produce better milk. -Thank you for watching
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