Your money is in fossil fuels

Every day, you make choices
about the world around you From the way you drink your coffee to the way you get to work. From the food you buy to the power you use to cook it. And every day your choices make a difference. But you might be making a difference in more unexpected ways. Chances are you’re paying some of your
hard-earned money into a pension. Now, it’s probably not the most
interesting thing about your life. And you may not need it just yet. But is it sitting quietly in a vault waiting for you? No. It’s being invested in companies. In fact, of all the money invested in the world nearly half is pension money. Which means your money is helping
to build the world you live in right now. Maybe it’s funding the things you love and the things you need. But do you know how those things
are being produced? And what about the things you don’t want your money invested in? It’s likely that your pension provider has already made that decision for you. Everyone’s pension has the potential
to create change. So what world do you want
your money to build?

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