You Will Not Believe What Happened At The Vet…

You Will Not Believe What Happened At The Vet…

well are you ready for this
I got to put your harness and everything on we’re gonna we’re gonna go do
something Jax man we’re gonna go do something I’m sorry I know I know I know sorry man but first a big shout-out to
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sponsoring this video now let’s change gears jax is already hiding let’s find
out some shocking news about Jax’s annual vet appointment here we go so
probably my least favorite day of every single year here for four nine years now
it is time to bring Jackson to the vet to get his annual vaccines and shots
that he’s legally required to have to travel and again his annual physical and
find out how everything is going these videos I often always share with my
viewers over over the years if if the vets will let me and everything and and
it’s always a very strange one for me I get unbelievable hate in the comments
about vaccines first of all what you need to know for Jackson eye is that
he’s legally required state-to-state to have proof of all his vaccines up to
date each year and to have his rabies shot in the feline leukemia and and all
that stuff he’s got to have that for us to legally be able to travel the country
I am required by law to do it and I have not had any problems I’m sorry if your
pet did have a reaction to vaccines but we’ve been good the other thing I get
from many of my both older viewers and newer viewers is Jax’s weight and I mean
this is Const like all year long no matter what the
facts are I just get bombarded with Eric your cat is fat and overweight and you
need to put him on a diet and I’m sitting here like what are you talking
about have you not even watch my channel like every single vet seems to have a
different story but for the last two years Jax has been encore
he has been eating three and a three quarters of a cup of dry food which is
what a cat that wants to be sixteen pounds would weigh jacks weighs 26 so
he’s eating the food intake of a 16 pound cat I mean we we aren’t we have
done everything possible to try to bring his weight down even though the vets
continue to tell me that Jax is breed Maine Coon and ragdoll 35 pounds is
still a healthy cat okay Jax is 26 so everybody just sees a big cat a big
kitty and they think automatically its overweight and it’s the owners fault and
there’s a problem every vet tells me and I show you that there is no problem Jax
as a healthy cat he may be a little overweight compared to other cats but
but Jax is healthy he’s been healthy and if something changes today with his diet
and they want to try something different I’m all ears
like I said 26 pounds last time Jax got weighed he’s kind of maintained we’ll
see how he does today hi buddy we’re here okay I want you to be a good brave
boy okay then you get treats then you get treats okay all right buddy you’ll
all be over soon all right I get you all filled out with your paperwork okay hang
on all right you don’t expect injects yeah
you’re checked in all right man you’re next oh my gosh she lost five pounds in a
year that is fantastic news that makes me really excited Jax what a good boy
what a good job you did big kitty purr no we’re on the road in an RV boat we
generally come to Florida in the winter at least so your temperature was good
put the thermometer up his whoo and he’s good with some treats I’m so proud of
you for losing five pounds that you don’t need to eat the whole thing celebrating them a mini victory here
five five pounds in one year so is this diet either the grain free or
just the portions feeling like we well that’s good heart lungs sound fun that’s
good she’s probably got no cat yes yeah you
are down inside where it’s important they’re pretty clean well she has been
smilax your words before our ear canal goes
straight in the cat goes across time scorned it goes up should gallon the
closer down here all the wax has to go uphill you know and he started to get
some buildup on the bottle and this area here where just can’t quite make it all
around its own okay listen here doesn’t look infected
he just has more wax on a normal cat but not uncommon for that start to build up
like that when I get a little older like this you probably want to get some
liquid ear cleaner fill the ear up and then massage here real well and I’m
saying is head and sling it all out and wipe out whatever you can see but don’t
try to wipe before you can’t see can I just warn you here vaccines it’s been at
least four or five years but you get a little upset one time during that and
he’s been good since since I’ve been in the room but okay just protect your
hands it doesn’t fetch it looks rather be careful he’s not happy that three technicians
out there working with him and get a treat look somewhat visit you’re good distraction if you bring your trade over
here that was way too easy now you know wow better he says only in
case it was one of those as we got some new ear cleaner to go with it and we’re
gonna treat heartworm with some revolution plus okay I’ve got a lot of
emotions on my mind right now first of all I I I feel somewhat responsible for
the fact that Jax has lost five pounds and in fact even the doctor said you
know the only thing that he was worried about is that might be too much in one
year and wanted me to keep an eye on Jax’s ribs because he may be losing
weight too fast okay so he showed me a little chart where
he’s at like one to ten ten being obese and one being here and he said Jax is
between a five and a six and he said really once you start going under a five
you got to start worrying it the cat might be too thin like oh my gosh I’ve
never in my wildest day is thought that Jax would be too thin medically so I
will keep an eye on that I got the new ear topical stuff that’ll go down into
the root the way he explained it cuz I can only reach so much and the
revolution heartworm thing is just a it’s a preventative maintenance thing he
doesn’t have heart but but cats can get it pretty easily
and just something I think he was more thinking that because of the massive
weight loss but he doesn’t have heartworm and silly
we’re still gonna put him on the preventative stuff so I feel good and
Jack’s man I think you should feel good too I think you should be really proud
of yourself you’ve done good you’ve done so good yeah and oh my gosh
during the shots oh my goodness him such a good boy
yeah hims is good moe way so today I have a chance this afternoon to stock up
on some shopping you know I gotta get some fresh produce I’ve got to stock up
on some more Atkins low carb protein bars and stuff like that eggs and all
the goodies TP and cat litter so um stopped here and I’ll probably just
boondock here to Walmart you know I would love to be hitting more
campgrounds in Florida there just aren’t that many free boondocking spots they do
have the wildlife management ones but they’re so hard to get ahold that you
can’t just go in you have to have a permit get to plan it out weeks in
advance then you have to get a key code that goes in and they don’t answer the
phone they don’t reply to email so I can’t just get one last minute but
anyway I’ll let sneak back in here tonight
all right sunset and this is the Walmart here that I’m gonna spend the night and
so did my workout just gonna shower and eat one more meal and cut it off for the
night so anyway I’m really really happy with
Jax’s weight-loss it’s a really good thing and I can’t I can’t say enough
good I can’t I just I’m happy but I’m really just amazed and shocked
it’s anyway I got a buddy up in Panama City so that’s where I’m starting to
head tomorrow ish guys take care Jackson I’ll see you soon bye

100 thoughts on “You Will Not Believe What Happened At The Vet…

  1. Anti-vaccers are f**king idiots, even for pets. That weight loss is phenomenal. Looks like you’re doing everything right, man.

  2. I said on ur Instagram page, his weight was 21 and sure enough it was. For Jax's breed, it really hard to determine what his weight should be. As long as he's happy and healthy, then u will be good to go

  3. Jax was sure putting up some protest! Jax has the genes of a big cat, end of story.
    As Dad always said, have some fat on your bones incase you get sick you'll have something to live on.

  4. Being that Jax is part Maine Coin and ragdoll he isn't that large/fat. And I have seen him move…he can be fast but the ragdoll in him just wants to lay down and let you do all the work. WTG JAX on your weight loss! Tell Daddy you deserve an extra special treat….TUNA AND BACON!! ❤️❤️❤️😁😁😁😸😸😸

  5. Mr Jaxs Man is the most awesome coolest cat I've ever seen!! So happy he doing great!! And for ppl that say dump….💩 things bout him don't know anything! Your a awesome pet daddy!! Whoop whoop on you and Jaxs being healthy and happy!!Congrats👍👏🐱 for loving life with Kool Man Jaxs!!

  6. The further South you go in SW Florida, the harder it get's to find places to boondock. Hope you're prepared for the cold, I'm in Fort Myers and they say it's going to dip down in the 30s tomorrow (1/21/20) with a windchill dipping in the 20s! Stay whhhharm man! 👍👍

  7. Thank you for the inspiration.. I've been eating the Atkins chicken and broccoli since you showed them to us a few vids ago… making an effort! So glad Jax is doing well.. he's a wonderful boy! Luv him! <3

  8. Hey Jax's Man great news about your diet, now lets see if your driver Eric can loose the same percentage of weight.

    People don't realise how big you are, your breed is usually 1.1/2 to 2 times the size and weight of normal cat, when they see you with nothing to scale you against and they hear your weight, then they think you are a fat cat, when in fact you are just fluffy and normal, if your driver was 8ft tall he would be underweight.

    Now Jax's, you got to take your driver eric to the doctors, so he can have his shots, after all you would not want to catch his bugs and viruses.

  9. Eric, you may want to pick up a Luggage scale to help you keep track of Jax's weight. It is a handle with a hook that is intended to pick up luggage and weigh it. I have a basket that my cat likes to sleep in. I can pick up the basket with the luggage scale to get the cat's weight very easily. (Just have to TARE the basket weight.)

    Good luck!

  10. Jax's has thrown his dad a weight loss challenge . I'm going to get my workout in before my 9 lb chihuahua yells at me .

  11. Sorry about the hater people! Awesome that he’s lost weight-better than me!!! Bravo to you being a great Jax parent!!

  12. My cat fluctuates weight all the time. He spends more tijme outside in the summer chasing birds, rabbits etc. But during the winter can gain up to pounds since he never goes outside.

  13. Glad jax is ok. Since your heading to Panama city . Or that direction. When you get a chance, check out "fort pickens " Pensacola. They have camping, its on the island its the oldest used fort in the country, 400 yrs. It's were they held "Geronimo " great place

  14. OOOOhhhh I was holding my breath the whole time!! I thought he would tear those guys up. lol He did so good, and so did you Eric. Been watching Jax at the vet, since you started. Always a knuckle bitter. You also look thinner. What a nice video, thanks for taking us with.

  15. At 1:29 you are standing in front of the rear wheels of your RV, maybe due to your weight loss or trick of the camera it makes your RV look HUUUUUGGGEEE. I seriously thought it was a new rig lol.

  16. You take such great care of Jax!! He's very lucky to have you. I'm sure you feel happy to have him in your life. Pets are the best, aren't they!!

  17. Eric I dont think Jax is good for you you should leave him at the vet and move on…..o.k.?…..NOT

  18. Don't kid yourself, you are a hell of a pet owner. It obvious your love for Jax and the care you provide him with, so both of you are losing weight and that is always good, keep it up man, way to go. Always enjoying your videos.

  19. Way to go you two !! Great video Eric !! You explained it all when you said Jax is Mancoon (sp?) and Ragdoll ! My Ragdoll was a big boy without the Mancoon !!! Give Jax more food now and it will balance out !!!

  20. When you’re doing your ad promo, try not to sound as if you’re reading off a TelePrompTer. Make it funny and you will get more referrals undoubtedly.

  21. Eric where are you going to be at in Panama City I whould like to meat you I live real close to there

  22. Commented this once before and will do it again…Don't worry about the BS comments from randoms. There are people out there who just say things to hurt others. You are doing very good with Jax and the haters be damned.

  23. Jax is one lucky kitty to have you as a fur parent and travel full time. I keep vaccinations up to date on both my little dogs.

  24. Well done. Jax had a conversation with the vet. Hahaha Awesome that Jax is so healthy. You love that boy so much and he loves you. So happy for you Eric. Well donr. Both ❤

  25. Jax is lucky to have you Eric , not many as caring as you. Love too you both. Oh and so glad his check up went well. Kisse , Kisses to Jax. Take care and thanks for sharing.

  26. One meal? Get 2 bags of frozen veggies broc carrots califlower and mix with some pasta tom sauce and cheese…you will be fine…makes a good breakfast…..wont need lunch.

  27. It does not sit right with me that these vets take animals “in the back” to vaccinate or “whatever” them.
    I tell them; if you cant give my cat a shot in front of me, then absolutely NO GO, buddy!
    My animal, my rules -not theirs.
    Plenty of vets out there that agree.
    Hope the five pounds Jax lost is because of the dietary adjustments you’ve made. He looks good! Jax is a cool cat!

  28. I had an iguana named Hobbs. I took him to the vet for a mild jaw infection. We were in one of the treatment/supply rooms. He was fine, just sat on my shoulder, watching techs come in and out. One asked if I'd like her file his nails. I said ok and she got a small dremal drill looking thing and started. Apparently, she got a tad too close and hurt him a bit and he whacked her hard in the ribs with his tail (I'm sure she got a bruise). Anyways, she got done, we sat back down to wait for the vet. He was still fine with all the techs except the one who hurt him and he would go crazy anytime she walked in…lol.

    Congrats to Jax for working on his summer bod!

    Safe travels, boys!

  29. Hey Eric, I would have been one of the last people to accuse Jax of being overwieght. I have a farm cat that comes in at 30lbs (don't ask breed cause I have no clue). This old boy of mine is bigger then my cousins Jack Russel Terrier. Anyway good for Jax on losing wieght and you as well man!! Both of you keep it, up improving yourself can be tough but in the end it is always worth it. Safe travels and take care.

  30. That is awesome on Jax's weight. I have a big boy like Jax too! He has weighed about 19 lbs for like 6 years straight. He is just really large frame much like Jax. He is healthy like Jax too. Yay Jax another great year!

  31. thanks for showing his office visit i learned something new today about how their ear wax and that is important.

  32. Getting Jax his vax is a good thing. We see so many parvo cases in dogs because they don’t vax and then the dog only has less than a 50% chance at life. It’s sad 😢

    YAY… 5 lbs is awesome, that’s so much less on his joints and bones. BTW there is also “Satiety” for kitty’s helps curb the kitty cravings. Your a good kitty daddy!!!! 🙂 Hwt preventative is also good. I have pix of the worms it’s not a pretty site. No worries about the weight as kitty’s get older they do loose some weight.

  33. People that don’t travel don’t have a clue about traveling with a pet! When I had my dog out here I have been asked by DOT for his records on his shots and stuff more then once. So leave Erick and Jax alone.

  34. Well Eric I guess you'll have to change your intro comment to "I travel with my 21 lb cat, “Jax” . Now for the Eric to lose 20% of his weight or whatever the target loss is. Maybe you should have a heart to heart with Jax to see what he did or didn't do to lose that weight. It sounds to me like Jax is healthy. Keep up the good work buddy.

  35. Great checkup for Jax. The heartworm vaccination is a very good idea even though cats very seldom get heartworms. The difference is they are only preventable in cats, dogs can be cured of heartworm disease but it's always fatal for cats. I lost one cat to heartworms several years ago. You take very good care of Jax man.

  36. Cat's need their weight, they burn it in their sleep.. not built like a dog at all. Jax did good, and the vet was wonderful with him as was the Tech. Let Jax eat !

  37. You do what you need for your fur baby. Always people out there who think they know more then a Vet or anyone else. Just watch the weight as the Vet said.

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